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The light halos behind sword ancestor quickly turned into a golden disk, and on it appeared a large number of divine sword’s imprints, they intertwined and formed a circle, spinning continuously, causing sword ancestor’s entire being to look like a G.o.d.

Sword intent!

This was filled with sword intent, completely filled with sword intent. This move, sword ancestor had completely relied on sword intent.

His eyes widened as he stared intently at this move!

sword ancestor then leaped up into the air, golden light flashing, like a sun.

“Heaven and Earth G.o.dly Fist!”

The War G.o.d roared, then punched towards the sky.

An unexplainable strong brute force sprayed out from his fist, shaking the sky.


The entire sky started to shake and it instantly darkened. Following that, countless terrifying air currents descended from the sky like a great mountain.

Bang bang!

When the Qi made contact with sword ancestor’s body, a violent explosion occurred, the remaining Qi descended, Su Yun focused on it, the Qi made contact with his body, causing a terrifying explosion, the Spirit Qi of destruction rippled out in all directions.

In the distance, the Martial G.o.d School’s Sect Leader was sealed with celestial spiritual energy. He was unable to withstand the pressure coming from the mysterious power of the War G.o.d. His body instantly exploded, and he died.

As for the entire peak of the Martial G.o.d Realm, it seemed as if it had been cut down by a layer. Other than the strange stone in the middle, the rest of the peak had cracked open and was a complete mess.

“This kind of simple use of brute force? But how did this pressure descend from the sky? “

Su Yun’s heart was filled with suspicions, he realized that he could not understand the Martial G.o.d’s techniques.

“He forcefully sent his own brute force into the air and ignited it, causing the force to descend from the sky and strike the ground below.”

Ling Qingyu seemed to have sensed Su Yun’s doubt and asked.

“Explosion of brute force? Can this be done? Furthermore … If we scatter our power, what power would be left? “

“His main focus is obviously not on defeating the sword ancestor with this strike. The reason he did this… It should be for this next attack. “

Ling Qingyu said.

Hearing that, Su Yun immediately turned his head to look, only to realize that the Martial G.o.d had moved again. The pressure seemed to be just to delay sword ancestor’s attack, and when it descended, it was impossible for the sword ancestor to not be affected at all, even if it was just for half a breath of time, the team of Martial G.o.ds would be sufficient!

Any small blunder or mistake at this level would determine the outcome of this battle. Although the two were powerful and practically impossible to make mistakes, these so-called ‘mistakes’ and flaws did not originate from them, but were forcefully created by their opponents.

The War G.o.d rushed to sword ancestor’s side the moment the pressure was released, clenching both of his hands into fists, he fiercely punched towards sword ancestor’s head.

He activated his full strength.

In that moment, Su Yun could actually feel that the attack of the Martial G.o.d was capable of shattering the entire ground!

“Myriad Swords Piercing Heart!”

The sword ancestor’s reaction was not slow either. The moment the Martial G.o.d approached him, the golden wheel behind his back released a blinding light, and every ray of light was produced by numerous sharp swords. The closer the sword ancestor got, the more concentrated the swords became, and the harder it was for them to dodge.

It was clear that sword ancestor had sensed the Martial G.o.d’s intentions from the start and also planned to use this move to turn the situation around. He did not want to keep fighting for his life and he knew that if this continued, he would definitely lose and that was why he wanted to rely on this move to determine the outcome of the battle.

Pfft, pfft, pfft, pfft, pfft, pfft …

This terrifying sharp sword of light directly pierced through the Martial G.o.d’s body, the body of the Martial G.o.d was already as strong as a G.o.d’s, ordinary blades and swords were unable to break through his body, but the sword ancestor’s move could easily pa.s.s through it, showing just how powerful this move was.



The sword ancestor’s body suddenly smashed from the sky all the way down to the ground, violently smashing onto the peak of the Martial G.o.d Stage below. Other than the area around the mysterious rock and the formation below, the rest of the place was instantly shattered, and the entire top of the Martial G.o.d Stage, which was nearly ten thousand meters away, was completely shattered. When Su Yun stood on the ground, a portion of the power was also transferred to his body.

Su Yun looked at the Martial G.o.d in shock. He found it hard to believe.

The War G.o.d’s body had been pierced by the sharp sword of light until there were close to a hundred transparent holes on his body. He looked extremely miserable and terrifying, but his punch did not stop, and did not even weaken his strength by the slightest bit. This punch, was actually directed at sword ancestor’s body.

Without question, the War G.o.d’s exchange this time had clearly determined the outcome of this battle. Even though his entire body was filled with holes, the strength of his body was beyond imagination. The vigorous life force caused his heart to be pierced, and he continued to live on.

Su Yun anxiously flew down towards sword ancestor, who was still lying on the ground, the golden light behind him had already dissipated, his entire face was pale white, blood flowed from the corners of his mouth, eyes and ears, his entire body’s sword intent and Immortal energy had been scattered by the terrifying attack.

He had already completely lost his fighting strength.

The War G.o.d had defeated the sword ancestor in an overwhelming battle.

“sword ancestor!”

Su Yun shouted, he rushed forward and immediately pressed down on his chest, channeling immortal qi to heal the injuries on his body.

But at this time, sword ancestor firmly grabbed his wrist.

“Idiot, don’t waste your strength, you still have an opponent!” “Right now, you cannot waste a single bit of immortal energy …” The voice of the sword ancestor appeared to be extremely strenuous, but the hand he grabbed at Su Yun seemed to be especially forceful: “I have already exhausted quite a bit of this fellow’s strength, especially that strike just now … I can feel that he… He had definitely consumed 20% of his strength, and before that … I fought him, and now he’s… I’m afraid you don’t even have seventy percent of your strength. “Not losing out …”

“I’ve never been at a disadvantage …” Su Yun held onto sword ancestor’s hand tightly: sword ancestor, you should lie down properly for a while, stop talking, hurry up and recover.

“What else is there to recover?” Let me tell you… “If you can’t beat me, then think of a way to run. Don’t be as stubborn as I was in the past. If I wasn’t stubborn, I wouldn’t have ended up like this …”

“Don’t worry, running if you can’t beat me has always been one of my rules.”



Just then, another wave of pressure descended from the sky, Su Yun turned his head, only to see the Martial G.o.d approaching him, a terrifying fist smashing towards him.

“sword ancestor, are you done for just like that? Fine, since that’s the case, let me destroy you. “

The War G.o.d didn’t show the slightest weakness. The power acc.u.mulated by his fist was even greater than that strike just now!

Before the fist had arrived, the ground split open once more, and the entire peak of the War G.o.d seemed to be shaking.

The person who fell down was like a falling meteor. As he fell, the temperature instantly rose. The atmosphere was extremely frightening, as if this fist was going to destroy the world.

What kind of stunning attack was this?

sword ancestor opened his eyes wide, looking at the soul-stirring scene, he shouted out: “Be careful!”


Su Yun frowned, he immediately carried sword ancestor and scattered to the side.


The upper part of the War G.o.d’s War G.o.d’s body once more shattered, and the strange stone fell another hundred meters.

“We can’t go on like this. If we can’t absorb the heavenly essence from this strange stone, we won’t be able to quickly ascend to the next level.”

The Martial G.o.d frowned, he retracted his fist and looked to the side. Su Yun who was holding onto sword ancestor, had already dodged to the side, his speed was extremely fast, even the Martial G.o.d did not have time to react.

“Eh? Such fast speed. Boy, your strength seems to be pretty good, not bad at all.

The War G.o.d let out a soft snort, his expression becoming focused.

“Martial Ancestor, you should retreat to the side to recuperate. I will deal with this person.”

Su Yun released sword ancestor and said seriously.

“Be careful, prepare to leave.” The sword ancestor said.


Su Yun was startled, but he did not say a word, only raising the corner of his mouth into a strange arc.

“It won’t be that easy to escape. What I hate the most are cowards. Those who are weak should all die!”

He growled, and once again rushed forward. When his fist struck out, it actually shattered into tens of thousands of fist shadows, blotting out the sky as they came crashing down.

If this punch were to land on someone’s body, it was unknown what would happen.

Just then, the sword sheath behind Su Yun suddenly released many sharp swords that lined up in front of him, forming a wall made of swords. The swords aimed towards the fists of the Martial G.o.d, and every sword’s body was covered with immortal energy.

Seeing that, the Martial G.o.d’s expression changed slightly. He immediately withdrew his fist and stopped his attack.

If this punch were to land, it would be like hitting those sword blades. He wouldn’t be able to cut through it at all.

“Good heavens!” “Sly!” The Martial G.o.d stared at Su Yun and snorted.

Su Yun did not utter a word.

On the other hand, Ling Qingyu from the sword sheath spoke out: “Su Yun, hurry up and put away your sword. Don’t use the swords from the sword sheath anymore, otherwise it will only hasten the release of the ferocious sword.”

Hearing that, Su Yun immediately pulled back the sword wall, his face had a look of embarra.s.sment, and said: “Sorry … … “I forgot, I forgot …”

“Su Yun, you don’t have to worry. Although this Martial G.o.d’s techniques are extraordinary and his martial arts attainments are extremely high, your years of hard work aren’t fake. You aren’t afraid of him, right?”

Ling Qingyu said.

Su Yun smiled lightly, but his eyes became extremely determined. “Of course.”

Saying that, he took out the Lotus Star Sword once again, but he was not in a hurry to activate it, he just held onto the Lotus Star Sword with one hand and stared at the Martial G.o.d.

“Hmm?” The War G.o.d seemed to have noticed something. He let out a soft snort. “Interesting. This old man has been lonely for so long. Today, I can finally enjoy myself.”

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