Journey To Become A True God Chapter 880 – You Better Cover Your Body First

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Chapter 880 – You Better Cover Your Body First

The situation in this room became so awkward, neither Ye Chen or Mei Yueli said a word.

“Uehh, I’ve been tainted by this pervert.” Mei Yueli started to cry, Mei Yueli who now looks like a child who has just been bullied by Ye Chen.

Ye Chen started scratching his head confusedly, unexpectedly a woman with a thousand years old like Mei Yueli would cry like this.

“Calm down, it was just a misunderstanding.” Ye Chen tried to calm Mei Yueli who was crying.

Ye Chen was a little confused looking for a way to calm Mei Yueli, not expecting Mei Yueli to be like this.

Mei Yueli could not be calmed down, Mei Yueli was still crying because the pure chast.i.ty that she had guarded for thousands of years just vanished.

Mei Yueli is an pure woman who has never known about the world of relations.h.i.+ps between men and women, so until now Mei Yueli is still a very pure woman without the slightest touch or tarnish by men.

And today for the first time Mei Yueli actually showed her naked body and face to a male as perverted as Ye Chen.

Ye Chen felt guilty towards Mei Yueli, feeling that he had done something bad to Mei Yueli.

Ye Chen started to take his Suit which was in the fairy gate storage, he started to give this Suit to Mei Yueli.

“You better cover your body first” Ye Chen told Mei Yueli to cover his body using the Suit he had just taken.

Mei Yueli started to stop crying, she accepted Ye Chen’s Suit, she began to use this Suit to cover her body.

Since Ye Chen’s Suit was quite large, Mei Yueli’s upper body could easily be hidden by the Suit Ye Chen had just given her.

Unfortunately Mei Yueli’s lower body was not covered, this made Mei Yueli’s thigh still exposed by Ye Chen.

The current scene was truly beautiful, Ye Chen was consecutively shown a beautiful scene by Mei Yueli.

Mei Yueli looked at Ye Chen with a look of hostility, it can be seen that Mei Yueli was angry with Ye Chen.

“Miss Mei Yueli, forgive me for the mistakes I have done.” Ye Chen again tried to apologize to Mei Yueli.

“You know you’re wrong?” Mei Yueli said to Ye Chen.

“Of course I know ,I was wrong for entering recklessly, I thought you were Qingyu” said Ye Chen to Mei Yueli.

At first Ye Chen thought that in this room was Xia Qingyu, unexpectedly it turned out that the woman who was changing clothes would instead become Mei Yueli.

Mei Yueli gritted her teeth at the excuse said by Ye Chen..

“Do you know, because of you now I am no longer innocent like before, this is all because of the mistakes you have done” Mei Yueli said to Ye Chen.

Women from Nine Immortals Peak were only allowed to show the faces they had to their husbands, or future husbands, if any outsiders dared to see the real faces they had, then women from Nine Immortals Peak were allowed to kill that man.

This meant that Mei Yueli could kill Ye Chen if she wanted to.

“Then I will take responsibility for everything.” Ye Chen was a man in charge.

After making a mistake, he didn’t mind taking responsibility for what he had just done to Mei Yueli.

“Huh? What are you saying?” Mei Yueli said in a sarcastic tone.

“I said I will take responsibility for everything I did just now.” Ye Chen repeated his words to Mei Yueli again.

“Then what about Qingyu, are you going to just abandon her?” Mei Yueli said to Ye Chen.

As friends with Xia Qingyu, Mei Yueli would definitely think about Xia Qingyu, it was also that she couldn’t kill Ye Chen.

“Of course not, Xia Qingyu will still be my future wife, and so will you” said Ye Chen to Mei Yueli.

“You pervert and greedy boy, I won’t want to be your woman.” Mei Yueli rejected what Ye Chen was trying to do.

Mei Yueli didn’t want to do something like that, how could she be different men with other women, that was something Mei Yueli had never thought about in her life.

Plus Mei Yueli was afraid of boys, so it was likely that Mei Yueli wouldn’t marry a boy.

“If you don’t want to do that, you can forget what happened, after all in this place there are only you and me Greetings, we don’t talk. No outsiders will know about this matter,” said Ye Chen to Mei Yueli.

Since Mei Yueli didn’t want to accept himself, then Ye Chen had no other choice but to say those words just now.

Mei Yueli started thinking about Ye Chen’s words just now. what Ye Chen said had a point too, as long as they didn’t say anything, then outsiders wouldn’t know about this matter.

At least Mei Yueli didn’t need to be Ye Chen’s woman, she could still keep the incident a secret to herself.

” How ?” Ye Chen asked Mei Yueli.

“From now on you have to forget everything, if what happens today is leaked, the first person I will go to is you.” Mei Yueli warned Ye Chen not to leak this embarra.s.sing incident.

If it was until Mei Yueli heard an unpleasant rumor about her, then Ye Chen would be the first person she would find.

Ye Chen smiled at this, the problem was finally resolved.

Ye Chen started to stand up, he stretched his hand towards Mei Yueli, Ye Chen looked like he wanted to help Mei Yueli up from the floor.

Mei Yueli accepted Ye Chen’s hand, and started to get up from the floor.

“Aren’t you afraid of boy?” Ye Chen asked Mei Yueli who was in front of him.

Ye Chen just remembered that Mei Yueli was afraid of boy, unexpectedly Mei Yueli would accept his helping hand.

Mei Yueli saw that she was in contact with a man, seeing this Mei Yueli hurriedly pulled her hand back as fast as possible.

Ye Chen only smiled wryly when he saw what Mei Yueli was doing.

Mei Yueli did not expect that she would touch Ye Chen on her own initiative, plus Mei Yueli did not feel fear when she came into contact with Ye Chen.

Mei Yueli felt quite strange about this, usually Mei Yueli would be afraid when she was around a man, strangely Mei Yueli now didn’t feel that from Ye Chen.

Mei Yueli wanted to once again try to touch Ye Chen, she wanted to confirm this oddity.

Mei Yueli started reaching out her hand towards Ye Chen’s face, she began to hold and pinch Ye Chen’s face.

Mei Yueli felt that she was not afraid when she held Ye Chen, this was really beyond her expectations.

Ye Chen really didn’t know what Mei Yueli was trying to do right now, this woman was really very very strange.

“Miss Mei Yueli what are you doing to me?” With a slightly strange voice, Ye Chen asked Mei Yueli.

Because Ye Chen’s cheeks were currently being pulled by Mei Yueli, the voice that Ye Chen made was also strange to listen to.

“It’s nothing, you can go, I want to change my clothes.” Mei Yueli started to let Ye Chen go, she started throwing Ye Chen out of this room.


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