Imperial Phoenix Rules Chapter 631 – Night Visit To The Silver Moon Spring 3

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Chapter 631 – Night Visit To The Silver Moon Spring 3

No one knew the remaining amount of Jun Mohuang’s Spiritual Value Points better than him.

Jun Mohuang previously had 4.5 million Spiritual Value Points. After killing the two of them, she had to pay 2 million Spiritual Value Points. The Silver Moon Spring was bought for 1.5 million and the accommodation cost 900,000.

Now that they were given 10,000, that meant that Jun Mohuang only had 10,000 Spiritual Value Points.

Although the First Elder promised to compensate her 100,000 Spiritual Value Points, it was not enough for the consumption in the next three months.

In order not to waste Jun Mohuang’s Spiritual Value Points, he must work hard!

Jun Mohuang returned to her villa and entered Huangyu s.p.a.ce.

Feng Yunqi and the others had collected a lot of medicinal materials this time, but they couldn’t compare to the Earth Spirit and Xiao Jin.

These two collected more than 10 types of medicinal materials this time, totaling more than 400 stalks.

The Earth Spirit also found many seeds of medicinal materials.

Jun Mohuang picked out all these medicinal materials and divided them into categories.

Huangyu s.p.a.ce was as big as two football fields. She divided the land into two.

One was used to grow Earth-Level Jade Spirit Cores, Crimson Cloud Cores, Crimson Sun Cores, and the first-level Wood-Nouris.h.i.+ng Lotuses.

The origins of these four spiritual plants were not so glamorous or legal. They could not be directly exchanged for Spiritual Value Points, but they could be used as cultivation resources for Feng Yunqi and the others.

The other was used to grow the medicinal materials collected this time.

After these medicinal materials matured, they could be exchanged for Spiritual Value Points in the trading center. They could be used to upgrade the Earth Spirit and breed more Earth Crystals.

This way, Jun Mohuang could grow the second level of the Wood-Nouris.h.i.+ng Lotus and the Heaven-Level Jade Spirit Cores.

These two types of spiritual plants could only be planted with Earth Crystals.

A large number of second-stage Wood-Nouris.h.i.+ng Lotus Seeds and Heaven-Level Jade Spirit Cores could be her main cultivation resources for the next three months.

Before Jun Mohuang entered Huangyu s.p.a.ce, the Earth Spirit had already turned the land over and nourished it with large amounts of earth elements.

“Let me see your wound.”

Jun Mohuang picked up the Earth Spirit.

“Bad woman, I’m fine. Your medicine is very effective. I’ve already recovered.”

The Earth Spirit bit off the bandages on its body and showed her the healed wounds.

It was condensed from earth elements and this injury healed faster than humans.

Even if it was injured, it was just a flip. It just needed to roll it off.

But the Earth Spirit was very happy to see Jun Mohuang care about it.

“That’s good.”

Jun Mohuang touched it and took out the medicinal materials and spiritual plants she wanted to grow. In less than half an hour, the Earth Spirit finished planting them.

Jun Mohuang directly rewarded it with a large bottle of spiritual liquid calcined with the Gold-Swallowing Fire.

At night, everything was silent and dark clouds covered the sky.

A pet.i.te girl was holding a small flower pot. In the pot was a small seedling not much larger than a bean sprout.

The girl left the villa and slipped out quietly.

This girl and this little seedling were Jun Mohuang and Ah Miao. Their target this time was naturally the Silver Moon Spring.

After leaving the villa area, Jun Mohuang asked, “How is it? Do you sense the direction?”

“Yes, in that direction.”

Ah Miao waved its two small leaves and directed Jun Mohuang to somewhere in the middle of the Academy Of A Thousand Illusions.

Jun Mohuang headed in that direction.

Under the cover of the night, her figure was like a ghost, her figure light and agile. She was not discovered by anyone, and even the birds on the tree were not alarmed.

But there was one exception.

This person was the Headmaster of the Academy Of A Thousand Illusions, Qiu Hailing.

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