It Is Not Easy To Be A Man After Travelling To The Future 612 Chance?

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Ling Lan looked at Li Shiyu nonchalantly. After everyone had calmed down, she said, “The situation is advantageous for us. Lanfeng will continue fooling the regiment commander. The rest of us…”

Ling Lan turned serious. She gave her orders directly, “Will find out everything about the 250 Mecha Clan in the shortest amount of time.”

“Yes, captain!” Everyone stood up to receive the order.

After giving her orders, she led her team members to the logistics department to claim their new uniform, daily necessities, and bed sheets. After that, it was meal time so they went to the canteen.

The other mecha operators in the 250 Mecha Clan had climbed out of their dormitory and were all coming to the canteen. To them, nothing was more important than eating, not even sleeping.

Liu Fuquan sat alone in the corner of the canteen. There were many people sitting alone just like him. Everyone came from different divisions so there was no need for any interactions between them. Hence, they just took care of themselves.

However, some troublemakers which came from different divisions became friends with each other. At the round table in the canteen, five to six hunks were sitting together and having a conversation.

“Hey, did you hear about some recruits were sent to our mecha clan?” The one talking was called Fu Qiangwei. He was once a captain of a battle team in the 4th Division. However, during his time on the battlefield, his entire battle team was sacrificed. Only he survived. Ever since then, he became vicious and violent. He was unable to control his emotions. Whenever he was in a bad mood, he would hit other mecha operators in the 4th Division. The 4th Division couldn’t bear with him anymore and sent him to the 23rd Division.

“Interesting. Looks like we have new toys.” Someone gave a sinister smile. That someone was Yan Mingjun from the 7th Division. The pressure from the life-or-death situations on the battlefield was too much for him. It twisted his personality and he became a s.a.d.i.s.t. However, he was always able to escape from punishments as he had ample reasons for his actions. When the 23rd Division was looking for more manpower, his commander sent him over.

The other people got excited too. They had bullied everyone that could be bullied in the 250 Mecha Clan so they were bored.

These people were from other mecha clans in the 23rd Division. But, not long after they came, they had a relapse and started to hurt other people. Some didn’t leave any evidence behind while others couldn’t be prosecuted or kicked out of the military for various reasons. Hence, these people were transferred to the 250 Mecha Clan by He Xuyang.

Liu Fuquan pursed his lips when he heard what they said. He didn’t think that they would be able to succeed. If there were just a few recruits, it might be possible to bully them. However… Liu Fuquan remembered that bunch of people that were on his roof. He prayed that those old soldiers would not die too terribly.

“What do you think about those recruits?” A voice appeared beside Liu Fuquan. Liu Fuquan raised his head calmly. Someone had sat down opposite from him. The person was a loner just like him. His name was Yang Mingzhi, once a regiment commander of a mecha clan in the 1st Division. He was an elite ace mecha master, someone who everyone felt had the highest chance in advancing to become an imperial operator. He had a nickname too. He was a member of the South Stars.

Unfortunately, Yang Mingzhi’s mecha career ended after the annihilation of his mecha clan in a battle. He couldn’t operate a mecha anymore. His superiors were worried and felt pity for him. They were afraid that being in the 1st Division would remind him of his wounds so they sent him to the 23rd Division to let him enjoy his retirement. He was a candidate for the position of regiment commander of the 250 Mecha Clan but he didn’t want it. Hence, Zheng Qiyun took over.

Both of them were once famous mecha operators so whenever they met, they would have a short chat with each other. However, that was as far as their interactions went. Liu Fuquan didn’t expect him to be curious about something. He always seemed nonchalant about everything.

Liu Fuquan raised his eyebrows. “You know what is happening. Why did you still asked me?” Although Yang Mingzhi was unable to operate a mecha, his physical skills were still present. He would have definitely sensed the strength of those recruits.

“I am just wondering why they were sent here.” Yang Mingzhi frowned. 250 Mecha Clan was a hopeless place. Recruits shouldn’t appear here.

“Who knows? There might be a motive behind it.” Liu Fuquan shrugged. He was not interested in those recruits. He just wanted to make Zheng Qiyun give up on him.

“Besides their names and battle team, I can’t find any other information about those recruits.” Yang Mingzhi suddenly threw a bomb at him. Liu Fuquan raised his head in shock. Compared to him, Yang Mingzhi had a higher rank before he was sent here. Before he was sent here, he was going to become a Major General. However, he lost the opportunity.

In order to compensate him, the First Marshal gave Yang Mingzhi all the authorities and benefits of a Major General. If he couldn’t get any information about those recruits, it meant that the person who set the requirements was either one of the three marshals, or one of the ten generals.

Yang Mingzhi ignored the surprise in Liu Fuquan’s eyes. He continued, “This might be a chance. Don’t miss it.” He stood up and left as though he just came to greet him.

Liu Fuquan lowered his head to hide the emotions in his eyes. What did Yang Mingzhi mean by those words? Did he see through his disguise and decided to help him? Were those recruits really his chance?

Liu Fuquan smiled bitterly. His enemies were too strong. If he showed any signs of weakness, he would die a terrible death. No matter how powerful the backgrounds of these recruits were, how could they be compared to that person. He should not implicate them. Liu Fuquan’s eyes dimmed again. He resumed his usual appearance.

Loud footsteps sounded outside the canteen. Everyone looked towards the door simultaneously. There were no big groups in the 250 Mecha Clan so everyone got curious.

A huge bunch of people entered the canteen. They were young and vibrant. The old soldiers that had given up on life felt calmer when they saw the recruits.


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