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They stopped their movements in that instant! XiMen BuHui’s sword was embedded deep in Kong YuanYang’s chest, and in the exact same spot on his body was where Kong YuanYang’s sword was stabbed into! They had already stopped breathing, but their eyes were still wide open, with their sword hand tightly gripping onto their respective sword hilt. Even in death, their bodies were supporting each other, ensuring that they retained their original posture so that they wouldn’t fall!

Ling Tian sighed once loudly, bowing deeply to the two of them, “Both of you are indeed real heroes! Ling Tian is filled with respect! May you rest in peace.” Straightening himself, he turned as he continued, “May we still fight again as enemies in our next lives!”

To be so calm in the face of difficulties, and smile at the thought of life and death, treating everything indifferently, how many of such people were there in the world? Ling Jian and group also couldn’t help but have a hint of respect in their eyes, all bowing towards the two corpses.

As Ling Tian departed, he calmly ordered, “While they’re our enemies, they’re also worthy of our respect! Command the Violent Wind to give the two men a proper burial, at the fastest speed!”

After everyone left, a faint shadow vanished from a tree big enough for three people to hug that was on the roadside beside where the fight took place. There actually had been someone witnessing the whole scenario that Ling Tian and Ling Chen couldn’t discover, even with their enhanced senses! What level of skill was needed to achieve that?

Right now, it was already past midnight, and the Smoky Thea Tower was in a state of silence. Only the occasional sound of Third Master Yu’s snores, sometimes long and short, much like a piece of melody being played, sounded out.

In the Extreme Joy Chamber, the XiMen Family’s second in command, XiMen BuRuo who had led the troops over, sat there with a neutral expression. In front of him, the cup of tea had long lost any of the warmth it had, obviously, he didn’t even have a bit of interest in drinking the tea.

On the other side, XiMen Qing was anxiously pacing around the room, and he couldn’t help but keep mumbling, “Why aren’t they back yet? Such a long time has pa.s.sed, even if they had settled it outside the capital, they should be already back, no?”

On the side, Six timidly sat at a corner, his eyes darting together with the pacing of XiMen Qing’s body. He then tried to placate XiMen Qing by saying, “They should be on the way back? Master BuHui has always been dependable in getting things done, so there shouldn’t be a problem. What young n.o.ble should do now would be to consider how you’re going to play with those two ‘toys’ of yours.”

XiMen Qing nodded his head, feeling more a.s.sured, and finally sat down. Tilting his head to look at Six, he smirked, “I know you definitely have something in mind, brat. What do you have to say?”

Liu’Zi let out a crafty smile as he said, “Young n.o.ble has already said how this two ladies are not only talented in drawing and the zither but are both also peerless beauties. The two of them would definitely be chaste, and wouldn’t easily give in, so if you threaten them with death it might not get the results you want….”

XiMen Qing immediately felt his spirits lifting up from this, “What good ideas do you have, quickly tell me, this young master will reward you handsomely!”

Six let out another weird laugh as he lifted up a jade bottle. “Young n.o.ble, inside this bottle contains a medicine with the name ‘Irremovable Lasciviousness’. This was only obtained after a great effort on my part, and inside only contains thirty-two pills, truly a wondrous drug. When a man takes a pill, he would instantaneously have the strength and vitality of a dragon and tiger, witnessing a huge rise in his vital yang, and if a female were to ingest it, her l.u.s.t will soar to the high heavens, to the point that even a chaste woman of nine generations would be screaming for release. Later, you can use some of these pills of the two women and watch their effects!

XiMen Qing revealed a face of joy, “This is indeed a good thing. After I’ve had my fill, you can take over from me and have the time of your life!”

Six was overjoyed, immediately bowing and saying, “Thank you, young master, for your kindness! Young master will definitely enjoy himself to the fullest today!”

Unexpectedly, there came a low voice from the window outside, and a voice mockingly spoke out, “Your house’s young master will definitely enjoy to his heart’s content today. He’ll enjoy so much that he will not be able to enjoy himself anymore. That’s what real enjoyment will be!”

XiMen BuRuo immediately stood up, shouting, “Who?!” He could hear that the speaker had profound martial cultivation, but this voice didn’t sound like any of his family members!

The cloth curtain was lifted as a person leisurely walked in. Dressed in simple robes with a belt tied, his robes were white as snow, and the smile on his face sincere. This was precisely the target of the XiMen house, Ling Tian!

“I heard that the XiMen family wanted to look for me for revenge, and this young n.o.ble couldn’t bear to disappoint you guys, but those troops you sent really couldn’t even move me. Thus, I had no choice but to send myself to your doorstep.” Ling Tian spoke with a smile on his face, before grabbing onto a chair and seating down, crossing his legs.

“Oh, there was such a matter?” XiMen BuRuo couldn’t help but let out an expression of surprise. “Young n.o.ble Ling must be mistaken, for someone of your caliber, could it be that any Tom, d.i.c.k, and Harry could provoke you? Young n.o.ble Ling really can jest.” Being the second in command at the XiMen Family, how could XiMen BuRuo not have a certain level of intelligence? The moment he saw Ling Tian walk in, he knew that their operation had completely failed today and that Ling Tian had probably employed large numbers of experts outside to deal with them. At this critical juncture, how could he admit anything? His only hope now was that Ling Tian would fear the interference of other families, and not choose to do anything! So long as they survived past this, there would be more chances in the future!

“Oh, I must have been mistaken.” Ling Tian seemed to be in deep thought, slowly nodding his head. He suddenly turned towards XiMen Qing, his gaze sharpening, “But I’m not sure why young n.o.ble XiMen here spoke of capturing my two close confidantes, is that another mistake? Could it be that young n.o.ble XiMen had spoken wrongly, or that I had heard wrongly?!”

XiMen Qing’s handsome face paled in that instant, unable to muster back his original spirited look. His voice trembled as he replied, “None… none of your business, you… you had better not… malign others… kakaka…” Under his extreme fright, he couldn’t control his trembling, and his teeth knocked against each other, cutting him a sorry sight.

Ling Tian coldly laughed in reply, no longer bothering about him, and started to think aloud, “Young n.o.ble XiMen has such a graceful and refined bearing, so how could Ling Tian not allow you to enjoy to your heart’s content today? This would be greatly disrespectful to you, who had come here from such a far location!” As he finished, his face turned frosty as he ordered, “Why aren’t you guys bringing in the toys for Young n.o.ble Qing to have his fun with!”

A sound of a.s.sent rang out, and six black-robed men each carried a red-robed body, walking inside with great difficulty. In a few moments, the six bodies were thrown in a heap on the floor. Their acupoints had been pierced, which caused them to be completely immobile and unable to talk. All of them were from the Death Troops, and upon seeing XiMen Qing and XiMen BuRuo, all of their faces changed for the worse.

XiMen BuRuo was naturally able to retain his calm, but XiMen Qing’s face immediately became a deathly white. The lackey Six sat by the door, and upon seeing the situation turn ugly, he silently began to creep towards the door, wanting to flee.

Clang! Ling Chi casually drew out his sword and laid it at the throat of Six. The ghastly energy emitting from the sword caused his Adam’s apple to bob up and down nervously, his neck immediately having gooseb.u.mps such that it looked like a plucked chicken skin. He stood there like a statue, not even daring to move.

“Kid, didn’t you bestow something good just now, ready to enjoy to your heart’s content with your young master? Now you want to leave early?” Ling Chi’s voice was also frightening to hear!

“Second Master XiMen.” Ling Tian took two steps forward. “I must congratulate you on your good fortune, for tonight you’ll witness a never before seen, a one and only good show! You’ll realize that your trip to Sky Bearing this time has not been in vain.”

XiMen BuRuo remained calm, asking, “May I ask what show is that?”

Ling Tian laughed out, a weird tone contained within as he waved his hands, “Let Second Master have a look at the show! Relax, the actors, props and stage will all be provided for by your XiMen Family, guaranteed to be as natural as possible!”

Ling Jian and the other five immediately drew out their swords, thrusting them towards XiMen BuRuo! While the sword point pierced through his robes, touching his flesh, none of them even drew a bead of blood from it. This spoke volumes about their control!

XiMen BuRuo definitely had some skills, but how could he stand up against five experts who had drawn their sword at once? He was immediately subdued, and could only sigh in defeat.

Ling Tian moved like the wind, immediately pressing on his acupoints, XiMen BuRuo’s body went limp on the chair, and other than his ears which still worked perfectly, the rest of his body was completely immobile!

Ling Tian fished out the jade bottle from Six’s hand, tossing it up in the air as he grinned, “Great n.o.ble XiMen, I’ve long heard of your wish to be left behind in the historical records. This junior here was actually racking my brain trying to help you, but to think that you actually gave me such a great idea. Hehe, with this suggestion from your loyal subordinate, this junior can guarantee that you enter the historical annals, never to be forgotten!”

XiMen Qing’s eyes widened like saucers as he began to retreat step by step. His voice quavered as though he had already realized what Ling Tian was planning, for this was what he had planned to do to Ling Chen and Yu BingYan! He seemed to be gasping for breath as he spoke, “You… what are you trying to do?”

Ling Tian smiled benevolently as he replied, “Young n.o.ble XiMen has good eyesight, to take a fancy for my two close confidantes. I believe that the wives and concubines in your family are probably unable to satisfy you to your heart’s content. This junior was worrying about that for you, but to think that this would be a case of ‘unable to find the destination even after wearing out iron soles, but inadvertently finding it without any effort’, that such a good thing could actually be so near to young n.o.ble. I believe that you’ll not only enjoy tonight but will also leave your mark in history. This is killing two birds with one stone!”

Ling Tian lightly shook the bottle and continued, “I heard that this thing is called ‘Irremovable Lasciviousness’, hehe, seems like you’ll have the vitality of dragons and tigers after consuming it, and your vital yang will surge, unable to be quenched. This really lives up to its name, causing you to sink into lasciviousness, unable to break free! You tell me, what would happen if you’re all fired-up, but there are no women near you? HAHAHA…”

“No! You can’t do this…” Under the extreme stress, XiMen Qing actually regained his vocal faculties. “Young n.o.ble Ling, Brother Ling, this is all my fault. This junior here had eyes but didn’t recognize this n.o.ble one. I beg for your forgiveness, young n.o.ble Ling, please leave me an escape path, I, XiMen Qing…”

“So what if you’re XiMen Qing?” Ling Tian viciously smiled. “To have designs on my women and even resorting to such underhanded methods, if I didn’t let your reputation go down in history, making you infamous for life, how could I stand to see your vile guts?! Today would be the best time to repay you!”

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