LITTLE GOBLIN: Master, don't come here! Chapter 17

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Peach Blossom, The G.o.ddess of Entertainment

Chang was called away by Guo Yang after dinner.

Everyone is still on the party and talks about Chang.

“Did you know that Chang was only a stuntman before he got the role of Prince JianMing?”

“Maybe Guo Yang was already desperate and had no choice but to choose him.”

“Anyhow, that boy is very lucky …”

Zhong Qing just listens to them and doesn’t speak while slowly finishing her soup in the bowl.

But still, even if she doesn’t speak, she has always been the center of attraction.

Even if she’s wearing just plain, simple clothes, she still gets hold of all eyes because of her unremarkable charm.

Zhong Qing is about to walk away when someone comes to see her and asked,

“Hi sister Peach, what is your opinion about the announcement of Director Guo Yang tonight?”

People are quiet while waiting for Zhong Qing’s answer.

What if she doesn’t want to work with the new lead man actor?

In the entertainment circle, if the actors are red, meaning they are juniors; if purple, then they are seniors. The red actors shall follow all the decision and rules determined by the purple actors. They are not allowed to go against nor offend them.

Most of the time, you can say that the whole group of Zhong Qing supports her in any decision she makes.

So, if ever Zhong Qing doesn’t like Chang…

Then, their treatment for Chang will depend on Zhong Qing’s recognition to his taking over of the role.

This is the reality in the entertainment industry.

However though, she does not admire this conception and const.i.tution in the entertainment circle; her own thoughts are still exquisitely carved. Occasionally, because most of the cast and crew lack knowledge on the proper scheme in this industry, there will be some liberation allowing people to mention their own personal thoughts about some aspects intended for the rapid progress of the industry.

When she heard the question, she smiled.

“I trust Guo Yang’s decision. Since Guo Yang chose him to be the new lead man actor, he might have seen Chang’s potential and that he has great acting skills. I’m looking forward to working with him.”

When Chang came out, he just heard what Zhong Qing has just said.

He wanted to go back in the room of Guo Yang but he just stood behind the wall and silently watched Zhong Qing surrounded by those people.

This is the second time Zhong Qing helped Chang.

Even if he knows that Zhong Qing is just a quiet type of girl, still, she did not hesitate to stand to her belief, answered the question, and eased the atmosphere.

He does not think this is just a coincidence but Chang Zheng is not a narcissistic person.

And then he thought, what does Zhong Qing have that makes her the G.o.ddess not only in the entertainment circle but also in the whole entertainment industry, local and international.

They looked at each other with pale face, eyes in pendency, and then sighed with relief.

Guo Yang was just looking for him to talk about his salary and other things about the cast and the film.

Because there is no broker, these things can only be dealt with Chang alone.

Guo Yang seems calm, not because he cut Chang’s salary but because he’s just in a good mood.

He even gave Chang a box-office bonus, the same as the salary of Zhang Heng.

The most relaxing time for the crew is after their dinner.

But their location is in the desert, so probably, there is no leisure nor some entertainment places that they could go to; that’s also why most of them are just stuck in their rooms, playing games on their mobile phones.

Zhong Qing walked outside and saw Chang reading the script again under the lamp light.

“The light here is bad. It is not good for your eyes.” Zhong Qing said to him with concern.

Chang smiled and replied, “I can’t sleep and I am used to reading this script every night with this lamp light.”

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