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Chapter 647: 647

From the Imperial Library, a rumbling essence came out as Librarian Shaun- the one who had granted access to Alexander and watched as he went up to the third floor with the Imperial Princess, came out to meet the auras of multiple Black Hole Realm experts who were stationed in the Imperial Citadels .

“Generals, it’s nothing major . Just the Imperial Princess and her people exploring universal laws . ” Librarian Shaun’s expression was awkward as he rubbed his temples while speaking out to them, his words making all of them having a change of expressions as one laughed jovially while coming closer .

“The Princess is playing around again? And what do you mean exploring universal laws- that was someone gaining Small Success in an Ultimate Law!”

A brute man with a ferocious scar running down diagonally across his face came forward with wild essence as he spoke .

“General Zadan, I’m just as surprised as you are…” Librarian Shaun had begun speaking with a light smile, but he had to stop half way as behind them, they sensed three powerful auras they were familiar with, as well as an extra aura that pulsed with extreme vibrancy and life!

Still fresh from the first cultivation session of {The Doctrine of Life}, Noah came out of the Imperial Library with the party of the Princess as he stared with s.h.i.+ning eyes at the multiple experts in the Realm of Black Hole floating in the skies .

At their appearance though, these shockingly powerful beings had wide smiles on their faces as they bowed, each of them calling out respectfully to the Imperial Princess in front of them!


“Your Highness…”

“Little Anna!” One particularly boisterous shout rang out from the expert with a huge scar running down his face, General Zadan floating closer to them as he looked at the veiled Princess up and down, and then gave a dangerous glare to Noah’s figure which still shone with a green l.u.s.ter .

“Uncle Zadan . . . I’m not so little anymore…” Noah nearly did a double take as he heard the voice of a shy girl come out of the terrifying veiled figure of the Imperial Princess, causing laughter to ring out among the groups of experts as many beings around the Imperial Library shockingly looked to the skies .

“Haha, you will always be the little girl who gave a beating to a Nebula Realm expert when she was just 15 to me . Now, who is this being that is causing such a commotion, and what is he doing near my Anna . “


The sharp aura of an expert at the Realm of Black Hole bubbled forth as Noah unconsciously felt the primeval tree stabilizing within his Nebula pulse, green energy bouncing off of him as he repelled nearly all of this pressure!

“Uncle Zadan, stop it . . . he’s a friend of mine who is slightly good in comprehending laws, so I let him test himself with an Ultimate Law . ” The sonorous voice of the Imperial Princess rang out as the many experts around them shook their heads with disbelieving smiles .

‘Slightly good in comprehending laws?’

‘You let him try an Ultimate Law first?’

“Hmm . . . still! He does not have an ident.i.ty as an Imperial Lord! Little Anna, do you know how hard I worked to achieve that? Your father might ground you again for breaking more of his rules . ” General Zadan pulled back his aura as he said this to Anna, waving his hands towards the other 6 experts at the Realm of Black Hole as they each bowed towards the Princess as they began to fade away, but not before giving one last look at Noah as they burned his image into their memories!

“Don’t worry Uncle, I’ll talk to daddy and explain everything . ” Anna seemed to have a mischievous smile behind her veil as the powerful scarred General Zadan nodded while shaking his head, turning his attention towards Noah as he spoke seriously .

“You have great talent in the laws to be able to gain Small Success in the Law of Life on your first cultivation session . Life Law Masters are extremely rare, and you will be heavily sought after for your ability to [Endow] areas after you obtain your Authority . Come to the Sanctuary of the Watchers whenever you break into the Realm of Black Hole or gain more achievements in this law in order for you to take on the test to become an Imperial Lord . “

The voice of the General was filled with power as Noah seriously nodded while voicing out .

“I’ll be sure to do so when I am ready, General Zadan!”

The General nodded at Noah’s words as he turned to Princess and completely changed his demeanor, patting her head as his body also began to fade away .

“Try not to cause any more commotions, Little Anna . ” The voice was filled with love and care as he faded away .

“Un . ” The veiled Imperial Princess nodded as she watched the expert disappear, still keeping her shy demeanor until the General left .

Noah breathed out silently as he saw the figures of powerful experts of the Realm of Black Hole come and go, but his breath had to come to a stop as he heard a telepathic message from the same disappearing General that was extremely cold and domineering!

“No matter what genius you are, I better not hear about you touching a single hair on Little Anna’s body . “


The voice was perceptible only to him as the auras of powerful experts all but disappeared, the sighs of the two maids being heard behind them as the Princess turned towards Noah and spoke with none of the shyness she showed to the powerful General she called Uncle .

“Haaa, you’ve benefited a lot while nearly getting me in trouble, Alexander . “

Noah heard this sonorous voice filled with power as he smiled and replied . “I told you that I would owe you a favor, and I’ll be sure to honor it . “

“Mmm . I know you’re anxious to continue looking at the techniques you received from the Inheritance so I won’t keep you for long . I’ll be returning to the castle to make sure my old man doesn’t rescind my freedom again . ” The veiled Anna looked towards Maya and Raya as they each nodded while giving careful looks to Noah, the two of them having been surprised by him too many times in the past few days!

Anna placed her hands on the two maids as Noah could feel her mischievous eyes lock with his behind the veil, the area they were in beginning to vibrate rapidly as this Princess was about to take off along with her maids .

“I’ll be sure to put such an interesting genius like you to use soon enough to reclaim that favor . Hold on to this and wait for my call~”


Noah only heard a sonic boom as the three figures in front of him disappeared, his hand grabbing onto a glimmering green-gold medallion the princess had left behind before she streaked away .

Like this, the commotion that played out in the Imperial Library which caused multiple experts at the Realm of Black Hole to come check out resolved itself, leaving Noah some time to himself as he expectantly looked towards the abilities contained in the Inheritance of the Law of Life, as well as he himself checking out the Primeval tree that was taking root within his Nebula!

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