Lone_Wolf 82 Just An Experimen

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Jason looked at Bran, he is certain that his body is also being controlled by those soul-things as Bran also had those weird glow in his eyes.

Bran is really cautious, he doesn’t know what Jason is but his senses are telling him to run as far as possible.

“I don’t even know what I am and I am too lazy to figure it out, if I find about it someday I will tell if, if you are alive till then”

Jason said and walked towards Bran, he wanted to try something on him so he didn’t kill him instantly.

“Don’t come close to me”

Bran said and backed down but seeing Jason still advancing towards him, he had no choice to fight back.

He suddenly took out a small gun that was hidden in his ankle which was covered by his pant. He then shot two times at Jason.

Two bullets shot out of the gun and Jason got hit, one on his shoulder and the other right through his chest and into his heart.

Jason didn’t expect Bran to have guns, he saw the bullet going through his chest and into his heart he felt pain but he didn’t seem to lose any consciousness at all, he just stared at his wound and saw the two bullets got out of his body automatically and blood he lost started to return back to his body, the two bullet wounds closed up.

Jason bent down and lifted one of the bullets and was surprised to see what it was made from, it was actually made from Alontine.

‘So I am even immune to this as well’

Jason knew Blue Silver has no effect on him, from what the supernatural beings and Ana told him about the Blue Silver and how potent of poison it can be, it has no effect on him, just like this Alontine, it didn’t affect him like how Ana described its effect on a mutant or a supernatural being.

Seeing Jason not dead or paralyzed even after being shot by Alontine bullets Bran got scared.

He always kept that gun a secret from others because if he encounters a dangerous supernatural he will use it, but seeing them failing he lost hope, Bran didn’t know what to do.

“Ok, Enough playing”

Jason said and suddenly sprinted towards Bran, before Bran could even do anything, he saw a blur and next he was smashed on a wall as he felt a hand tightly gripping his neck.

As he came back to his sense he saw Jason right before him as he was pressed against a wall and lifted high by the neck.

Bran tried to struggle and get out but it was useless.

“Stop struggling, It’s just an experiment, you won’t die”

Saying so Jason’s eyes glowed and he tried to take over Bran under his control and as he expected Bran started to twitch and behaved like he is having a seizure.

Suddenly a soul-like thing came out of his body, shrilled and shattered into small fragments.

Bran fainted.

“Just like how it happened with Sara, It seems that if I try to take over them by force they will be expelled out of the body and die”

Jason said and wondered.

“If they die after coming out of the body, why were there so many of them in my room when and they seem to be doing good on their own until they started killing each other? These soul-like creatures are very mysterious, I will try to find more about them”

Jason said and tossed the unconscious Bran on the ground.

“Now let’s wait and watch”

Jason said and climbed up a building and sat there as he waited there to see what happens next.


Back in the royal palace the two sisters were done doing their deed and were about to get up when they suddenly noticed the Soul-Leeches going restless again.

Emily frowned.

“This is the second one of the day, what is happening, it’s very rare for one to die but two on the same day, something is not right”

Emily said.

She couldn’t tell what is happening, but she is worried.

“Sis, you worry too much, even if something is going wrong and gets out of hand we can just step in and handle the situation”

Lisa said and comforted her elder sister.

“You are right, but for now let’s release the Soul-Leeches, they are newborns so they need a new body, a used body is much better than a new one”

Emily said and released the New Soul-Leeches.

“And here they go”

Lisa said and laughed s.a.d.i.s.tically.

‘Why do I feel something really bad is going to happen to us, this feeling, I never felt before’

Emily though.

‘I think I am thinking too much, it’s just normal matters, I should ignore it’

Emily though and got out of the bed and wore her expensive gown and walked away with Lisa.


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