Mesmerizing Ghost Doctor Chapter 691 – Primal Chaos spiritual roots

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Chapter 691: Primal Chaos spiritual roots

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Feng Jiu’s eyes flashed with surprise when she heard this. The worst spiritual root? It seemed that even Teacher Lu did not know that these five-element spiritual roots were the earliest to emerge in immortal cultivation. They are known as primal chaos spiritual roots.

She saw inside the ancient s.p.a.ce that the primal chaos spiritual roots were the spiritual roots’ outset. It had five attributes: metal, wood, water, fire and earth. But it was not easy to control the five attributes in the body. Cultivating with those five attributes were also more difficult than cultivating with a single attribute. That’s why it was called adulterated spiritual roots.

Later, after undergoing a transformation, the less spiritual roots would appear and the cultivation would also become less. That was because there was only one attribute in the body. It was easier to control one attribute. However, if primal chaos spiritual roots were combined with primal chaos mental cultivation method, they were mutually complementary and all five attributes could result in a great success.

She closed her eyes and concealed the light inside them, which, like her mysterious body, was indeed unknown. Since they mistook it for an adulterated spiritual root, let’s call it an adulterated spiritual root!

“I thought he was a real genius, but it turned out he’s a waste.”

“How about cultivation at an early stage? It’s no use if you can’t get to the Foundation Building. Even if you can build a foundation by luck, you won’t be able to pa.s.s the Golden Core stage. This is the end of your life.”

“Indeed. As a generation of immortal cultivators, in order to step into the Great Way of Immortality, how can we stop at the foundation building threshold?”

“Hey, don’t you know? I’ve checked. This kid is from a ninth-grade country. How good can he be?”

“What? The lowest ninth-grade country? Why didn’t you say that earlier? I was looking forward to it.”

“I meant to tell you, but he said that he was at the peak stage of the great spirit master level. I was stunned for a moment, thinking that the news was wrong.”

“Peak stage of the great spirit master? Haha, it’s unknown what method this youngster practised to hide his spiritual breath. Even the teacher couldn’t even see his cultivation rank. Since he has five-element spiritual roots, maybe he’s not even at the great spirit master level.”

“Mm, that’s a possibility. Otherwise, why did he ran to the Alchemy Division? That division is almost deserted. It can’t receive a student all year-round. Only a fool will go there.”

“Shut up!” Ye Jing yelled with a cold expression on her face. She felt bad seeing Feng Jiu hung down her head.

When the other students saw it was Ye Jing and that those who talked did not have any disputes with her, the discussion and mockery also stopped.

Feng Jiu, with her eyes slightly drooping, listened to the taunts and then heard Ye Jing’s anger. A smile flashed in her eyes. She looked up at Ye Jing and smiled at her to indicate that she was all right.

“All right, stop talking about it. Let’s start the cla.s.s. Today, I’m going to teach you how to use the attributes of your body… ” Teacher Lu motioned the people to calm down and started telling them how to use and practice the five elements attributes…

After cla.s.s, when Teacher Lu was about to leave, Feng Jiu called out. “Teacher.”

“Mm? Do you have anything else?” Teacher Lu’s face was still filled with regret.

“Teacher talked about the control of a single spiritual root. Would it be necessary for people like me to cla.s.sify the five-element spiritual roots in my body into five paths of spirit energy?”

Teacher Lu was surprised. He looked at Feng Jiu. “Correct. Adulterated spiritual roots have to be practised in this way. Five elements attributes should be cla.s.sified first and the points of light of each attribute should be gathered together. However, it is difficult to cla.s.sify the points of light of five-element attributes without the mental cultivation method that matches the five-element attributes.”

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