Major General's Smart And Gorgeous Wife Chapter 125 Part2

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Chapter 125 – For what reason? (Part 2)

If they hadn’t received the special forces’ training and lived together for a long period of time, Yun Ting wouldn’t have casually put his trust in such people.

However, Lin Mumu didn’t expect that the person Yun Ting described as a scheming and intelligent person would be this agitated over this matter. The extreme anger on his face looked very genuine and he didn’t seem to be pretending at all. Instead, it looked like he was still trying to repress his feelings and show moderation so as not to directly kill that stupid woman.

“You better apologize, otherwise, I don’t mind breaking your two legs myself! Or, do you want me to call over Xing Xi to get it done?” (TN: Xing Xi is Xing Shao’s name.)

Lili didn’t know whether it was because she was scared silly or because she suddenly heard the name ‘Gu Shao’, but she felt an unpreceded terror overwhelm her heart. Without further hesitation, she instantly fell to her knees and pitifully wept in her sweet and greasy voice while kneeling in front of uncle Gou.

“Gu Shao, I’m sorry! I was wrong! Uncle Gou, I’m sorry! I know my wrongs! Please be the bigger person and forgive this little girl.”

“Get lost and don’t let me see you here ever again.” Uncle Gou wasn’t the least interested. Without even glancing at the kneeling woman, he unconcernedly pushed away his wheelchair to leave with his dogs.

“Squad leader!” looking at the departing man’s back, Gu Qi’s voice was somewhat choked with emotion.

“Come to my shop for a drink in the evening.” Uncle Gou didn’t look back at him either, but he casually waved his hand to invite him for a drink before going back to his shop.


When Gu Qi had just arrived, uncle Gou had already let his dog chase the thugs away.

Seeing his old squad leader, he couldn’t help but being somewhat stunned and emotional for a moment, so he didn’t immediately rush forward. However, he didn’t expect that in that short moment, Lili would be so rude and speak so viciously. In the spur of the moment, he couldn’t control his anger and instantly moved forward to beat her.

He didn’t expect to meet the old squad leader here, so Gu San Shao couldn’t help being a little nervous.

Meanwhiles, Lili got up awkwardly and was about to leave with painful bruises all over her legs when Lin Mumu suddenly stopped her:

“Miss Lili, you couldn’t be thinking of leaving without paying your bill, could you?”

“Pa!” Lili arrogantly took out a stack of red notes from her wallet and smashed them on Lin Mumu’s hand while haughtily taunting her: “There’s more than 20 000 yuan in here, it should be enough, right?”


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