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Chapter 752: Suggestion

Struck with a thought, Ou Yangming reminded Lingfeng the Venerable One. “Senior, you’re aware that one needs to have extremely strong determination to consume an Eternal Pill, right?”

The Venerable One laughed out loud. “Master Ou, don’t worry, the being that’s going to consume the pill won’t encounter such a problem.”

Yuqi the Venerable One and the old macaque nodded. It was evident that they also had a lot of confidence in that powerhouse.

In actuality, if Ou Yangming had not raised the question, Lingfeng the Venerable One would not have bothered to answer. He dared not respond to the blacksmith from the lower realm slowly.

Not to mention the young fellow’s ident.i.ty as the Phoenixes’ messenger, which made him on par with Lingfeng the Venerable One.

Based on the fact that Ou Yangming was a key person for the refinement of Eternal Pills alone, n.o.body would easily offend him.

In the Spiritual Realm, every influential force had Superior Alchemists. In a way, Gu Jiacheng had a profound level of attainment in the path of alchemy, but he was not indispensable for the refinement of Eternal Pills. If they were not in the Beast King Sect, he would not be the one to refine the pills.

The alchemist in charge could be changed, but Ou Yangming was irreplaceable. This was because n.o.body else possessed the Heavenly Phoenix Fire.

Lingfeng the Venerable One might not need an Eternal Pill at the moment but even a fool knew that as long as he did not die out of the blue, he would one day need this treasure. The more powerful one was, the higher the chances of one needing an Eternal Pill.

Under the circ.u.mstances, Lingfeng the Venerable One would be dumb if he still dared to treat Ou Yangming impolitely.

Ou Yangming looked at everyone and grinned without saying a word.

He was curious about the mysterious figure on Mount Wuzhi, but he would not ask about him yet. Nonetheless, the young fellow believed that he would eventually know the inside story and meet that being in person.

The old macaque suddenly cleared its throat and looked eagerly at Ou Yangming. “Master Ou, when will it be… Convenient for you to retrieve another section of the Phoenix Fire Bamboo?”

Ou Yangming pondered for a brief moment before he answered, “It won’t be easy to nurture a Phoenix Fire Bamboo again, so I’ll need at least several months. If only a branch section is needed, though, I can find a way to induce the growth.”

The eyes of the old macaque and the others lit up. In particular, the old macaque was not dying yet, but it was almost at the end of its life. It did not know when it would breathe its last breath of air, hence it yearned for the Phoenix Fire Bamboo the most.

It struck its chest and noted seriously, “Master Ou, let me know whatever you need, and I’ll be sure to get them prepared for you.”

The old macaque would do anything regardless of the cost for the sake of its old life.

Ou Yangming could not help but laugh. “Senior, I know of a secret realm, which is where I planted the Phoenix Fire Bamboo.” He later continued with bright eyes, “But I was ambushed by Blood Shadow when I entered and left the secret realm so…”

The old macaque widened its eyes. “Master Ou, I’ll go there with you. Don’t worry, if Blood Shadow appears again, I’ll kill it even if I have to risk my life.”

Yuqi the Venerable One clicked his tongue and expressed, “Elder Macaque, let’s go there together.”

The old macaque waved its hand and said, “That’s not necessary; I’ll inform a junior from my race and ask it to follow us behind. Heh, I’m just afraid that Blood Shadow won’t show up.”

“If it’s willing to help, I can rest a.s.sured.” Yuqi the Venerable One smiled.

Ou Yangming was moved. “Is it the 10,000 Beasts Venerable One?”

The old macaque laughed out loud. “Yes, it’s that fella. Hehe, you don’t have to worry if it has our backs.”

“I won’t be able to help this time. Lingfeng the Venerable One smiled apologetically. He squeezed the jade bottle in his hand and explained, “I need to hurry back to Mount Wuzhi as soon as possible. If you’re willing to wait for half a month, Master Ou, Mount Wuzhi will definitely send a Venerable One over.”

Yuqi the Venerable One scoffed. “Brother Ling, thanks for your good intention, but we can handle this.”

“Brother Yu, don’t misunderstand me. We only want to help Master Ou; it’s not that we don’t trust the Beast King Sect.” Lingfeng the Venerable One smiled embarra.s.sedly. He smiled bitterly at the 2 other hostile Venerable Ones. “This Eternal Pill is incredibly important, so I won’t be staying any longer. Master Ou, we’ll meet again in the future.”

With that, he cupped his hands and turned to leave.

“The people from Mount Wuzhi are really used to being presumptuous.” The old macaque was displeased.

Yuqi the Venerable One sighed. “They can afford to act like that, so it’s nothing unusual.”

The old macaque glared at him and commented, “It’s good that you’re aware! Hmph, bring up a few more Venerable Ones and strive to overtake them!”

Yuqi the Venerable One was startled. He had a strange look on his face as he asked, “Elder Macaque, do you think that Venerable Ones can anyhow be brought up?”

The old macaque chuckled. “It’s difficult to advance into a Venerable One in the Spiritual Realm, but it’s easier than advancing into a Spiritualist in the lower realm, right?”

Yuqi the Venerable One was stunned for a brief moment. He looked at Ou Yangming and forced a smile. “Elder Macaque, someone like him is considered a G.o.d-favored one, so how can he be regarded as a logical example?”

The old macaque looked meaningfully at Ou Yangming. The young fellow somehow got chills from looking at the macaque. He laughed and quickly changed the topic. “Senior, the secret realm that I found…”

Yuqi the Venerable One and the old macaque understood him right away. They exchanged glances and answered without any hesitation, “Master Ou, don’t worry, that secret realm belongs to you only; the Beast King Sect won’t lay a finger on it.”

The 2 Venerable Ones were top-notch figures in the Beast King Sect at the moment. Once they decided on something, n.o.body else in the sect would dare to disobey them.

Ou Yangming nodded as he was relieved. “If that’s the case, I’ll go back to gather with my companions first. Let’s set out to the secret realm tomorrow.”

The old macaque was impatient, but it understood that they could afford to wait for another day, so it smiled and nodded with Yuqi the Venerable One.

Once Ou Yangming left the alchemy room, Yuqi the Venerable One asked, “Elder Macaque, you’re saying…”

The old macaque responded, “If the Beast King Sect wants to overtake Mount Wuzhi, he might be our only hope.”

Yuqi the Venerable One was dumbfounded. He looked in the direction where Ou Yangming left and was in disbelief. “Elder Macaque, that’s a bit exaggerated.”

Ou Yangming had displayed his potency and was also the Phoenixes’ messenger, but it would be too much to say that he could help a sect produce several more Venerable Ones.

The old macaque smiled mysteriously. “You really underestimate that fella; he’s much more capable than you think.”

Yuqi the Venerable One raised his eyebrows and asked, “Elder Macaque, where did you receive such news…” He later blurted as he was struck with a thought, “Multi-armed King Kong?”

Multi-armed King Kong was the 10,000 Beasts Ridge’s G.o.d-favored one. Yuqi the Venerable One knew this very well because the Beast King Sect had a close relationship with the 10,000 Beasts Ridge.

The old macaque laughed. “You’re right. I spoke to King Kong for a long time and found out about many things. Hehe, I’m telling you that a golden opportunity is right in front of you. If you don’t seize it, you’ll become the Beast King Sect’s sinner.”

Yuqi the Venerable One’s eyes flickered. He questioned in a deep voice, “Elder Macaque, how exactly capable is he? Can you tell me the details?”

The old macaque hesitated for some time before it turned around and ordered, “Jiacheng, you mustn’t tell anyone about what you heard today.”

Gu Jiacheng quickly replied to it, “Yes, I understand.”

He had a special status in the Beast King Sect. His cultivation base was lower than that of top-grade Spiritualists such as Mao Jianbi, but he was the greatest alchemist in the sect, thus he was not inferior at all.

Even so, he still treated Yuqi the Venerable One and the old macaque with respect.

This was the disparity between Spiritualists and Venerable Ones. As long as one was not a Venerable One, one would always be lacking.

The old macaque nodded as it was pleased, then it swayed and left the alchemy room. Yuqi the Venerable One furrowed his eyebrows, but he followed the macaque closely.

Gu Jiacheng mumbled to himself, ‘What exactly did Ou Yangming do in the lower realm that’s so ridiculous that Elder Macaque would keep it a secret?’ It was clear that the old macaque had only left abruptly because it did not want more people to know about the secret.

Despite Gu Jiacheng’s status in the Beast King Sect, he still could not be told the secret, so what could it be?

The old macaque and Yuqi the Venerable One walked one after another and arrived at a peak.

n.o.body else was present. The old macaque scanned the area with its bright eyes before it made sure that it was a safe spot.

The more careful the old macaque was, the more curious Yuqi the Venerable One was.

Once the old macaque was done checking, Yuqi the Venerable One asked with a bitter smile, “Elder Macaque, you can be at ease now, right?” He somewhat disapproved of this because no matter what Ou Yangming did, he had done it in the lower realm.

How could an achievement in the lower realm be on par with one in the Spiritual Realm?

The only thing was that the old macaque had an unordinary ident.i.ty, thus Yuqi the Venerable One could not say his opinion out loud.

“I’m at ease now.” The old macaque nodded. It glanced at Yuqi the Venerable One and noted, “Since you know about King Kong, you should know that it has become a real top-grade spirit beast and can advance into a Venerable One at any time, right?”

“Yes, and I hope that it’ll overcome the obstacle,” Yuqi the Venerable One responded seriously. He sighed and added, “It’s a life-or-death hurdle. If it succeeds, the 10,000 Beasts Ridge will have another formidable fighter.”

The old macaque laughed and asked, “What do you think its success rate will be?”

Yuqi the Venerable One hesitated for a while before he answered, “For generations, only 1 or 2 out of 10 top-grade Spiritualists can pa.s.s during the first try.”

The Venerable One boundary was a boundary where one could stand proudly in the Spiritual Realm, so how could it be achieved so easily?

1 or 2 out of 10 challengers would be the limit.

Who knew, the old macaque laughed and stated, “I can bet with you that King Kong will surely succeed during its first try.”

“What?” Yuqi the Venerable One looked up. He was struck with a thought when he saw how confident the old macaque was, and he exclaimed, “Does it have something to do with Ou Yangming?”

The old macaque looked seriously at him and said, “Seize this opportunity—he’ll be able to help you unexpectedly.”

Yuqi the Venerable One’s expression was ever-changing. He finally nodded after a long time.

‘How much will Ou Yangming surprise me!’

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