Immortal Path To Heaven Chapter 450 – A New Thunderbolt

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Chapter 450 A New Thunderbolt-resistant Secret Technique

Ou Yangming slowly stood up and frowned as though there was something he could not figure out. “Woof…” The big yellow dog barked, which was its way of comforting the young fellow.

Multi-armed King Kong and the goshawk looked at each other and nodded.

The king kong cleared its throat softly, but it still made a thunderous sound.

“Master, you did very well. Even in the upper realm, very few are talented enough to create something like that in such a short time.”

“Yes, Master.” The goshawk flapped its wings and eventually landed on the ground. “The Thunderbolt-resistant Equipment is an extremely rare type of equipment in the upper realm. Besides, only superb powerhouses at the peak are qualified to use something like that. As for us, we’ve only heard of it before.”

“That’s right, that’s right. The equipment can’t be completed in one stroke; you need a longer time to study and think it through.” Multi-armed King Kong hesitated for a while before it made an obscure remark, “Master, you can actually seek help from your kind regarding this aspect.”

“My kind? Is there someone from my kind that has a deep understanding of thunderbolts?” Ou Yangming was surprised.

“Yes, very deep,” Multi-armed King Kong answered seriously.

Ou Yangming frowned. Countless people crossed his mind at that instant, but he was certain that he did not know the Almighty Being, who was an expert in the Heavenly Thunderbolt, mentioned by the king kong.

Nonetheless, he made a guess. ‘Is the hidden powerhouse, who made Multi-armed King Kong and the goshawk seek refuge in him, a human?’

He cast aside the thought for the time being after he pondered for a long time.

Since Multi-armed King Kong did not want to reveal everything, there must be something that it wished to hide. Moreover, Ou Yangming was somewhat fearful of the hidden senior, hence he dared not question the spirit beast closely.

Ou Yangming fixed his gaze on the arm guard on his arm again and recalled his fight against the parasite. Although he was disappointed by the equipment, he had a vague feeling that it was not as useless as it seemed.

From what he remembered, the parasite suffered more than ten hits from the Thunderbolt Rune. Even though it was hurt each time, the damage eventually became lower. At last, when the parasite converted all of its mental power into a certain form, it could almost zero out the thunderbolt power.

The young fellow did not believe that the rune developed from the entire process was completely useless.

All of a sudden, he was struck with an incredibly bold idea.

The parasite’s change was a progressive process, which started from a certain part of its body until it fully transformed. As more parts of its body were altered, its defensive ability became greater. If that was the case, what would the effect be if Ou Yangming smithed a full set of Thunderbolt-resistant Equipment?

Ou Yangming was certainly not a visionary but one that acted on his ideas.

Once he made his decision, he shook his hand to retrieve some peculiar stones. As the Military Fire burned, a set of Thunderbolt-resistant Equipment was made. On top of that, the young fellow even refined a cloak and a pair of boots for himself. Everything he made was attached with the Thunderbolt-resistant attribute.

After smithing everything, Ou Yangming took a deep breath and asked in a deep voice, “King Kong, what’s the theory behind the upper realm’s Thunderbolt-resistant Equipment?”

Multi-armed King Kong scratched its head because it was very troubled by the question. Nevertheless, it dared not keep Ou Yangming waiting, thus it racked its brains and responded, “Master, every piece of Thunderbolt-resistant Equipment in the upper realm can gather enormous energies from Heaven and Earth to form a defensive shield. Before the shield is penetrated, anyone that’s being protected by it will be 100% safe.”

Ou Yangming’s eyes lit up, and he raised another question. “That kind of defensive shield isn’t only used to resist thunderbolts, am I right?”

Multi-armed King Kong clapped its hands and said, “Yes, it can resist any form of attack; it’s a rare treasure.”

The goshawk added, “But it’s not easy to acquire a treasure of such a level. At the very least, we’re not qualified.”

Ou Yangming grinned. He could not refine a treasure like that yet, but if he was given one to study, it would not be too difficult for him to replicate it.

This was the greatest advantage of being a blacksmith.

After asking some questions, Ou Yangming was somewhat confident about handling the matter.

Perhaps he found an entirely different way to resist thunderbolts as compared to the upper realm.

Ou Yangming took a deep breath and waved at Multi-armed King Kong. “King Kong, try



Multi-armed King Kong was undecided for a while, but it finally raised its arm and released its thunderbolt power.

In actuality, from the spirit beast’s perspective, its master was merely wasting his time, energy, and materials. It felt that the young fellow should modify the rune if it was wrong instead of increasing the number of equipment to make up for the mistake.

Despite that, the decision was made by Ou Yangming. Even if the king kong was disgruntled, it did not have the guts to question its master.

In any case, Multi-armed King Kong only needed to release some thunderbolt powers, which would not be a burden for him. Since its master wanted to play, it would let him enjoy himself.

A thick lightning bolt was a.s.sembled on Multi-armed King Kong’s hand before it was struck at Ou Yangming. This time, Ou Yangming’s defensive ability increased a little due to his many pieces of equipment, so Multi-armed King Kong released a bit more power.


The thunderbolt successfully hit Ou Yangming, but he could not be bothered to resist it at all, by which it simply covered his face.

Just as the thunderbolt power was about 3.5 meters in front of him, a light appeared around him as if some sort of power was naturally stimulated. Following that, the light quickly formed a defensive wall. Multi-armed King Kong and the others clearly saw that the defensive wall was unordinary—it had the shape of a ladder.

The thunderbolt power ruthlessly struck the first defensive wall, but the wall took away a part of the thunderbolt. Having said that, the remaining thunderbolt pierced the wall and hit the second defensive wall. Quickly after, the second wall released an endless electric light, which indicated that part of the thunderbolt was stopped once more.

Every defensive wall could not fully block the forceful thunderbolt power, but some of the power was always hindered by the walls. At last, when the thunderbolt penetrated the final wall and struck Ou Yangming, he only shuddered a little and was fine.

The damage was much smaller as compared to having a finger cut by a knife.

Multi-armed King Kong and the others were stupefied because they were surprised by the effect of the stacked pieces of equipment.

Ou Yangming’s eyes were bright, and he was so thrilled that he wanted to shout. He finally confirmed that what he envisioned turned out to be a success.

“King Kong, use your strongest power. Yes, attack with your most powerful thunderbolt power.”

“Uhm…” King Kong could not help but become hesitant. It was a high-rank spirit beast, after all. If it released its greatest power, it would instantly trigger Heaven and Earth’s power. While the lower could not be compared with the one in the upper realm, it could not be withstood by a human at all.

If the power accidentally killed Ou Yangming, the spirit beast would die too.

Ou Yangming noticed that the king kong was troubled, so he noted after some thought, “Use your mightiest power but don’t stir up Heaven and Earth’s energy.”

The king kong sighed a breath of relief. It was afraid that Ou Yangming had an exaggerated opinion of his abilities and ended up courting his death, which would cause it to be killed too. The spirit beast was relieved because its master could accept its opinion.

As Multi-armed King Kong raised all eight of its arms in the air, intense thunderbolts gathered above its head. Its previous thunderbolt attack was more like a probe, whereas its attack at the moment was the real deal.

Ou Yangming focused as well as he dared not relax like before.


A formidable thunderbolt power was launched at Ou Yangming again, but the previous scene repeated at the same time.

Defensive walls appeared around Ou Yangming one after another, causing the remarkable thunderbolt power to be weakened each time it pa.s.sed through a wall. By the time it went through the last wall, it became so weak that it was almost non-existent.

Ou Yangming did not wait like a fool for the remaining thunderbolt to hit him. He turned his hands and punched the air with both hands.

When his fists came into contact with the residual thunderbolt, his essential Qi burst out and crushed the power.

It was dead silent because the three humongous creatures simply stared blankly at Ou Yangming. Their eyes were gleaming with excitement, and it was clear that they were more exhilarated than the young fellow was.

Even a fool could tell by now that the pieces of equipment smithed by Ou Yangming were truly out of the ordinary.

The creatures could sense that the universe’s spiritual power was not stimulated by the equipment set’s power. The equipment set’s power only had effects on the defensive walls, by which the light ring would disintegrate the thunderbolt to return it to nature.

Every defensive wall could not unload much of the thunderbolt power, but it was an entirely new way to resist thunderbolts. Furthermore, the creatures were moved because the amount of thunderbolt resisted by the defensive walls seemed to follow a fixed ratio. In other words, the higher the thunderbolt’s energy, the more the power disintegrated.

Such a method had never appeared in the upper realm. As such, its value was unparalleled The goshawk, Multi-armed King Kong, and Big Yellow could not help but have the same thought at this moment.

How fearsome would it be if the Thunderbolt-resistant Equipment was made into a set? At the very least, they would not need to fear the real Heavenly Thunderbolt.

The creatures stared at Ou Yangming as if this was their first time seeing him.

n.o.body knew that far away, a little red bird was in shock too. ‘A Thunderbolt-resistant attribute without the help of spiritual power?

‘Could it be that the legendary one has really…


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