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While Xue Ren was talking with Rushai, the demons’ clone kept rampaging on the battlefield! The whole field became reeking with blood as Rushai was merciless… In order to nourish Xue Ren’s body, he was keen on mutating nad killing everyone.

The quant.i.ty was huge and Rushai was satisfied as with this, Xue Ren will be able to progress faster along with his ability Revolution. But, as the demon kept having his own fun, the sudden dragon appeared in front of him.

“Don’t go any further.”


Moonrose couldn’t let this past self go any further! The whole battlefield already became void of any people besides Xue Ren’s family, so it would mean that Rushai was now… going straight for innocent.

“Don’t you want… us to become stronger?”

“Brother doesn’t want to kill innocent to reach power.”

Spreading her arms wide, Moonrose blocked Rushai with her shaking body. Her attempts to keep Xue Ren’s conscience clear were cute and Rushai quickly gave up after quick thought. It’s not like Xue Ren won’t conquer any worlds.

It’s just mere beginning.

So for now, it was enough. Rushai closed his eyes, but didn’t disappear. Instead, he decided to reward Moonrose for her bravery…

“Dragon G.o.ddess has qualifications to reach the world’s core.”


“a.s.similate with your main world when you comeback… If you wish for your brother to reach the highest stage.”

Before dragon lady could properly comprehend the words of Rushai, the man trembled as it was the exact moment of Ruler throwing his self in the throne room aside… Disappearing after brief pause, Rushai left a huge seed of confusion in the dragon’s lady heart.

Xue Ren woke up after everything had been done.

The moment he opened his eyes, the sight of skinned humans and demons greeted him… He saw how the blood kept coming into glyphs, nouris.h.i.+ng his body non stop! It was already the ability within his grasps as Rushai had made his job thoroughly…

Right now, Xue Ren could easily use summon those glyphs to raise his bloodline and make his body stronger along with it… Testing those glyphs by himself, Xue Ren the blood flow faster so that he can finally leave this black dimension of his.

During that, Xue Ren waved his hand to make a huge bubble of water appear. He just wanted to properly look at those glyphs, but the sight of horns coming back to his body gave him strange feelings…

He needed quite advanced demon bloodline to keep those glyps under his control, so after conquering them, it was fine for his bloodline which was awakened forcefully by Rushai to disappear slowly to its formal stage.

However, looking at his white hair that became long like white carpet, Xue Ren had a feeling that his demon bloodline at least became King rank…


As the blood supply from the whole battlefield ended, Xue Ren swung his fist along with demonic bloodline to check his body strength, but to his surprise, he felt as if his divine energies lightly seeped out from his heart!

Doesn’t it mean one thing?

“That’s… good.”

Cutting his hair with h.e.l.l’s blade, Xue Ren clumsily made it shorter, but there was still a lot of room for improvement in this regard…

“Big bro!”

The beauty immediately jumped into his embrace as he left the black dimension! She got worried as she saw Rushai disappearing, but seeing the white hair of her big bro being cut like idiot, the lady laughed out loud as she had to correct it.

“You look too stupid! Haha~~”

“Hmpf. Still much better than others.”

“b.i.t.c.hy Kuzan would laugh at you for eternity.”

“Cut it short.”

Moonrose took care of his hair neatly. She cut it short just before letting white streaks of hair touch his eyes. It seemed like he came back to his usual hair style, just with different color. But Moonrose didn’t know that and felt like her taste is superb…

“So good! Hehe~~ Look at big bro!”

And as proud dargon, she boasted about her skills to every maid.

While proud dragon was pus.h.i.+ng her chest proudly, Xue Ren sat down together with Kuzan… With memories of Rushai being fresh, it felt like he was sitting with his closest friend, but wasn’t this really the case?

He had this past self always with himself, cursing and working together.

“G.o.ddess Of Life, hmmm? Heh~~ Maybe one day, I will slap her a.s.s for sending this bloodline away from her dynasty. d.a.m.n b.i.t.c.h.”

“…I could only survive thanks to demonic one, so don’t even try to burn it.”

“Yeah, yeah. If anything happens, I will run to throne room~~”

Xue Ren hadn’t told Kuzan about his power to break the law coming from Ruler himself… He himself has been shocked to realize that this man was the one who had sat down on this throne for some time in the past.

Even though he knew that Kuzan would just discard it without any care as what he hates the most is the bloodline coming from monolith.

“So… what now?”

While playing with small skull that could destroy the world, Kuzan asked about next plans… They have gathered every valuable artifacts from this world, and Xue Ren himself also felt the divine energy seeping out from his heart…

One could say that it was time to move forward… and once again become weak.

“For now, I will rest with my wives.”

“Hmmm. Then I will play with my new projects.”

“Oh? What now?”

“Something simple~~ Strawberry and banana mix! I will add smoke slap as well for this b.i.t.c.h Sho Yue.”

“Let me smoke when you are done…”

Gathering everything from his house in mountains, Xue Ren arrived in front of the ocean! The huge waves reminded him about the beginning of this journey and emphasised his progress! He became stronger that now maybe even Sho Yue couldn’t beat him.

Thinking about that, Xue Ren bitterly chuckled as he had some slight doubts, then turned to everyone.

“Go to Cursus Empire immediately. You will be able to find my women easily with your connections.”

“Brother, have a safe trip!”

“Husband, take care…”

Two ladies, two different races. They lovelingly answered to him while sharing their warmth. As for maids, they bowed and not dared to interrupt their master… Soon, everyone left on the Violae s.h.i.+p boosted by resources from the war.

Xue Ren watched his ladies as they kept waving their hands until disappearing in the horizon, then turned around to his own s.h.i.+p.

With a flash, he arrived in the capitan’s room, the resources and different artifacts falling down from the ceiling!

He broke them and used their energies to boost the s.h.i.+p so that he could meet his woman as soon as possible! The one that had been left because he had to run…

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“I actually hadn’t met her yet.”

Puff! Puff!

“And their continent is bullied by vampires, right? HAhahahahH~~”

Kuzan laughed as he already knew what is going to happen soon. And how couldn’t Xue Ren answer him other than smiling? First, he will meet Di Xun and learn about their situation… If the vampires are still active, conquering lesser continents, then he will do his job.

“My beauty… Are you missing me… as much as I miss you?”

“Shut the f.u.c.k up with those cringy lines. For f.u.c.ks sake.”

Puff! Puff!


‘f.u.c.ker destroying my mood. Mekee was usually quiet!’

It’s Kuzan, bruh!


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