Miracle Doctor Abandoned Daughter The Sly Emperor Is Wild Beast-Tamer Empress Chapter 364 “Counterfeit Drug Incident”

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Chapter 364 “Counterfeit Drug Incident”

It was still early dusk, the perfect time of the night where it’s the darkest and easiest period to absorb the dark Yin energy in the air.

According to the information written on the jade carving, the technique had in fact been created by the actual founder of the Chaos Sect. For it to fall into a nominal disciple’s hand, that gives proof of how difficult it must have been to master. Otherwise, why would something of such historical value be discarded like garbage?

Cross legged on the open plains, Ling Yue was currently keeping herself suspended in midair at a remote location. Disturbances would be most unwise right now because meditation requires peace and tranquility.

This translation is only hosted on bcatranslation“As expected, the Yuan energy entering my body is a mixture of muddled particles, completely insufficient and unsuitable to fuel the first stage of my training.” Sadly for the girl, even after she bathed her body in the Yuan energy of heaven and earth for over half an hour, the amount of dark Yin energy moving into her Dantian was miniscule at best as well being tainted with various substances.

This translation is only hosted on bcatranslation

Muddled…. Tainted….. Then suddenly the girl came down with a great idea!

Am I not able to purify and refine various substances with my cauldron? What if I refine the Yuan energy of the world? Divide it in two as needed by the Chaos Cultivation Technique!

She’s used the cauldron to refine both metal and medicinal ingredients before so why not Yuan energy?

With this idea in mind, Ling Yue immediately activated her cauldron to absorb as much Yuan energy as she can from the air. That’s when it happened. Though little at a time, trickling drop by drop, but its working. Very soon, a small container’s worth of condensed liquid essence was created. The top half was golden in color, evident of the light Yang energy she separated, while the bottom half was deep dark black, evident of the dark Yin energy.

Excited beyond reason at her own achievement, she didn’t want to waste a single second more. Hurrying her cauldron to spew out the droplets, she allowed the liquid to penetrate into her skin and veins from all directions.

The sensation was very difficult to describe upon contact. The black droplets was icy and cold to the touch, in fact it was bone piercingly chilly. However, the golden droplets had the opposite effect. Warm and cozy upon contact, it gave her a comfort that counteracted the chill instantly.

Continuing in this ice and fire form until the early morning, the girl finally issues out a exclaiming shout to signal the end of her session: “SO AWESOME!”

As delighted as she was over her wondrous condition, Ling Yue was horrified to not find her Dantian in its usual location.

It’s gone!

In its place now was a black and golden vortex.

“What is going on?!” A tad panicking at her own abrupt change, she can’t make heads or tails of the strange transformation.

As much as she would like to continue investigating what’s wrong with her body, she knew it’s about time she returned to the city; otherwise others will start asking questions. Regarding the fact that she got a new cultivation technique, Ling Yue didn’t want anyone to learn of it just yet, especially General Su and his spies.

For the coming month or so things were going very smoothly. Without the voice of dissent, Deputy Manager Meng was able to quickly enact her ideal level of reform to the Alchemist Hall.

Note: Meng is the old lady who made her sort the seeds at the Royal Hospital

Though losing a dozen or so alchemists at once definitely caused some inconvenience at first, but that was not an issue overall. In fact, with the leeches out of the way, the Alchemist Hall was now bigger than ever with fresh blood joining every day. Business was booming.

Of course, good things never last as the old saying goes.

Exactly after the first month of Ling Yue’s arrival, a certain event had caused waves across the city.

It was early in the morning with the sun still asleep. White and milky in the streets, a certain sobbing cry quickly broke through this calm: “Return my husband’s life!”

It was a women dressed in mourning clothes pushing a wheelbarrow with a dead body up to the gate’s of the Alchemist Hall.

“The Alchemist Hall are murderers, you murderers come out!” Due to the loud banging of the gate, the entire place as well as its occupants were soon alerted to this commotion.

As the Chief Alchemist and new Deputy Manger, Ling Yue and Alchemist Meng (old lady) had to come see for themselves. When they did though, what they saw were women, children and a group of fierce looking men rushing over to encircle them.

“Murderer! You murderer!”

“How dare you people show such impudence!” Flexing her spirit force, the Alchemist Meng immediately knocked the civilians back several steps.

“If you have something to say then say it nicely. Madam, what is this all about?” Ling Yue calms the old female alchemist who was clearly aggravated by the situation. Then as a form of goodwill, she went ahead to help lift up the crying madam on the ground.

Ling Yue knew they can’t make the situation any bigger by harming these powerless commoners. If that does occur, it will be very unfavorable for the Alchemist Hall.

Seeing the one trying to help her was but a fourteen year old la.s.s, the mourning woman eventually manages to explain her story. It helps when one has the looks of a sincere person instead of a villain.

According to the information Ling Yue was getting, this mourning woman was called Madam Lui of the Qiu family, a resident of Dan City. As for the dead body in the wheelbarrow, it’s her husband that had suffered a heavy injury several days ago due to a wild beast attack.

Madam Lui’s family wasn’t rich by any means so they couldn’t afford a doctor. Therefore, her only recourse was to turn to the alchemists of the Alchemist Hall for help.

This should’ve been a good thing. With the medicine in hand, all should’ve well for the injured individual. Sadly that’s when things took a turn for the worse after she fed her man the medicinal pill. By this morning, her husband had completely stopped breathing altogether. That’s how this came to be.

“My family still have elders and children that I needs to be cared for. Without my husband here, how will we ever live.” The more Madam Lui speaks, the harder she cried until she’s at the breaking point of fainting.

Died after eating the medicine of the Alchemist Hall?

Now Ling Yue and Alchemist Meng finally understood why the Qiu family would come make trouble.

“Madam Liu, I will definitely investigate this matter. If the medicine is really of the Alchemist Hall then I will definitely give you justice.” First making sure the woman and her relatives are appeased, she then invited the woman and her closest kin inside for further discussion.

Because of this sensational news of the Alchemist Hall murdering someone with their medicine, literally the entire city had become riled up this morning. Crowds after crowds were not aligned outside the estate, leaving no room for maneuvering.


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