Medical Master Chapter 548 – Aggressive Response as Always!

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Chapter 548 Aggressive Response as Always!

Looking at Fang Qiu sitting beside him, Director Li Huawen asked seriously, “Is all the negative news true?”

“Fake.” Fang Qiu shook his head calmly.

“It’s all specious. It’s true that I didn’t attend at the University of Jiangjing Chinese Medicine. I finished all the exams in advance and got the approval of the school, so I didn’t go to cla.s.s.”

Hearing his words, everyone in the room stared at Fang Qiu, as if they were looking at a monster!

“Did he finished all his exams ahead of time in his first year in college?

“Is he really a freshman?

“It’s amazing!”

“What’s more…” Fang Qiu frowned and said, “I didn’t fall in love with any girls when I was in high school.”

Fang Qiu frowned again when he finished his explanation.

On second thought, he found that there was a mastermind behind this matter, otherwise, it would not have such a big impact.


Who was his enemy?

The most important thing was that the exposure of the negative news was just at the moment when the application period after the college entrance examination and the Young Chinese Medicine Doctor were coming to an end. Wasn’t this time too accurate?

“It’s clear that there must be someone behind it,” Fang Qiu said what he thought.

“Yes.” Li Huawen agreed with Fang Qiu and nodded his head.

After thinking about it, he immediately called an acquaintance of the Network Supervision Bureau.

“h.e.l.lo, Old Huang.” When the phone was connected, Li Huawen put on a smile and said, “Yes, it’s me.”

“Director Li, what can I do for you?” Someone was joking through the phone.

“Wow. Look at your att.i.tude!”

Li Huawen laughed and said, “I just want you to search for some data.”

That man asked, “About Fang Qiu?”

“Yes,” Li Huawen replied without hesitation.

“It’s a mess on the Internet now, and all the dirt was dug out overnight. I think something’s wrong,” he said directly with a nod.

“To tell you the truth, we have already investigated it,” Old Huang said.

“Really?” Li Huawen was surprised.

“Why should I lie to you?”

“We Network Supervision Bureau is not good-for-nothing.” Old Huang explained. “We must conduct an investigation as soon as possible when such a big thing happens on the Internet.”

“What’s the result?” asked Li Huawen.

“Let me tell you in this way…

“After the investigation, we found that the data of the negative information first appeared in the trending topics related to scores of the college entrance examination. Only a few people mentioned them at the beginning and no more people paid attention to them,” said Old Huang. “After all, most people were looking up the scoreline of the department of Chinese Medicine of University of Jiangjing Chinese Medicine at that time, and no one had the time to see the dirt on Fang Qiu.”

“And then?” Li Huawen kept asking.

“Then the medical post-doctor who returned from the United States questioned Fang Qiu on Weibo.”

Old Huang tutted and said, “A few hours after he posted the questions, the dirt on Fang Qiu was all dug out and began spreading on the Internet.”

“What’s the Network Supervision Bureau’s opinion on this matter?” asked Li Huawen tentatively.

“Just like you think…”

Old Huang curled his lip and said, “It’s obvious that someone is planning and guiding this, and this person has a certain influence. Otherwise, the negative news can’t be reported by so many media and self-media at the same time.”

“Yeah, that’s what I thought.” Li Huawen nodded in agreement.

“By the way, Old Li…”

Old Huang suddenly became interested in it and asked, “Is there so much dirt on Fang Qiu?”

“Of course it’s all fake.”

Li Huawen shook his head and said, “It seems that those behind the scenes not only want to discredit Fang Qiu but also the Young Chinese Medicine Doctor and all the Chinese Medicine doctors in Huaxia.”

“It could be simple or complicated. Be careful yourself.” Old Huang reminded him and hung up.

Everyone in the conference room was looking at Li Huawen.

“You guess right.” Director Li Huawen put down his cell phone.

Then he told Fang Qiu without hesitation, “There is someone behind these things.”

“Humph!” Fang Qiu clenched his fist, and his face darkened.

For him, he didn’t care who those guys were and what would they do.

But they chose to make trouble at this key node. They not only blackened him but also used his ident.i.ty as a contestant to blacken the Young Chinese Medicine Doctor. Moreover, they took advantage of his ident.i.ty as a Chinese Medicine doctor to blacken traditional Chinese Medicine and utilized his ident.i.ty as a student to blacken the University of Jiangjing Chinese Medicine.

Obviously, this time node was specially selected by those behind the scenes.

Fang Qiu seldom got angry.

But he was provoked this time.

Not because they were slandering him, but because they were blackening Chinese Medicine using him.

It was the last thing he could stand!

What was more, it was a good time for Chinese Medicine to recruit talents now. However, under the influence of all the negative news, the number of students who dared to apply for Chinese Medicine colleges would be reduced.

“Those behind the scenes are pus.h.i.+ng the boat along with the current.”

Looking at Fang Qiu, who was angry, Director Li Huawen said, “In fact, the most important thing now is the question of the medical postdoc who returned from the United States. We all know that your negative news is all groundless, but the question of this medical postdoc is tough.

“First of all, you should answer the postdoc’s questions to see if all the negative news about you has anything to do with him.

“What do you intend to do?” asked Li Huawen.

At the same time…

All the people in the conference room looked at Fang Qiu with concern.

“It’s easy.” Fang Qiu took out his mobile phone and logged into his Weibo account.

Then he immediately reposted the original post of the young postdoc.

“I accept your queries. In order to avoid more people like you coming to me, I decided to make the method to find meridians public at the medical conference of the World Health Organization! You are welcome to watch it live. @ Li Canming!”

Yes, the name of the medical postdoc who returned from the United States was Li Canming, the same as his nickname on Weibo.

After doing all this, Fang Qiu put down his cell phone and said, “Well, it’s settled.”

Hearing his words, everyone in the conference room hurriedly took out their cell phones to check it.

Then they were all stunned at Fang Qiu’s response.

“Wow, he is so cool!”

“Is there really a way to find meridians?”

“Can we really find the meridians? Doctors of Western Medicine can’t find it even with a microscope.”

“Yes, no one has ever found any of them since ancient times.”

Everyone spoke out.

On the other side…

Sitting opposite Director Li Huawen, the three highly-skilled doctors—the judges, at the other end of the conference table who had not spoken all the time, were excited when they saw Fang Qiu’s response on Weibo.

“Fang Qiu, do you really have a way to find the meridians?”

Yang Juanyong asked excitedly, “This is a big problem in the Chinese Medicine system!”

“Yes.” Fang Qiu nodded.

“What’s the method?”

Yang Juanyong, Huang Zhengren, and Li Zhengtang, the three highly-skilled doctors, all asked him at the same time.

“This method is not mature yet.” Fang Qiu frowned and then said, “Let me tell you later when I have a specific idea. I’ll keep it a secret for the time being.”

His explanation arose more curiosity inside others.

After all, the problem of meridians had not been solved for hundreds of years. How could they not be curious about Fang Qiu’s solution?

But on the other side—

Different from the others, Director Li Huawen was more concerned about Fang Qiu’s new post on Weibo.

Undoubtedly, it was a potent response.

First, on the surface, Fang Qiu told everyone that he had decided to attend the medical conference, and the pending matter finally had a positive result.

Second, the medical conference held by the World Health Organization was undoubtedly the biggest and most solemn occasion in the medical field. Fang Qiu chose to make his method public on such a formal occasion for he wanted to tell everyone that he was confident that he could crush all the doubts and questions directly!

Third, he actually wanted to say, “I’m going to the medical conference, and all the negative news means nothing to me.”

In the face of Li Canming, the medical postdoc who came back from the United States and the chief physician of a third-grade cla.s.s-A hospital in the capital, Fang Qiu added a sentence directly at the end of his response, welcoming him to the scene.

Could anyone get into such an important medical conference?

Li Canming was a postdoc of medicine, but he had not been invited like most medical experts!

Fang Qiu could attend the conference, while Li Canming could not.

The difference between the two of them was obvious.

However, Fang Qiu had to not only solve this problem but also deal with the negative news about him.

Thinking about it, Li Huawen said, “It seems that we should arrange some influential media to interview you.

“What do you think about it?”

Hearing this, Fang Qiu thought about it and said, “Okay. Thank you.”

He knew that he must fight back in the face of all the dirt on him.

“I see.” Director Li Huawen nodded.

He had an idea in mind.

Since Fang Qiu agreed to be interviewed, he would choose a medium with great influence, preferably the People’s Daily, to give Fang Qiu an opportunity to do self-report and make things clear. Then the rumors would be broken.

“Well, I’ll arrange it for you right now.”

Standing up, Director Li Huawen said, “Let’s call it a day!”

On the Internet…

As expected, fans of Fang Qiu, who had been silent and didn’t partic.i.p.ate in the quarrel, suddenly became astir because of Fang Qiu’s counterattack.

“He deserves to be my idol. He is as aggressive as always!”

“Haha, what a response! Li Canming, why not attend the medical conference if you are qualified as you said? Aren’t you a postdoc? You are waiting for the live broadcast on the Internet like us. I’m afraid it’s not conducive to your ident.i.ty as a postdoc.”

“I knew that Fang Qiu would fight back. What a nice response!”

Of course, except for Fang Qiu’s fans…

A lot of trolls sprang out one after another.

“Do it now if you have such an ability. Is the medical conference just an excuse?”

“Hum, Fang Qiu is obviously afraid!”

“Yes, he is so weak.”

“Since you dare to go to the medical conference, why don’t you dare to publicize this method in Huaxia?”

These trolls were jealous of Fang Qiu and tried to provoke him in various ways.

However, those neutral people couldn’t help shaking their heads when they saw the trolls’ comments.

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