Mai Kitsune Waifu Chapter 1090 – [Imprisonment]

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The woman subconsciously let out a scream before extending out her hand and obstructed Liu Yi’s wrist with her arm.

This jab from Liu Yi jabs into the side of an iron frame, and two extremely clear holes immediately appear.

“This…this finger force…”

Seeing the finger trace left behind by Liu Yi, the old man’s expression changes greatly!

This is his Luo Family’s Meridian Breaking Finger! I cannot see any difference!

How is this possible! When did this kid learn the Meridian Breaking Finger? From the looks of it, he did not know this technique before! Otherwise, he wouldn’t have been jabbed so many times!

Could he have learned it on the spot? This is even more impossible! Could it be that he is a genius?

What the old man does not know is that Liu Yi possesses the power of the Nine Yin Demon Dragon; thus, he can mimic the technique with Nine Yin Demon Qi the moment he sees it! Back then, Zhang Yunyun made use of this heaven-defying ability to stop Liu Yi!

Right now, Liu Yi is also playing this move, which shocked the old man!

The woman is also very curious and asks Liu Yi, “What? How come you know my family Meridian Breaking Finger?”

Liu Yi thinks rapidly and suddenly comes up with a plan and asks, “You wish to know?”

“Of course, of course, I wish to know!”

The woman is already curious.

Liu Yi smiles faintly and says smoothly, “Then you admit defeat, then I will tell you.”


The woman actually nods her head straightforwardly and raises both her hands and says, “I admit defeat.”

“Xiao Xiao!”

The old man nearly collapses, “How, how can you admit defeat!”

“Because I cannot defeat him….”

Xiao Xiao replied honestly, “But…I also wish to know the answer…”

“Nonsense! Fight seriously!”

“Wuwu, my dad won’t let me admit defeat…”

The woman gives Liu Yi a grieved look while Liu Yi let out a breath of relief, “No worries. I was just joking earlier. Now I shall make you admit defeat wholeheartedly!”

He did not expect that his opponent would take his joke seriously. This way of winning is too unhonourable!

Liu Yi suddenly slaps his palm on the stage below him.

“Army Destruction!”

Using Glorious Sun Palm, the entire stage caves downwards!

In a blink of an eye, the entire stage disappear as a several meters deep hole appeared in the front of the crowd!

The woman’s figure starts swaying while Liu Yi takes the opportunity to move in front of her and slaps his palm down on her shoulder.

“Meridian Sealing!”

This palm temporarily seals the body of the woman, causing her to be unable to move!

“Thousand Shadow!”

An uncountable amount of palm shadows were hit out by Liu Yi, which lands on that woman continuously. At this moment, Liu Yi no longer dares to have any tender feelings for the fairer s.e.x because this woman is a f.u.c.king monster.

Powerful palm force causes the ground to keep trembling, and finally, the woman was sent flying away by the attacks and collapses by the side.

Liu Yi lets out a sigh and withdraws his palms before looking at the old man.

“I won!”

The old man is stunned. My daughter… lost!

But soon, the old man smiles again.

“Heroic youngster. Today you let this old man meet such a genius. Perhaps this is the predestined fate that was mentioned in the legends.”

“Thank you, old man.”

Liu Yi extended his hand, “You can give me the award money now.”

The old man gives Liu Yi a bewildered look, “Award money? What award money?”

“Didn’t you say that there is a prize for the person who wins the fight?”

When Liu Yi asked this question, the old man started laughing loudly while the woman just came back. She gives Liu Yi a glance before her face turns red.

The old man strokes his beard and says, “As for award money, there is no award money. But there are other prizes.”

Liu Yi question, “Prize? What prize? Is it valuable?”

“Hahaha, my daughter Luo Xiaoxiao, the Dragon Immortal Town’s biggest family, Luo Family’s young lady. Say is she is valuable or not?”


Liu Yi is stunned while the woman by the side turns even redder. She fiddles with the edge of her clothes uncomfortably while occasionally stealthily raises her head to look at Liu Yi.

Not only is Liu Yi stunned, Chen Cai, Ye Hanshuang as well as Chang’e were also stunned!

What the f.u.c.k! How did it suddenly become a compet.i.tion to invite the groom?!?!

Who is the one who said that this is a compet.i.tion that gives award money?

Everyone looked at Chen Cai, causing him to raise both hands in the air indicating his surrender.

Liu Yi’s eyes are filled with rage, f.u.c.k; now we have outplayed ourselves!

He hurriedly turned around and cupped his hands towards the old man.

“I am sorry! I did not know that this was a martial compet.i.tion to invite the groom. I thought that this was a compet.i.tion to win prize money! I am sorry for offending the young lady!”

“What do you mean?”

The old man who was smiling suddenly turns cold, “After winning the compet.i.tion, you wish to break the promise of marriage?”

The woman’s complexion turns slightly ugly as well as she stands by the side, not knowing what to say.

“It was a misunderstanding!” Liu Yi continued to explain, “May old sir pardon…”

“Acting willfully and making a scene!”

The old man suddenly let out a lion roar causing the crowd to cover their ears.

“Stinky brat! What kind of person do you treat me, Luo Chen as! To make fun of me, in Dragon Immortal City!”

As he speaks, he extends two fingers and jabs to the side!

A mountain far away instantly rumbles as two enormous holes appear!

Liu Yi instantly became alarmed! f.u.c.king h.e.l.l! 2nd layer of heaven! Are you for real, how did I provoke the 2nd layer of heaven expert? It is not like I am unable to defeat him if I fight him. But if we really start fighting, the movements will be huge! What if we attract the attention of Erlang Shen and the rest! At that time, it will be huge trouble!

“Don’t want to marry, right? Men! Capture him!”

The moment Luo Chen gave the order, several servants charged up, and all of them have impressive strength.

“Who dares to touch him!”

Ye Hanshuang, as well as Chen Cai, immediately leaped forward, preparing to take action when Liu Yi suddenly shouted, “Stop!”

Chen Cai and Ye Hanshuang look at Liu Yi, who then said, “It is me who was in the wrong. Stay still and don’t act recklessly!”

He transmits to the three of them, {This old man is too strong; it is not suitable to take action. I will find an opportunity to leave. Wait for me in the Dragon Immortal Town! There is a Dragon Immortal Tavern at the intersection in front. I will go and find you there!}


Chen Cai and Ye Hanshuang have no other methods. Giving each other a glance, they pull Chang’e and leave temporarily.

When his servants are preparing to chase after them, Luo Chen blocks them.

“For every grievance, someone is responsible. For every debt, there is a debtor. This matter is no related to those people; let them leave! Escort him back for me and lock him up in Luo Family’s prison!”

Liu Yi smiles bitterly. f.u.c.k, am I fated to prisons? I just left Sky Prison, and now I am going to be locked in another prison.

“Dad…forget it…let him go.”

Luo Xiaoxiao is very kindhearted. She walks over and helps Liu Yi ask for mercy, “Since he does not wish to marry me…let’s not insist on it…”

“It is not a problem for him to not marry you. Let’s talk about it after he is locked in prison for a hundred years!”

Luo Chen snorts, “Otherwise, where is my face and my Luo Family’s prestige! Bring him back!”

Luo Chen does not listen to Liu Yi’s explanation. He waves his hand, and his subordinates immediately escort Liu Yi as they walk back to Luo Family.


While he is being escorted back, Luo Xiaoxiao secretly transmits her voice to Liu Yi, {I, I had implicated you…}

{No, Young Lady Luo, it is me who was at fault.}

Liu Yi shakes his head before saying, {It is me who broke the promise of marriage first. If this matter is spread out, it will not be good for you or your family’s reputation.}

{It cannot be blamed on you…it is because I am too useless…}

Luo Xiaoxiao is somewhat dispirited, {My father would only create this blind date for me…if there weren’t this blind date, you would not have fallen to this stage.}

{Maybe we are slightly fated.}

Liu Yi comforts Luo Xiaoxiao and winks at her.

Luo Xiaoxiao fiddles with the edge of her clothes as she asks Liu Yi, {You-you believe in fate?}

{Of course, I believe in it. Fate is a very mysterious thing.}

Liu Yi is rueful, {When you want it, it does not come. When you do not want it, it smashes down on your head.}

{The, the way you speak is amusing…}

Luo Xiaoxiao wishes to laugh, but she does not dare to. She hurriedly holds it in, {When, when I was young, my family found a master to calculate my fate for me. He says that this year I will encounter a great catastrophe…only by finding my fated emperor would he resolve my calamity. That is why my father created this martial compet.i.tion to invite the groom…}

{What the heck! Those fortune-tellers can deceive people!}

Liu Yi sneers, {What you do not know is that fate can be changed!}


Seeing Luo Xiaoxiao’s appearance, she does not believe in it.

{It is real. For so many years, I have always been fighting against fate!}

Liu Yi nods his head and says, {Regarding this, I do have some thoughts about it!}

{Fine then, I shall believe in what you say then.}

Seeing Luo Xiaoxiao believe what he says, Liu Yi finally smiles, {But your father’s cultivation is really powerful. How come you are only 26 starjade?}

{I…I am very stupid…}

Luo Xiaoxiao lower her head slightly in embarra.s.sment, {I…I have always been slow-witted in my cultivation…I only have my innate super strength…}

{It is very perverted…what uncanny strength!}

Liu Yi says, {Especially that Meridian Breaking Finger of yours…it is very perverted!}

{That is my family technique that was handed down from generations to generations…but how did you learn it? Can you tell me?}

{I was mimicking you.}

Liu Yi says, {After seeing you use it, I can use it. Actually, I am just an imitation that cannot be compared to what you had bitterly cultivated.}

{It is very impressive…it is not inferior to mine…}

Luo Xiaoxiao looks at Liu Yi in admiration, {If I was half as impressive as you…my dad would not keep scolding me.}

Just as Liu Yi wished to say something, the servant by the side pushes him, {What are you transmitting for! We are here, go in!}

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