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Chapter 372 – People From The Immortal Sects

“Chunchun, don’t get so close to that scoundrel.”

“That’s right; you will be lead astray if you follow him.”

“d.a.m.n, two against one? Aren’t you two having such an easy time playing Fight the Landlord? Are we going to continue playing?” Asked Luo Tian with a smile. An Chunchun was on his lap playing around making him feel ticklish.

“King blast!”

“Calling a bluff? I know you have the smallest straight flush in your hands.” Qin Yue’er was laughing out loud happily. Her two mounds were shaking all over making Luo Tian want to go over and bite on it.

Luo Tian’s eyes changed as he threw down his cards. “I’m not playing this turn. Back in the days, I was considered a King of Fight the Landlord. And here, I’m still considered the progenitor for the card game. Who knew that… my once heroic reputation has thus been ruined.”

It’s unknown why…

When he played Fight the Landlord with Qin Yue’er and Tang Tang, he hasn’t won even once.

Originally, Luo Tian wanted to play until they lost all their clothes. He didn’t imagine that he would lose to the point of only his underwear remained while those two hadn’t lost a single piece of clothing.

This was too hurtful to one’s self-esteem.

Half a month had pa.s.sed.

Luo Tian was living a very comfortable life. He played cards, messed around with the girls, teased a loli, and would get ma.s.sages when he got tired. Someone will hand him water when he was thirsty, he would lie underneath the shade of a tree, relax on a rocking chair, and there would be occasionally people feeding him fruits.

This kind of life was so great that his bones have almost gone limp.

An Chunchun had an evil smile towards Luo Tian while saying: “Big brother Luo Tian, you’ve lost. Are you going to take that lower cloth of yours off as well? Hee hee…”

Luo Tian was stunned before glaring at Qin Yue’er: “I’ve led her astray? It looks like you are the ones that have led her astray. Chunchun, don’t spend time with these two bad women in the future. And you definitely can’t randomly listen to their words.”


“b.a.s.t.a.r.d, what did you just say?”

“Smelly scoundrel, you better pay up since you’ve lost. Quickly take off those shorts of yours.”

Luo Tian saw that the situation wasn’t looking good for him so he grabbed his clothes and ran.

Around this time…

Feng Lei, Xuan Yuanyi, and Blindman Liu entered the courtyard in a cheerful manner.

When they saw this scene…

The three of them lowered their heads and pretended they didn’t see anything.

The expression of all the girls present changed and one of them angrily said: “I will let you off today. If I ever see you again in the future, I will break that third leg of yours.”

Tang Tang softly said: “Big sister Yue’er, can we not break his third leg? If we break it, then we… have basically screwed ourselves over?”


“Are you experiencing your spring fever? Do you need me to call that b.a.s.t.a.r.d over to give you little b.u.t.t a good spanking?” Qin Yue’er asked with a smile.

Tang Tang unconsciously nodded before immediately shaking her head like a rattle drum. “No, I don’t want that.”

Luo Tian quickly put his clothes back on and said to the three of them: “What has made you guys so happy?”

“Boss, we have fully recovered.”

“Our bodies are healed.”

“Shouldn’t we set off now?” asked Feng Lei with a foolish grin.

Xuan Yuanyi also had a cheerful expression.

Blindman Liu was holding his c.r.a.ppy erhu and was about to play a tune…

Luo Tian instantly stopped him and said: “The time is about right and there haven’t been any new experts appearing. Looking at how their heads have all been smashed b.l.o.o.d.y makes me want to laugh out loud. Fine, it looks like it’s about time for us to move out.”

This past half a month, powerful experts have been continuously entering the Devil Sealing Array.

Many experts had fallen.

Those experts that made it out all looked like they had gone insane with twisted expressions. No one dared to go back in anymore.

As for the normal martial artists, they were even worse off.

Before they even got close, they already couldn’t handle the suppression of the Devil Sealing Array. There was a terrifyingly powerful aura from the array which was unbearable to the weaker martial artists.


A new forbidden ground had appeared in Tianxuan Continent.

Not to mention the treasure, no one had even seen a glimpse of the treasure site’s entrance.


The center of the Devil Sealing Array still maintained a holy light beaming into the sky and didn’t seem to weaken a tiny bit.

After half a month, not many people have dared to enter the Devil Sealing Array.

Feng Lei and the other two recuperated like they were given a decree, and they had finally recovered after resting for a full half a month. We can say that this past half a month was so unbearable for them that they felt like dying. But in order to go to the Devil Sealing Array to search for treasures, they could only comply with Luo Tian’s arrangements and quickly recover.

As for the past half a month…

Luo Tian didn’t rest and continued concocting a bunch of medicinal pills.

He was raising the levels of his skills.

He would also play with Chunchun and the other girls, have meals, shopping, and enjoy all the fun things he had never had a chance to do in his previous life.

Luo Tian asked: “Are you guys prepared?”

Feng Lei and the other two quickly nodded and replied: “We’ve prepared for half a month and our hands have become really itchy. Boss, there’s ancient demonic beasts in the Devil Sealing Array, right? Then wouldn’t its blood essence… drip~, plop~…”

Feng Lei licked his lips as he couldn’t wait any longer.

The ferocious beast inside him also revealed a thirsty expression.

“Smelly scoundrel, where are you going now?”

“Quickly come back here!”

“Hey! Hey, hey…”

Luo Tian was afraid they wanted him to strip again so he immediately shouted: “Go! Let’s go search for treasures!”



Several beams of lights shot out from the imperial palace.

After Luo Tian and company left…

An elderly person arrived at the Xuanwu Gate at the north side of the imperial palace.

Dressed in dirty clothing with a grimy looking sword at his waist, the elderly person revealed his yellow stained teeth and asked: “Big brother soldier, can I go inside to look for someone?”

The guard was stunned but said in a mighty manner: “The Imperial Palace is an important location so outsiders are forbidden to enter. Old man, it’s best that you leave here and don’t loiter around. If our Commander sees you, he will definitely throw you out.”

“Oh oh?!”

“Isn’t that Mount Hua Immortal Sect’s Venerable Wu Nian?” (Clear Mind)

“Why did you show up at Heavenly Sword City?”


A voice that sounded like it came from the sky was heard.

Before the voice faded, a scholarly looking person riding a green cow descended from the sky with a cold look. Looking at the dirty old daoist, his curved mouth showed a look of disdain while his eyes were filled with contempt.

The dirty old daoist didn’t mind it and gave a smile that showed his yellow stained teeth. “Venerable Qing Niu (Green Cow) is here as well? You seem to be about 39 million miles away from the Antarctic Immortal Sect. Why would you rush over to Heavenly Sword City from such a long distance?”

Venerable Qing Niu didn’t have time to respond when…

Several more figures appeared in the sky.

The two of them glanced around and their countenance instantly changed.

“Imperial G.o.d Immortal Sect!”

“Sta.r.s.ea Immortal Sect!”

“Out of those two immortal sects, one of them obtained the true dragon Murong Wanjian and the other gained the young phoenix Li Xue’er. What the h.e.l.l are they here for? Can’t you guys leave us a bit of soup?” Venerable Qing Niu was really annoyed but he still didn’t dare to say this out too loudly.

He felt fear when dealing with these two immortal sects.

The two guards at the gate were scared to the point of being deathly afraid to even move!

What’s going on?!

Immortal Sects have appeared!

And four immortal sects happen to appear at the same time! What the h.e.l.l are they here for?

Could they be here to destroy Heavenly Sword City as well?

Their bodies couldn’t help start shaking while their teeth started chattering.

“Call Luo Tian out now. We’ll treat it as the Imperial G.o.d Immortal Sect has looked favorably upon him, so he is qualified to become an outer sect disciple of our Imperial G.o.d Immortal Sect.”

“The Sta.r.s.ea Immortal Sect also sees him in a favorable light so he can also become our outer sect disciple.”

The gaze of those two contained traces of disdain.

In their eyes, everyone in Heavenly Sword City were merely mortal commoners.

Imperial G.o.d Immortal Sect.

The number one immortal sect in Tianxuan Continent.

The immortal sect that Murong Wanjian belonged to!

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