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Chapter 654: 654

“Sala, stand up . ” Yang Ling looked at the pretty beauty Sala, who had achieved a Level Advancement, and looked at the tears of excitement on her face before heaving a sigh of relief .

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Since ancient times, beauties were always born unlucky . He was never optimistic about the beauty Sala’s relations.h.i.+p with Richardson, and he didn’t want to look on as the beauty Sala walked toward a tragedy . But it was a pity that Heaven foreordained this . Even if one knew that some matters were far from good, it would still be difficult to obstruct them . The beauty Sala and Richardson were an affectionate couple, and Yang Ling wasn’t able to split them up . He also didn’t want to split them up by force .

“Lord, I surely won’t regret this, no matter what happens in the future . ” After the beauty Sala became a Mid-Level Deity and a real woman, her senses turned sharper, and she quickly understood Yang Ling’s worries .

“It’s you who chose this road, and regrets will be useless . ”

Yang Ling simply looked at the resolute beauty Sala and didn’t say anything else . He weaved a wizard seal and left the Wizard PaG.o.da’s dimension quickly . He went back to the remote beach on the island . When the numerous piranhas saw him, they cheerfully swam toward him and jumped out of the water excitedly . Every piranha held a Moon Stone on its mouth .

“Tsk, tsk . This is better than building a wharf and taking rent money . This can make even more money . But isn’t this too vile and despicable?” Yang Ling collected the Moon Stones in the numerous piranhas’ mouths before he looked at the ashen-faced fishermen in the distance, who didn’t get anything after bustling for a long time . He chuckled, and he was about to order the piranhas to use the same old trick again when the ground suddenly started to quake .


The lake’s water shook intensely, like a c.o.c.ktail shaken intensely by a bartender . Many giant waves arose on the lake, and both the land and mountains alike shook, as if there were a terrible volcano beneath the island that would shortly erupt . Meanwhile, faint roars transmitted from the towering palace, and a berserk aura engulfed the whole Moon Lake .

“Be careful! The Demon Palace will shortly be opened . ”

“You can set your mind at ease . This is just an omen . At least two days are left until the Demon Palace’s true opening . ”

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When the crowd saw this surprising sight, they started discussing it spiritedly . Some were pale-faced, and it seemed like they still hadn’t gotten over the shock . Some were excited and looked excitedly at the distant towering palace . They awaited the Demon Palace’s opening . There were also some composed people whose expression didn’t change . They just kept their calm and continued sitting on the ground in meditation .


After the ground calmed down for a while, it started shaking intensely again, and larger waves arose on Moon Lake . The waves strongly struck the reefs near the sh.o.r.e, and the lake’s water flew over the beach . Several people who couldn’t get out of the way in time let out a miserable scream, and they were drawn into the bottom of the lake by a large wave with a height of one hundred meters . Those people quickly disappeared .

Yang Ling was startled, and he quickly moved the piranhas, who swam back in a fl.u.s.ter, into the Wizard PaG.o.da’s dimension, then retreated into the interior of the Restriction Spell to observe the changes calmly .

After the large wave with a height of one hundred meters pa.s.sed, a Moon Stone as big as a fist fell off, and it was bigger than ordinary Moon Stones by tenfold . The crux was that it had a dark green color, and it emitted boundless Energy Ripples, which quickly attracted the numerous experts’ attention .

“Moon Soul Stone . Oh my G.o.d, it’s the legendary Moon Soul Stone . ”

“Hahaha, it’s mine . Anyone who blocks my path will die . ”

Many black blurs pounced recklessly at the Moon Soul Stone in the air with no regard to the giant wave . As a “splash” echoed out, a person jumped into Moon Lake and swam in it quickly like a fish . Another person held a sharp sword and trod on it as he flew in the air . He was quite swift . There was even someone who soared up directly, and he emitted an ear-piercing tearing noise as he left many afterimages behind him .

If it could be said that the Black Crystal Marrow was a Premium Black Crystal that had crystallized over the course of a million years, then the Moon Soul Stone was a Moon Stone that had crystallized over the course of a hundred million years . It contained a shocking amount of Soul Energy, and it could greatly increase the people’s Soul Energy and practice speed . It was much more precious than an ordinary Divine Weapon .

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Even a Moon Soul Stone as big as a thumb was more precious than ten thousand Moon Stones, let alone this large piece, which was as big as a fist . The Moon Soul Stone, which was swirled up from the lake bed by the giant wave, quickly made the crowd go crazy .

The air above the lake was engulfed by mist . The mist didn’t just contain soul attacks, and the mist was still protected by a mysterious Ancient Magical Formation Spell . The gravity there was too high, and it was difficult even for an apex High-Level Deity to fly there . But in an instant, more than ten black blurs flew into the air, and their power could be easily imagined . They were at least apex High-Level Deity Stage’s experts .

Many experts and talented people were hidden here . It was really amazing! At first, Yang Ling planned to sneak over there stealthily to see whether he could get a chance to steal the Moon Soul Stone, but after he saw a dozen experts fly into the air, he quickly made a wise choice and stayed in his place . He simply observed what was happening coldly . Most of the fifteen experts that rushed out wore a Dragon-Head Ring, and many of them even had a ring with more than five dragon heads carved on it .

Fifth-Level Divine Duty Expert . Even if he summoned the Corpse Wizard King, Ophelia, and others, Yang Ling still wasn’t sure that he could defeat one . In addition, a large number of them had appeared at once .

“I have said that this Moon Soul Stone is mine . If you want to die, then rush over . ” An iron-tower-like large man sped up suddenly and flew out . He managed to hold the Moon Soul Stone in the air . He didn’t have a Dragon-Head Ring around his finger, yet he wasn’t any weaker than a Fifth-Level Divine Duty Expert, and intense Energy Ripples emanated from his body .

“Anderson, you are quite strong . But can you defeat my two brothers and me?”

Three ghost-like men with horse-like faces quickly chased the iron-tower-like large man and blocked his way out . They sneered coldly before glaring like vipers at the Moon Soul Stone in the man’s hand . The three people’s appearances were identical, and it seemed like they were triplets . Every person had a Five-Dragon-Head Ring, but their rings were different than ordinary people’s rings . Their rings were green, and it seemed like they were coated in deadly poison . They seemed quite strange! Were they the Lich King’s Three Great Ghost Servants?

When the iron-tower-like large man Anderson saw the three sinister people who blocked his road, his expression turned grave . He was an experienced wanderer and knew how th.o.r.n.y and terrifying those three sinister people were . He surely didn’t want to antagonize them unless it was absolutely necessary, as even if he risked his life and managed to kill those three guys, he would be bothered and a.s.sa.s.sinated by the Lich King’s other Ghost Servants . He wouldn’t be able to defend against them effectively .

“The Moon Soul Stone was swirled up by the large wave, and everyone who saw it should get a share,” a middle-aged man clad in a white robe said, standing at the iron-tower-like large man’s left side . “Anderson, it’s too outrageous for you to try to keep it for yourself . ” The man’s sinister smile would make anyone uncomfortable, and he was followed by several warriors with sharp gazes, all who wore a Dragon-Head Ring around their fingers .

“Anderson, do you want to take this Moon Soul Stone in front of our Longbarton Divine Branch? You aren’t qualified yet for this,” an old man clad in luxurious clothes said, and flew over with several guards . He stood at the right side of the iron-tower-like large man, and he encircled him along with the crowd .

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“This Moon Soul Stone has been discovered first by our Algernon Divine Branch’s men . Anderson, it isn’t up to you to take it . ” An old man who wore an ice-cold look blocked the way back to the island with several guards . The guard Vitaly, who followed Dio previously, was among those few guards, and Yang Ling quickly discovered the sinister-looking Dio’s group among the crowd .

The Moon Soul Stone was too precious, and after the crowd detected its pure Energy Ripples, the great factions sent over their experts . They quickly encircled the iron-tower-like large man, who had gotten it first . Getting this Moon Soul Stone, which was as big as a fist, was tantamount to getting a precious and rare Divine Weapon . None would give up on this chance so easily .

Algernon Divine Branch?

When the iron-tower-like large man saw the old man, who wore an ice-cold gaze, and the guard behind him, his body s.h.i.+vered . Longbarton Divine Branch had a gift and peerless skill when it came to craftsmans.h.i.+p, and there was a branch of Longbarton Chamber of Commerce in almost all Wandering Castles . They had a large wealth, and their powers were unfathomable . As for the Winged Men Clan’s Algernon Divine Branch, it wasn’t any weaker than Longbarton Divine Branch, and they had many Divine Duty Experts . They also had innumerable High-Level Divine Duty Experts .

There were experts here from two Great Divine Branches . So who would dare to fight against them rashly?

The expression of the iron-tower-like large man Anderson turned grave, and he became hesitant . He was always fond of wandering everywhere without any restraints and didn’t want to obey any person’s orders . This was the reason why he didn’t join any Divine Branches . He wanted to depend upon his own power to become a Plane Wanderer . But it was a pity that even though his power rose drastically through innumerable years, he still hadn’t reached that stage’s threshold .

The Moon Soul Stone, which contained a large amount of Soul Energy, was the treasure he had always sought .

If he got this Moon Soul Stone, his practice speed wouldn’t just turn much faster . He might even be able to become a Plane Wanderer in one go . He didn’t want to hand over this Moon Soul Stone, but he still couldn’t face the numerous experts of Algernon Divine Branch and Longbarton Divine Branch . In addition, there were still other factions’ experts eyeing him covetously .

If they fought one-on-one, even if he ran into a Sixth-Level Divine Duty Expert, Anderson was still confident that he could fight against them head-on . But if the opponents rushed at him together, he surely wouldn’t be a match for them .

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“The Moon Soul Stone is very important to me . But since everyone is so interested in it, then…”

Anderson, who faced the numerous experts who eyed him covetously, pondered over this for a moment before he took a shocking action . He cut off a corner of the Moon Soul Stone, which comprised a fifth of it, before he opened his mouth and swallowed this corner . As for the rest of the large Moon Soul Stone, he threw it into the air strongly before he plunged recklessly into the water .

He had done everything in one go and was as swift as lightning .

No one thought that the powerful Anderson would take such actions . They were all surprised and instantly lost sight of him .


The Three Ghost Servants cursed him at the same time . They hadn’t expected the proud Anderson to slyly cut off a corner of the Moon Soul Stone, and they also hadn’t expected him to flee without fighting . But even though they cursed Anderson, they didn’t pursue him into the water, and after they came back to their senses, they flew toward the Moon Soul Stone in the air . They tried to take it for themselves!

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