Mesmerizing Ghost Doctor Chapter 1852 – Heart-Scattering Pill

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Chapter 1852: Heart-Scattering Pill

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At this moment, he would never have thought that Feng Jiu had infiltrated the place where the Shadow Night Palace trained Shadow Disciples.

“Master.” Gray Wolf had walked in from outside and looked at Xuanyuan Mo Ze sitting in the palace.

Xuanyuan Mo Ze glanced up briefly then put away the portrait on the table. A low voice came out of his mouth: “Speak.”

“A piece of news has come back from the men that we had sent out. It seems that the reason the Shadow Night Palace wants to deal with the Phoenix Empire and Xuan Yuan Empire is because of one person.” Gray Wolf took a letter out and handed it forward, saying: “The details are in here.”

Xuanyuan Mo Ze removed the mark on the letter and looked at it. His gaze narrowed: “Send someone to get more information on this person and find out why they are against us. In addition to that, tell the men who have been stationed in secret by the Shadow Night Palace to stand down and wait for the opportune moment.”

“Rest a.s.sured Master, as soon as I learned the news I already sent people to start an investigation. The men who have been stationed have also not made a move. But Master, what else did the letter say?” Gray Wolf asked curiously.

He only knew some of the news, but he didn’t know what was in the letter.

Xuanyuan Mo Ze glanced at him and then handed him the letter for him to read himself.

When Gray Wolf had taken the letter and read it, he couldn’t help but gasped: “These Shadow Night Palace people are so wicked, they actually secretly kidnapped casual cultivators and planned to train them into Shadow Disciples to enter the Four Great Immortal Sects? However, these casual cultivators haven’t trained with them since childhood, can they be trained to become one of their people?”

“The Shadow Night Palace must have their own methods. If they didn’t have the confidence that they could do it, they wouldn’t have kidnapped the casual cultivators for training.”

Xuanyuan Mo Ze stood up and walked down with his hand behind his back as he spoke: “As far as I know, the Shadow Night Palace has a poison called the Heart-Scattering pill. When first taken, the pill acts like a recurring poison and you have to take a suppressive antidote regularly. However, after a period of time, this kind of poison can make people lose their minds and emotions, becoming a killer who obeys commands without question.”

“Those casual cultivators who have been kidnapped would have been forced to take the Heart-Scattering Pill. I reckon, when they become elite killers, they would also become killers who have lost all their emotions and feelings. They don’t have to worry about betrayal using these kinds of killers to break into the Four Great Immortal Sects if they get discovered.”

Xuanyuan Mo Ze’s eyes narrowed and he looked up at the sky outside his palace as he spoke.

“It’s that powerful?” Gray Wolf was in disbelief.

“Not only that, the people who have been trained by the Shadow Night Palace won’t be inferior to our men.” Xuanyuan Mo Ze said. He turned back and looked at Gray Wolf: “The power of our h.e.l.l’s Palace has not reached the upper reaches of the mainland yet. I won’t go over yet, but I want you to pick a few elite men from our h.e.l.l’s Palace and bring them over.”

Gray Wolf was startled and asked hurriedly: “Does Master mean that he wants subordinate to bring a few men over to set things up first? Then on Master’s side here…”

“There is nothing serious going on here now. Once you arrive over there, inquire about news of Feng Jiu. I need to know she is safe.” He ordered in a deep voice.

Upon hearing the orders, Gray Wolf responded immediately: “Yes, rest a.s.sured Master. Subordinate will go and prepare at once.” Saying that, he retreated after saluting.

There were many Nascent Soul level and higher level cultivators in h.e.l.l’s Palace, even Celestial Strong Exponent cultivators. Since they were going to the upper reaches, then naturally they had to bring cultivators with at least Nascent Soul level strengths.

“Shadow One.” Xuanyuan Mo Ze called out.

Shadow One walked out from the shadows: “Master.”

He turned his head and looked at Shadow One asking: “Have you got the information of the few people I asked you to look into last time?”

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