Milady's Fine Gentleman 142 Once Bitten, Twice Shy 2

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After cla.s.s, by the afternoon, Xue Guangxi stopped in front of the hotel room where Su Jingjing stays, but never did he enter. He simply stood there, and stared at the door. After a few minutes he’d leave.

At this point, Butler Lee had learned the reappearance of Su Jingjing. He told the Chen couple about it.

The Chen couple, upon learning about it, went to the hotel room to confront and interrogate the girl.

Xue Jinxu was trembling with fury at first. Chen Linyun never let go of her. He securely wrapped one arm around her, squeezing her arm once in a while to lighten up her uneasiness. It took a great deal of self-restraint on her part to face the girl without ending up grabbing her hair and slapping her hard on the face. She kept on taking deep breaths.

*Knock* *Knock* *Knock*

The girl warily opened the door. She was surprised by her guests.

“How does it feel to be detained?” Xue Jinxu started her attack. They have not been seated yet.

“What influence do you have to my brother that he’s keeping you here, in a hotel room?” Xue Jinxu continued, implying the dirty act that the two could possibly be engaging into.

The girl panicked and became restless. “No, no Miss Xue, I… Guang… I mean the Second Young Master… He hasn’t been here since his bodyguards brought me here. You are mistaken… I… I don’t have bad intentions.”

Chen Linyun was holding his wife securely with his arm tightly wrapped around her. He squeezed her arm and said, “Take it easy.”

“With too low a credibility, you think we will readily believe that you have no bad intentions for showing your face again?”

“You are the bane of my brother!” Xue Jinxu pinched the s.p.a.ce between her brows. “If you really don’t have bad intentions, you should have known better than to approach my brother again. You should have gone straight to the police and surrendered yourself!”

Su Jingjing remained silent. With furrowed brows and eyes with unshed tears, she looked down ashamed of herself and her past deed.

Chen Linyun who was trying to be on top of the situation, broke the silence. “Su Jingjing, can you tell us the reason why you came back?” He started with one question, the very core and the root cause of the current dilemma.

“I… Mr Chen… I just wanted to atone for my sins. I wanted to ask for forgiveness. From Guangxi…”

“I didn’t know… I didn’t know… The extent… I didn’t know they were planning to get rid of Guangxi. I swear I didn’t know!”

“At the time, my uncle instructed me to get close to a certain boy, I didn’t know why. I thought it was just a simple case of a relative who’s concerned about me not having friends in Beijing.”

“But soon after I learned that they have a dark plan. I did not want to partic.i.p.ate but I was threatened by my uncle… We were poor, and my uncle took me and supported my studies, and even helped with our household finances. My father needed operation. We needed money. My uncle said I can enter the Xue company as an intern and I will get paid for it. I did not know it was just a ploy.”

“When I tried to back out, he threatened us, our family that he will sell me out, and he will even push my father to his grave sooner…” Su Jingjing stopped. She already burst into tears while explaining, and now she’s drowned with her own sobs. “When we fled the day of the picnic, they left me somewhere in one of the stops to fend for myself. I wandered alone on the streets. Eventually I found a job and saved up for transportation so that I could go home to my family, and to save up for my father’s operations. When I was able to return home a few months ago, I was too late. My father… he’s gone….” She wailed even more.

Xue Jinxu’s eyes were closed while listening to her explanation. She was frowning hard.

“My mother, she was angry at me. She wouldn’t take me in. I was left alone again. I lived alone for a while, took a job as a helper in a restaurant to save up. After some time, I decided to at least apologize and atone for what I have done. So I decided to return. Guangxi… He’s an important person to me. He..”

“Cut the c.r.a.p!” Xue Jinxu interrupted her. “You don’t have the right!”

“Big Miss, I’m willing to do everything. I don’t have a bright future anymore. I couldn’t continue my studies. My family turned their back on me. I’m done for. I’m willing to do whatever you want. I can be your lowest servant. I’m willing to serve you for life. I’m willing to testify against my uncle, if that’s necessary. Anything, anything! Just to alleviate my guilt.”

“I have always wanted to lead a decent life, I hope I could still redeem myself.”

“You shouldn’t have returned…” Xue Jinxu exclaimed, distressed.

‘Guangxi… How will this affect Guangxi…’ She thought worriedly.

“Do you know the people your uncle connived with?” Chen Linyun asked.

“I’m not sure… But one time he spoke to a person on the phone…” Su Jingjing tilted her head while trying to do a run through of past events. After all, it had been more than half a year.

“Take your time to remember the name of the person your uncle was talking to. That would be the biggest help you can give us.” Chen Linyun encouraged the girl.

She nodded enthusiastically. “En. En. I will do my best. I’m sorry. I’m really sorry…” Her hands were still trembling.

“You have to move out from here. I’ll have you transferred to a safe shelter, away from Guangxi. He doesn’t need to know.” Xue Jinxu informed her of her plan.

“Yes, Big Miss. I understand. I will keep my distance from him.” Su Jingjing nodded, understandingly.


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