Master of the End Times Chapter 404 – Fallen C-tier

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Chapter 404: Fallen C-tier

“All out!”

Only ten people were left behind, all of them were comrades that had been together all these while, if it were not because of their support, Gao Yukang could not have attained his glorious achievements, and he had even become the governor of a state!

How could he just abandon his own comrades?



Everyone bellowed in guttural roars.

In their hearts, it did not matter anymore, they had already a.s.sumed that they would all be dead!

Within such a precarious situation, Qin Feng knew that they had minimal chance to escape.

If Gao Yukang were to leave by himself, he might still find his way out.

However, such an option had certainly not crossed Gao Yukang’s mind.

Perhaps, it was the moment in life where irreversible fate took control.

Qin Feng was only capable of reversing the fate of Zhou Hao and Liu Xue as they were weaker.

However, Gao Yukang was powerful, even more powerful than Qin Feng’s current state.

Gao Yukang would not entrust his hope onto Qin Feng, then, he drove himself onto a one-way path!

“This shall be the last aide to them!”

Qin Feng had decided, and gave Bai Li a nod.

Bai Li’s bearing instantly amplified, the next moment, silver lights flickered, and appeared on the sky unexpectedly.

The whip held in her hand was lashed out and it struck the Grans.

Spatial rifts appeared and surrounded more than ten Grans, and their bodies were ripped apart by the rifts.

They felt like dumplings that were about to be cooked!

Bai Li was way stronger than them.

Qin Feng pursued and attacked.

With his physical capabilities, he could even face a C-tier apt.i.tude user, hence, the ordinary Grans were on par with Qin Feng in battle.

However, they were all injured, and even clueless about the situation.

“Dark Shroud!”

Instantly, they had lost their five senses.

“Dark Shadow!”

Qin Feng appeared behind one of them while he slashed across with his saber.

A detector on his opponent was able to sense the threatening energy, a layer of pale light barrier rose and shrouded around, however, Bai Li had already broken it once, therefore, the hurried defense was too weak!


The energy barrier instantly shattered.


The Verdant Emperor Saber drew an arc across, a giant-sized skull was tossed up along with the windblow, and fresh blood sprinkled!

One down!

“Dark Shadow!”

Qin Feng repeated his moves.

Bai Li pursued further.

Both of them were perfectly synchronized with their attacks, and an entire team of Grans was annihilated.

It was that moment where the other Grans were alerted by the situation.


Despite the Grans’ social environment which was filled with battles and upheld by brutal force, it had still remained as a society governed by law.

They could hardly be threatened with their powerful self-capabilities.

Also, they were not the same as humans who had survived the end times for two hundred years, an environment where the fatality rate was high and deaths were possible everywhere.

Hence, for them, death was definitely a significant incident!

Which meant that Qin Feng and Bai Li had intentionally poked a beehive.

However, it was inevitable.

Just that Qin Feng had initiated it.

Gao Yukang and the others were shocked by Qin Feng and Bai Li’s combat energy, meanwhile, Qin Feng had already exited from the Dark Shroud.

“Let’s go!”

Gao Yukang and the remaining others were instantly motivated.

Everyone knew that Qin Feng had once again saved their lives.

“Qin Feng, if I am able to survive this, we shall become sworn brothers, I owe you one! And I will never forget about this for the rest of my life!” Gao Yukang burst into laughter.

Qin Feng was left speechless while he was running. “You will have sworn brothers to return your favor to others, is that how you do it? But that’s how I like it!”

Gao Yukang was a rare and worthy partner, a decent teammate to have during the end times.

It was the reason why Qin Feng had taken the risk to save him.

At that moment, a flow of terrifying energy was channeled from afar.

Qin Feng was instantly struck by a cold chill.

Without turning around, his conscious energy had already sensed the scene behind them, the Floating City from tens of thousands of meters away had blasted out a ray of beaming light!

Energy Beam!

The energy from the beam was unknown, it was travelling at extremely high speed, in just the blink of an eye.

Qin Feng did not even have the time to instruct Bai Li to operate the s.p.a.ce to dodge it.

Gao Yukang was still thinking that he had just escaped death, and he was still smiling. However, within the next moment, the light ray had penetrated through his body.

The light was blinding, and Qin Feng could not fully capture the scene.

It was as if time had slowed down to an extreme delay.

Actually, it had only lasted for less than a second.

Energy fluctuations disseminated, light rays disappeared, and Gao Yukang’s body stumbled.

Qin Feng was standing on his left, and he could not resist the blinding light as he blinked his eyes in response.

Gao Yukang’s right chest, shoulder, and arm had already disappeared!!!

Gao Yukang glared with his eyes wide open and fell behind.

Qin Feng immediately extended his hand and supported Gao Yukang’s body; however, he could no longer stand!

Although the attack had missed his heart, however, it was impossible to survive such a heavy injury.




Every D-tier member who was running ahead shouted immediately.

They went wild and ran back, while the light ability user had already placed countless numbers of Healing Lights onto Gao Yukang’s body.

However, the effort was in vain.

Qin Feng was already sensing continuously depleting internal strength coming from within Gao Yukang’s body.

Qin Feng did not activate his Asteroid a.s.similation, and it was a very heavy-hearted moment for him.

“Qin Feng, I… owe… you one!”

Gao Yukang could barely speak.

Qin Feng was left speechless and devastated, his eyes turned red!

“Qin… Feng, this is… for you!”

Gao Yukang bit the dust and raised his remaining left hand, and he plucked off the C-tier badge from his chest.

It was not merely a C-tier badge as it was refined with different carvings around the edges, hence, it was a badge that symbolized the highest position of a state.

Gao Yukang had nothing in mind to return Qin Feng’s favor for saving his life, and he also knew that he no longer had his chance to do so.

Hence, the badge was being pa.s.sed on to Qin Feng, a decision from him to nominate Qin Feng to take over his position as the governor!

Qin Feng grabbed onto Gao Yukang’s hand and received the badge.

“Zheng Qian!”

“Elder!” tears were streaming down Zheng Qian’s cheeks, she had no idea on how to face such a heart-breaking moment!

Gao Yukang opened his mouth, he could no longer use his voice, however, his internal strength fluctuations were still noticeable by the others!

Qin Feng’s internal strength was greater than Gao Yukang’s, hence, he heard every word from Gao Yukang!

“Take my spatial rune equipment, the pa.s.sword to my personal terminal is your birth date, but first, all of you have to survive this, if all of you fail, it will still be pointless…”

Gao Yukang’s voice became more and more inaudible, however, his eyes were still open and looking at Zheng Qian!

Zheng Qian starred with her eyes wide open, paralleled with Gao Yukang’s vision, and she was left in disbelief.

“Gao Yukang…you…”

Zheng Qian had her doubts, however, they were never affirmed.

It was because there were no longer signs of life coming from Gao Yukang.

He was dead!

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