Memories Of The Night 374 Chapter 374: Don't Leave Me

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Yes, after the baby was born, he is kept in the hospital incubator, and nurses take good care of him in turns every day. They dare not make any mistakes because any slight mistake will kill the baby.

Aaron went to the nursery to see him on the third day of the baby’s birth.

At that time, he was like a dying mouse, his small body was filled with pipes, and he breathed hard in a transparent incubator with great pain.

At that moment, Aaron’s heart was full of distress, which was beyond words.

This is his flesh and blood!

The baby is his and Katrina’s child. How can he not be distressed?

But the kid is really too small.

Only six months, he arrives prematurely in the world. Literally, his body is so weak that he cannot survive at all.

The doctor has told him to prepare well because the little boy’s vital signs are very weak, and he will die at any time.

After seeing the baby at that time, he never bears to take a second look because it pains him to think that he seems to be able to see the internal organs in the thin body of the little baby with so many tubes inserted into it.

How dare he have the courage to take a second look at such a cruel picture?

Now, the first thing Katrina wakes up is to ask where her baby has gone…

How should he answer?

Answer that the baby is still alive, but weak in the incubator for a long time?

Knowing that the baby will not live for a few days, if he tells her at this moment, she will be sadder if the baby dies in her arms after she knows the fact.

Tell her directly that the baby is dead?

But as the mother of the child, does it seem too cruel for her not to be allowed to see the baby for the last time?

What to do, Aaron is really struggling.

Because no matter what he chooses…

Katrina will face the loss of her baby, and she will experience grief.

At the thought of this, Aaron only feels tremendous pain.

Aaron silences for a long time, which makes her filled with panic and despair.

Predicting that it may be the bad news, she is still reluctant to believe it.

She opens her eyes wide, grabs Aaron’s clothes tightly, and is eager to ask, “Aaron, tell me where the baby is? He must be okay, right? He was so healthy and lively in my belly. Every day I could hear his heartbeat. Every day I could feel him kicking me in the stomach. He is absolutely beautiful, right?

She hasn’t seen him yet!

She hasn’t had time to give him a nice name yet!

So many things she has prepared for him have not been used yet!

She learns so many children’s stories and songs in advance that she now can’t sing them to him!

She is so looking forward to his arrival that she’s even willing to trade her life for him!

But now…

She’s lying here, her baby is nowhere to be found, and his life and death are still unknown.

Taking her child from her life is like digging her heart and bone, which makes her desperate for pain.

She is really unwilling to accept! She’s really so distressed!

“Aaron! Please tell me where he goes! Where on earth is he?”

When these words are finished, Katrina is already sobbing, tears falling from her eyes.

She just woke up from the coma, her body is still in a state of weakness, but now she is crying so sad, her weak body can’t bear that.

Aaron is afraid that she will hurt herself because of sadness.

Aaron is wondering whether to find a newborn baby to replace their child, temporarily to stabilize her emotions, let her go through this painful period, and then tell her the whereabouts of their child.

Who knows, suddenly, a nurse in charge of the baby rushes to them and says worriedly, “Mr. Wilson, bad news! The baby is getting worse!”

Catching the words, Katrina on the bed immediately becomes sensitive, rips off her tube, and struggles to get out of bed: “Where’s the baby! I’m going to see him!”

It’s useless to stop her now. Aaron knows she will even crawl to see the boy.

Aaron is finally unable to keep the secret.

He underestimates the determination of a woman as a mother.

Aaron bends and picks Katrina up directly, takes her in a hurry to the incubator, following the nurse.

When she sees the little kid in the transparent box, tied with dense tubes, Katrina’s painful tears come out all of a sudden.

Although the doctors have made every effort to rescue him, they can’t do everything.

He was born three months before usual, which makes the development of baby organs still incomplete. He is strong enough to live now.

The baby is dying.

Inside the incubator, even with an oxygen tube, he breathes more and more difficulty, as if he has suffered from asthma only breathing in, but not out.

Katrina is extremely painful to see his tiny body trembling.

She wants to reach out and hug him…

But he’s really too weak.

She fears that if she touches him, he will accidentally die.

When she sees her child struggle on the verge of death, it is conceivable how painful Katrina is at this moment.

“Baby, I’m sorry. It’s all my fault. It’s a mom who didn’t protect you!”

“Mom is to blame! If I listen to your dad’s words, if I didn’t go out casually! You wouldn’t be what you are now!”

“Baby, mom wants to suffer for you, mom wants to trade my life for you, mom just sees you for the first time, there are a lot of things I want to tell you, please, don’t leave me, okay!”

Katrina’s voice was filled with despair as she cried and blamed herself desperately.

Nevertheless, without hearing the mother’s voice, the little body shakes violently and finally remains motionless.

Watching her baby from the edge of death to death…

At that moment, Katrina feels as if she has dug a b.l.o.o.d.y hole in her heart.

She is afraid she will burst into screaming.

She puts the arm in her mouth and bites the wrist tightly to vent the pain of losing her own flesh and blood.

Her mouth is already full of sweet blood, but she doesn’t feel any pain.

Because compared with the pain on the arm, the pain in the heart is the real pain.

Her baby is clearly in front of her, but she can’t save him.

That kind of pain and despair really drives her crazy.

“Katrina! You stop! I know you are sad! If you want to vent, bite me! Katrina! Open your mouth…”

Aaron’s anxious face shows in front of her, but…

She seems to hear nothing except seeing his lips.

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