Letting Loose After Marrying A Tycoon Chapter 289 – Shocking Discovery, Infuriating Private Relationship

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Chapter 289: Shocking Discovery, Infuriating Private Relationship

The two of them went to the kitchen. Su Huanyan pressed her forehead wearily. She looked at Cheng Yanmo peeling the kiwi as he adjusted his gla.s.ses and shook his head vigorously.

Eldest Young Master!

I wonder when such days will end!

Mother Su arrived slightly earlier than expected. By the time she arrived, the chefs had yet to finish cooking and Cheng Yanmo’s plate was still missing two kiwis.

Sicilio’s dragon fruit was done and covered tightly with plastic wrap.

Mother Su entered the house. She thought that there was only her daughter and son-in-law at home. When she saw the tall stranger standing behind her daughter and son-in-law, Mother Su couldn’t conceal her confusion and surprise.

Who is this?

Mother Su remembered that Cheng Yanmo’s younger brother Cheng Ziang didn’t look like Sicilio.

Moreover, the person in front of him was obviously a foreigner.

“Mother, you’re here!” Cheng Yanmo grabbed Mother Su’s hand warmly. A rare warm smile appeared on his usually expressionless face.

Mrs. Su was very flattered.

Behind him, Sicilio felt his bones ache when he heard Cheng Yanmo call her mother.

The two of them had been at odds for so many days. This time, Sicilio had lost utterly. No matter how thick-skinned he was, he didn’t have the right to call Su Huanyan’s mother ‘Mother’.

Cheng Yanmo felt very happy when he saw Sicilio’s indignant expression.

Mother Su panicked at the sight of her son-in-law’s pa.s.sionate smile. Mother Su pulled her hand out of Cheng Yanmo’s grasp and sized up the tall Sicilio. She asked Su Huanyan curiously, “Huanyan, is this Yanmo’s friend?”

Su Huanyan glanced at Sicilio and said, “Mmm, he’s a friend from Yanmo’s business. He’s Italian.”

Su Huanyan introduced her mother and Sicilio. “Mother, his name is Sicilio. You can call him Leo.”

“Sicilio, this is my mother. Her surname is w.a.n.g.” Mother Su’s surname was w.a.n.g and her name was w.a.n.g Qing.

Sicilio respectfully reached out his hands and greeted w.a.n.g Qing. “h.e.l.lo, Madam w.a.n.g. Please call me Sicilio.”

w.a.n.g Qing shook hands with Sicilio and smiled uneasily. “H-hi, Leo.”

After w.a.n.g Qing sat down on the sofa, she felt that the man called Sicilio was looking at her too pa.s.sionately.

w.a.n.g Qing felt slightly awkward.

She placed her handbag by her side, took out her cell phone, and pretended to be playing with it.

Through the screen of her cell phone, w.a.n.g Qing saw her aged but still beautiful face and couldn’t help thinking worriedly: Could it be that Yanmo’s business partner, has taken a fancy to me?

If Sicilio knew w.a.n.g Qing’s inner thoughts, he would probably vomit blood.

“Mother, have some fruit.”

Su Huanyan brought over the two plates of fruits.

w.a.n.g Qing glanced at the fruit plate and saw that the plate of dragon fruits was beautifully arranged, while the surface of the kiwi was covered in holes, which looked very unappetizing.

w.a.n.g Qing reached out her slender fingers and ate a piece of red dragon fruit.

Seeing his future mother-in-law eat the fruit he served first, Sicilio was filled with a sense of accomplishment. He couldn’t resist shooting Cheng Yanmo a look. His eyes looked cold, but he couldn’t conceal the smugness in them.

Cheng Yanmo’s face darkened.

Seeing Sicilio and Cheng Yanmo fighting openly and covertly, Su Huanyan couldn’t stand it anymore. She got up and said, “Mother, you must be hungry. I got the chef to make dinner. Let’s eat first.”


Although w.a.n.g Qing was no longer young, she paid great attention to maintaining her figure. The chef cooked five dishes and made a pork rib kelp soup. w.a.n.g Qing was afraid of gaining weight, so she only drank a bowl of soup and ate a few chopsticks of vegetables.

As w.a.n.g Qing ate, Su Huanyan kept sizing up w.a.n.g Qing’s clothes. She noticed that her mother was wearing a dark purple luxurious coat with a circle of real fox fur at the collar. Only then did Su Huanyan confirm that the woman Song Ci met at the airport was really her mother.

In that case, Mother really has a second love?

In order to find out the truth, Su Huanyan said, “Mother, there will be a dragon boat race at Qinyang Lake tomorrow. It will start at 8am sharp. Shall we go and take a look?”

w.a.n.g Qing’s expression didn’t change drastically, nor did her gaze waver. She put down her chopsticks, wiped the soup elegantly with a napkin, and said, “I can’t make it tomorrow morning. I’m meeting an old friend.”

“Oh? Which old friend?” Su Huanyan couldn’t control her curiosity and was anxious to know the truth.

“A cla.s.smate from university. She married into w.a.n.gdong City when she was young and we only reconnected last year. At that time, it was not as convenient for friends to communicate as now. We haven’t seen each other for many years. I want to have breakfast tea with my old friend tomorrow morning.”

“Oh, I see. Then you should meet…” Su Huanyan took a sip of water. She looked down with a smile.

An excuse!

It was all excuses!

She shouldn’t be visiting her university cla.s.smate. She should be visiting her boyfriend!

w.a.n.g Qing suddenly looked at Cheng Yanmo and asked him, “Yanmo, do you have work tomorrow? If not, you can accompany Huanyan to take a look.”

Cheng Yanmo was about to answer when he heard Sicilio say in non-standard Chinese, “Mr. Cheng, I am very interested in that investment project you talked about previously. If you have nothing on tomorrow, go to the project building on my behalf. How about that?”

Cheng Yanmo gritted his teeth and was about to tear off Sicilio’s fake face when he heard w.a.n.g Qing say, “Yanmo. so you have work tomorrow, right? Business is important. Why don’t you make an appointment with your friend? Didn’t you always say on the phone that you know Mrs. Han from Zeus Corporation?”

“It will only be good for you if you interact more with Mrs. Han.”

As the mistress of the Su Family, w.a.n.g Qing had a motive for making friends. In her opinion, it was never a bad thing for her daughter and Zeus Corporation’s Mrs. Han to get together, be it real friends or fake friends.

Su Huanyan nodded and said, “That works too.”

Sicilio suddenly looked at Su Huanyan and said in Italian, “You want to watch the Dragon Boat compet.i.tion tomorrow? Cheng Yanmo has work tomorrow. I can accompany you.”

Su Huanyan smiled slightly and shook her head. “Forget it.” She said in Italian to Sicilio, “Qingjia is tired of playing recently and wants to return to Rome. Leo, look, when are you bringing Qingjia back to Rome?”

She asked him to leave very gently.

But Sicilio was as thick-skinned as a corner of a city wall. Without thinking, he said, “Qingjia is still young. I will spend more time with you before she officially studies. When she starts studying in the future, the time she can spend in China will be very limited.”

“Are you sure you won’t accompany her for a few more days?”

Sicilio had grasped Su Huanyan’s weakness.

Su Huanyan lowered her head and drank her tea silently.

w.a.n.g Qing couldn’t understand Italian. Sicilio and Su Huanyan’s conversation sounded like a heavenly book to her, but she saw that Cheng Yanmo’s expression was normal and didn’t think much of it.

Cheng Yanmo was not proficient in Italian, but he could understand a few words.

He roughly understood that Su Huanyan was chasing Sicilio away, so Sicilio found an excuse to continue staying. After w.a.n.g Qing finished her meal and went upstairs with the present for her grandson, Cheng Yanmo pulled Su Huanyan back and asked her, “When is Sicilio leaving?”

Su Huanyan said, “I’m not sure.”

“Tsk, how thick-skinned.”

“Of course.”

Cheng Yanmo stuffed the kiwi into Su Huanyan’s arms. “Eat it. Don’t waste it.”

Su Huanyan was about to say that she was already full when she heard Cheng Yanmo say, “Your mother ate the fruit my love rival cut for her. Are you sure you won’t eat the kiwi I peeled for your mother? To comfort my injured little heart?”

Su Huanyan held her plate and complained. “Yanmo, do you know? When I first saw you in my teens, you were 18 years old and had a slightly rebellious character. After you took over Chuan Dong Group, you became more mature and spoke less and less.”

“When I met you again at the age of 20, you gave off the feeling of a high and mighty young master who couldn’t be profaned. But now…” Su Huanyan looked at Cheng Yanmo in a speechless manner. She said,” After interacting with you for so long, I finally saw your true colors. ”

“What are my true colors?” Cheng Yanmo was slightly curious.

Su Huanyan said, “You need to be taught a lesson.”

Cheng Yanmo leaned against the refrigerator, took off his gla.s.ses, and rubbed his slightly swollen eyes.

When he was young and full of vigor, Cheng Yanmo’s eyes were always sharp. Grandma got him to wear gla.s.ses. These gla.s.ses were very thick and could soften his aggressive gaze.

After Cheng Yanmo took off his gla.s.ses, he looked very sharp.

He sighed slightly wearily and said, “Huanyan, I had to manage Chuan Dong Group when I was very young. My father was a failure and my younger brother was a failure. My grandfather, who had the most expectations and nurtured me the most, had pa.s.sed away many years ago. Now, even my only grandmother who doted on me and asked me if I was hungry and tired has pa.s.sed away. I can only hide my true self.”

Cheng Yanmo hid that slightly annoying, playful, and childish guy. He only dared to show it when there was no one around.

Outside, he had always been covered in wolf skin.

Although there is no love between the two of us, we have been husband and wife for two years and nearly slept together. You are my family and I love you as a younger sister. I don’t want to pretend in front of you.”

Cheng Yanmo seldom said such heartfelt words to Su Huanyan.

Hearing this, Su Huanyan felt especially terrible.

“Yanmo, do you still feel guilty towards me?” Su Huanyan had long wanted to ask this question.

After a few seconds of silence, Cheng Yanmo said, “How am I not guilty toward you? Your brother loved you the most when he was alive. After he knew that you got pregnant before marriage, he joked with me on the phone.”

“Anzhi said: Yanmo, you don’t have a wife anyway. Look at how beautiful my sister is. Do you want to marry my sister? Although I can’t bear to give my sister to you, to be honest, I only trust you in this world.”

Cheng Yanmo smiled bitterly. He looked up and said in a choked voice, “Huanyan, if I didn’t suddenly want to go out to sea, your brother wouldn’t have died.”

“Anzhi is so young. I harmed him.”

If they hadn’t gone out to sea that day, Su Anzhi wouldn’t have died. It was my playfulness that caused her brother’s death.

There were only two things that Cheng Yanmo regretted the most in his life. The first was that he didn’t teach his younger brother well and caused him to go astray and become a playboy. The second was that three years ago, he was playful and wanted Su Anzhi to accompany him fishing at sea.

After Su Anzhi’s death, Cheng Yanmo felt very pained. If he didn’t do anything for Su Anzhi, he really couldn’t get over that knot in his heart.

At that time, it was not easy for Su Huanyan either. She had secretly given birth to Su Qingjia. Su Huanyan didn’t even dare to tell w.a.n.g Qing about Su Qingjia’s existence. Su Qingjia and Luo Cheng had stayed in Cocoyasi. The living conditions there were not like those in big cities. Medicine and studies were not suitable for children.

At that time, Mu Qiu happened to become a nun at the Moonlight Nunnery and completely severed her marriage with Cheng Yanmo. Cheng Yanmo had no desires and didn’t have any expectations for marriage.

He could not have a wife, but Chuan Dong Group couldn’t not have a lady boss.

After considering everything, Cheng Yanmo decided to marry Su Huanyan. He married Su Huanyan firstly because he needed a wife of equal social status, and secondly because Su Huanyan was someone Su Anzhi couldn’t let go of.

Both of them had an undead person in their hearts. They got close to each other and formed a small family.

Cheng Yanmo planned to live seriously with Su Huanyan, but on their wedding night, he called out Mu Qiu’s name to Su Huanyan. The two of them couldn’t continue acting dumb.

Su Huanyan knew that Cheng Yanmo was still feeling guilty about Su Anzhi’s incident. She said, “But I don’t blame you. My brother won’t blame you either. Yanmo, that incident was just an accident.”

“My brother loves to fish and dive into the sea. Even if you don’t look for him, someone else will. How can one not wet their shoes if they often walk by the river? My brother is just unlucky.”

Su Huanyan had never blamed Cheng Yanmo. It was not his fault.

She had lost her elder brother and Cheng Yanmo had also lost his good friend. They were both victims.

The knot in Cheng Yanmo’s heart had not been untied. He was in great pain. He said, “But Huanyan, it just so happened that I asked him to go out to sea that day. I will never be able to forgive myself in this life.”

Su Huanyan was about to say something when she heard the sound of high heels coming down the stairs.

Cheng Yanmo and Su Huanyan stopped talking.

The two of them walked out of the kitchen in unison. w.a.n.g Qing saw them and hurried over. She grabbed Su Huanyan’s hand and asked her, “Why is there a little girl upstairs?”

Apart from Su Anzhi, Cheng Yanmo, Luo Cheng, Sicilio, Han Zhan, and the rest, no one else knew about Su Qingjia and Su Huanyan’s true relationship.

Cheng Yanmo said, “That’s Sicilio’s child.”

w.a.n.g Qing was enlightened. “I say, that child looks a little like a foreigner, but her facial features are not obvious.”

Suddenly seeing a little girl sleeping in the same room as Program, w.a.n.g Qing thought that the child was Cheng Yanmo’s illegitimate daughter who had been fooling around with another woman. That was why she was brought back to the Cheng Family. She was worried that Su Huanyan would suffer after marrying Cheng Yanmo.

After understanding her younger daughter’s ident.i.ty, w.a.n.g Qing was completely relieved.

“Ah, I haven’t seen Program for a few months. I just realized that Program looks more and more like your brother.” The fact that the child was Su Anzhi’s child was kept from everyone.

Su Huanyan didn’t even tell w.a.n.g Qing.

w.a.n.g Qing patted Su Huanyan’s hand and said happily, “What does that saying go? Nephew resembles uncle! Looks like it’s right!”

Cheng Yanmo and Su Huanyan were all smiles, but no one knew what they were thinking.

w.a.n.g Qing pulled Su Huanyan back to her room and chatted with her for a long time. She first told Su Huanyan about what happened at home, and then talked about how outstanding her younger brother Su Zhiwen’s performance in university was and how many projects he did with a famous mentor…

Su Huanyan was already numb to it.

Among the three siblings of the Su Family, Su Anzhi was the most outstanding. Su Zhiwen was the best in school. Compared to her elder brother and younger brother, Su Huanyan appeared mediocre.

The youngest was the most doted on. Su Zhiwen was the youngest and lost his father at birth. As a result, w.a.n.g Qing took the most care of Su Zhiwen.

But when her father pa.s.sed away, Su Huanyan was only six years old. When her mother cried for the baby in her tummy, Su Huanyan lost her father and also hid under the blanket and secretly missed her father.

During that period, it was always her elder brother, Su Anzhi, who accompanied Su Huanyan. As a result, Su Huanyan was the closest to her elder brother. Instead, she felt less intimate with her younger brother, who was six years younger.

Su Huanyan could understand that her parents would never be able to equalize a bowl of water. But hearing w.a.n.g Qing say how outstanding her younger brother was, Su Huanyan didn’t feel very happy.

When it was 11pm, Su Huanyan said, “Mother, I have to go to bed. You still have to go for breakfast with your friend tomorrow morning. Get up early and put on makeup before going.”

“Eh, that works too.”

w.a.n.g Qing sent Su Huanyan to the door and waited for her to leave before closing the door.

Su Huanyan went upstairs with a depressed expression.

Sicilio was actually not asleep. He was standing at the entrance of the third-floor staircase. It was obvious that he was waiting for her.

From that day on the yacht, after knowing that Sicilio had used the pinhole camera in the hairdryer to monitor the “comical performance” between himself and Su Huanyan in bed, Cheng Yanmo couldn’t be bothered to act with Su Huanyan anymore.

Even after putting on an act, Sicilio knew very well that it was all fake.

Cheng Yanmo couldn’t be bothered with Sicilio and Su Huanyan’s nonsense anymore. Even if the two of them secretly met under his watch, he didn’t care.

Cheng Yanmo was already prepared to be made a cuckold at any time.

Su Huanyan saw Sicilio and looked slightly confused. “Why aren’t you asleep?”

Sicilio looked down at Su Huanyan.

Without makeup, one could see a few small black moles on Su Huanyan’s cheeks. They were very real, but they didn’t affect her beauty. On the contrary, Sicilio loved her true appearance.

Sicilio said, “I see that you haven’t come up for a long time and I am worried about you.”

“What’s there to worry about? That’s my mother.”

But Sicilio said, “I remember you saying in the past that every time you returned to the country, your mother would drag you along to tell you how outstanding your brother is and how his brother is capable.”

Sicilio sized up Su Huanyan’s expression. Seeing that she was depressed and her eyes weren’t as lively as usual, he said, “She said those words again tonight?”

Su Huanyan suddenly felt a lump in her throat.

Seeing that she was feeling aggrieved, Sicilio boldly pulled Su Huanyan into his arms. “Don’t feel aggrieved. Even if she ignores you, I treat you like a baby.”

Su Huanyan nearly cried.

She yearned for the warmth in Sicilio’s arms. She said silently in her heart, Don’t be like this. If you continue attacking my heart like this a few more times, I will surrender.

Su Huanyan quickly calmed down and calmly pushed Sicilio away. “Go and sleep. It’s getting late.”

Su Huanyan walked past Sicilio and was about to leave, when Sicilio quickly stuffed something into her palm. After that, Sicilio strode forward with his long legs and kicked open Cheng Yanmo’s door.

Cheng Yanmo hadn’t slept at all and was texting Cheng Ziang to rush him to go on a blind date tomorrow. Cheng Yanmo didn’t intend to have a child in this life. He planned to get Cheng Ziang to find a woman to have a child as soon as possible so that he could be adopted under his name and groom that child to be his successor.

That year, Cheng Ziang had been kicked so badly by Han w.a.n.gw.a.n.g that he nearly couldn’t walk. After that, he was sent overseas for timely treatment and had already recovered. After being beaten up by a woman once, Cheng Ziang had become much more obedient and didn’t dare to flirt anymore.

He was already slightly afraid of women now. Every time he received a message from Cheng Yanmo asking him to go on a blind date, he felt resistant.

But as the young master of the Cheng Family, if he couldn’t even help his elder brother with such an important task like carrying on the family line, which didn’t require intelligence or energy, he would really be a piece of sc.r.a.p metal.

Cheng Yanmo had just sent a message when he heard the door being kicked open roughly.

Cheng Yanmo looked up impatiently and saw Sicilio standing under the door. He instantly sat up. “What are you doing!”

Sicilio turned and said to Su Huanyan, “Yan Yan, go to my room to sleep tonight.” Sicilio entered the room and took the initiative to open the wardrobe in Cheng Yanmo’s room. He found a blanket from inside and threw it on the floor. “I’ll sleep on the floor!”

Even though he knew that Su Huanyan and Cheng Yanmo’s relationship was innocent, Sicilio still couldn’t tolerate Cheng Yanmo sleeping in the same room as Su Huanyan.

Cheng Yanmo saw that Su Huanyan was in a difficult position and said, “Huanyan, go to the side room to sleep.”

Cheng Yanmo had another guest room at home. He could have let Sicilio sleep in the guest room, but he was worried that after he fell asleep, Sicilio would secretly sneak into Su Huanyan’s room.

So Sicilio had to sleep under his watch!

Su Huanyan really went to the room next door.

With another man in the room, Cheng Yanmo couldn’t fall asleep no matter what, including Sicilio. Unable to fall asleep, the two of them chatted.

“Why did you let go of Huanyan back then? I heard that you even purposely caused an accident.” Cheng Yanmo was slightly angry at the mention of this.

Cheng Yanmo only knew that Sicilio’s family background was very dark. His father was a pervert, but he didn’t know much about Edward’s perverted methods.

Sicilio hesitated slightly before telling Cheng Yanmo about Ye Chen and Orianna, about Han Zhan being injected with medicine when he was young, and about Aaron’s broken leg.

After hearing what happened to the siblings, Cheng Yanmo finally understood Sicilio’s extreme actions towards Su Huanyan.

“It’s not easy either.”

Sicilio also asked, “What about you? How did you and Huanyan get married?”

Cheng Yanmo couldn’t be bothered to lie to Sicilio anymore. He told Sicilio about Su Anzhi’s death.

“Su Anzhi…” Sicilio knew this person. He had often heard Su Anzhi’s name from Su Huanyan in the past.

“Thank you.” Sicilio sounded very sincere. “Thank you for taking care of Yan Yan and Qingjia.”

“Thank you for not being valuable.” Cheng Yanmo’s businessman’s cunningness was revealed. He said, “Rome is an international city. I want to build a big mall in Rome. The government over there is rather difficult to manage. Look…”

Sicilio didn’t hesitate and immediately said, “I will settle everything for you. I will also give you an additional treasure land. You can do whatever you want.” Rome was a large city where every inch of land was worth a fortune.

Cheng Yanmo was very satisfied with Sicilio’s answer. He smiled and said, “As a pure businessman, I like your practical way of thanking me.”

Sicilio sneered. “Scheming!”

Su Huanyan was afraid that the two people next door would fight at night, but they were fine.

In the morning, when Su Huanyan woke up, she clearly noticed that the atmosphere between Cheng Yanmo and Sicilio had changed. If they were enemies or friends in the past, they were really friends now.

Early in the morning, Cheng Yanmo and Sicilio sparred in the back garden. Cheng Yanmo’s skills were not bad either, but he had learned proper combat skills, while Sicilio’s moves were all real skills that he had learned in a b.l.o.o.d.y fight.

Cheng Yanmo was quickly defeated.

Even after losing, he didn’t feel defeated and even praised Sicilio for being awesome.

Su Huanyan looked at the two of them strangely, seriously suspecting that something unspeakable had happened between the two of them last night. If not for knowing how straight Sicilio was, Su Huanyan would have suspected that Sicilio had fallen in love with Cheng Yanmo.

w.a.n.g Qing had also gotten up and put on makeup.

Today, w.a.n.g Qing was wearing a camel gray spangled dress. Her upper body was in a mink fur bat costume, while her lower body was in a slim-fit dress. She had a warm windbreaker on her left arm and a bag on her right.

w.a.n.g Qing looked even more beautiful in this outfit.

“Oh, Mother is dressed like this today. It looks like you are going to meet your boyfriend.” Su Huanyan teased w.a.n.g Qing as she observed her reaction.

w.a.n.g Qing put on her sungla.s.ses and smiled. “If I’m meeting an old friend, I can’t lose to her.”

Su Huanyan suppressed her laughter and asked her, “Shall I get the driver to send you there?”

“I’ll drive myself.”

“Alright then.” Su Huanyan took her car keys and walked into w.a.n.g Qing. “Drive my car.” As she handed the keys to w.a.n.g Qing, Su Huanyan also threw a mini tracker into her bag.

“Alright then.” w.a.n.g Qing grabbed Su Huanyan’s keys and left.

Once w.a.n.g Qing left, Su Huanyan quickly went upstairs to change clothes. Seeing that Su Huanyan was dressed warmly and even put on a scarf, obviously going out, Sicilio hurriedly asked her, “Where are you going?”

Cheng Yanmo was about to go to work with his briefcase in hand. Hearing this, he turned around and looked at Su Huanyan in surprise.

Su Huanyan said, “I suspect that my mother is in a relationship and has been hiding it from me. I want to go and see what her boyfriend looks like!” After saying that, Su Huanyan said to the nanny, “When the children wake up later, remember to give them milk first and eggs at 9am.”


The driver who had come to fetch Cheng Yanmo to work had already arrived, so Cheng Yanmo could only leave first. Sicilio flicked his car keys and said, “I will accompany you.”

“No need.”

Su Huanyan was still Mrs. Cheng. She would never be together with other men outside.

This was her respect for Cheng Yanmo.

Sicilio also understood. He felt slightly frustrated and didn’t know what to do to make Su Huanyan and Cheng Yanmo divorce. Why not find a woman for Cheng Yanmo? What kind of woman did Cheng Yanmo like?

Sicilio seriously considered the feasibility of this method.

Su Huanyan drove an unnoticeable black car. As she chased after the car’s location, she leisurely cruised around the city. Seeing that her mother’s car had really stopped at the breakfast shop, Su Huanyan was slightly surprised.

Could it be that Mother really came to the breakfast shop to meet her old friend?

Su Huanyan parked the car on the street opposite the breakfast shop and saw her car parked downstairs. She was about to alight when she saw her mother walk out. She was carrying a food container.


So she wasn’t here to meet an old friend. She was here to buy breakfast.

The shop in front of Su Huanyan was w.a.n.gdong City’s most famous cantonese breakfast shop. It had a very good reputation. Was Mother bringing breakfast for her boyfriend?

Su Huanyan sat in the car and waited. Only when her mother’s car stopped at the entrance of a hotel did Su Huanyan drive over.

Su Huanyan parked the car in the outdoor garage outside the hotel and entered.

The Jetta International Hotel was a hotel under Zeus Corporation. It had the strictest security and visitors were not allowed to go upstairs. Everyone had to put their fingerprints on the hotel when they checked in. If they wanted to go upstairs, they had to either be fetched or checked in.

But knowing Zeus Corporation’s lady boss saved a lot of trouble.

Su Huanyan called Song Ci. Song Ci knew that Mother Su and her boyfriend were staying at the Jetta International Hotel. She immediately called the manager of the Jetta International Hotel and asked them to book a room for Su Huanyan.

The room was next to w.a.n.g Qing and the rest.

The hotel’s soundproofing was rather good, so Su Huanyan couldn’t hear the person in the room next door.

She sat on the bed and chatted with Song Ci on WeChat, waiting for her mother and boyfriend to come out.

Song Ci said on WeChat: [What are you going to do if your mother’s boyfriend is a little wolfhound in his twenties?]

Although she didn’t dare to imagine that scene, Su Huanyan still decided to be an open-minded daughter. [If there’s nothing wrong with the other party’s character, I won’t break them up.]

Song Ci: [Looking forward to your follow-up.]

Su Huanyan: Okay.

Su Huanyan waited in the room for two hours. Noticing that w.a.n.g Qing was moving towards the door, Su Huanyan hurriedly got up from the bed. She leaned against the door and through the peephole, saw w.a.n.g Qing walking out of the room next door.

w.a.n.g Qing stood in the middle of the two rooms, tidying the belt of her windbreaker as she chatted with the person behind her.

Su Huanyan saw a hand on w.a.n.g Qing’s shoulder. Shortly after, the figure of a man in a black suit filled Su Huanyan’s vision. Su Huanyan widened her eyes and tried to see more clearly.

She saw that man turn around, lower his head, and kiss w.a.n.g Qing’s cheek.

As that person turned sideways, Su Huanyan saw his face. It was as if she had been struck by lightning!

That person is…

Su Huanyan’s pupils quivered. She saw her mother hug that person, kiss goodbye, and finally leave.

After w.a.n.g Qing left, Su Huanyan leaned against the door, feeling ridiculous.

Who can’t that person be? Why must it be my uncle, Su Jincheng!

That was the uncle my father had saved with his life!

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