I'm the King Of Technology Chapter 434 Survival At All Costs 2

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Standing within a room were a few men…. who were all currently looking at another man’s back anxiously.

The man who they were all looking at, had wet himself…. and stood there as still as a rock.

Why couldn’t he move?

Well, that was because he had some sort of black metal stick placed on the s.p.a.ce between his eyes.

To be precise, he had a gun to his face!

And the soldier that placed it there, just smiled at him coldly and did some hand gestures with his fingers….. as if telling him to be quiet.


Seeing this, the floor-wetting-man could only tremble slightly…as even though he had never seen this black thing before, something quickly told him that this thing might be the cause of all the strange deaths on board.

And while he was deep in thought, those behind him couldn’t sit still as well, as they were too anxious at this point.

So one of them forcefully nudged the floor-wetting-man to the side with their shoulders and decided to take a look for himself.

Of course, that was a wrong move.


The people in the room all jumped from fright, as they looked at the man who had taken over the task of spying…. fall to the ground hard.


They looked at him and realized that his left eye had been completely destroyed….. as it seemed that something had forcefully gone through it.

As for the guy who had previously peed himself, he was currently sitting on the floor whole shaking like a leaf.

‘Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!’

Immediately, the sounds of more bullets being shot onto the door….. reeled everyone’s mind back to reality.

And in the next instance, they all crowded around the door at the back of the room….. which led to the floors below deck.

Even the Captain had thrown his dignity out the window and made his way there too.


“As Captain, I should go first!”

“Captain…. as your loyal subordinates, isn’t it your duty to protect us instead?”


Captain, you can punish me later, but now… I really must make it down there now!”

“So you all don’t want to give me way?

Hehehe….. then that would depend on your capability!”

With that, the Captain took out his knife and looked coldly at the men who had all kept him at the back… while they, in turn, struggled to escape.

He sneered, and in a split second…. he stabbed the person in front of him on the back of his neck while placing his other hand over the man’s mouth.

Of course with everyone focusing on escaping, no lime focused on what he was doing at the back of the crowded men.

So with no one truly paying attention to him, he forcefully pushed the man’s body towards those before him.

And just like Dominos, they all fell to the floor in one swoop.

Of course from there, he climbed over people to get towards the door, as well as fought with all his might with those who weren’t affected by any of his tricks.

In fact, all this was done in just under a minute.

And by the time the Baymardian soldiers had succeeded in destroying the other door…. the Captain had already escaped to the decks below.



The Baymardian soldiers came in all dressed in deep dark blue attires, with their weapons and protective gear on as well.

They looked superior and even made many of those who saw them fell intimidated.

Immediately, some went on their knees as asked by theses strange men….. and quickly surrendered for their lives.

While others looked chose to fight to the death instead.

For sure, those who fought died without even giving a single sword slash to their enemies….. as they were killed off immediately by the speedy bullets.

And so with that, many of the Bamyardian soldiers hurried down towards the floors below.


‘Din! Din! Din! Din! Din! Din! Din! Din!’

Warrant Officer Ian, was the squad leader in charge of operations on this particular enemy s.h.i.+p.

So he had always kept his eyes on their Captain.

Hence when he saw the man shamelessly push everyone aside on deck and make his way into this room…. he too had immediately taken a few soldiers from his squad and also headed towards the place as well.

After destroying the door, he quickly had some of the men arrest those In sight, while he and some others went down below deck to wrap up everything…. as well as to free the prisoners on this s.h.i.+p as well.

“Everyone…. keep your guard up!” Ian warned while leading his team below deck.

The stairs creaked with every step that the soldiers took.

And as they descended, Ian immediately looked around the room vigilantly.

the room was dimly lit, with fire torches all around the walls.

The room was very tiny and had brooms and old cloths kept in iron buckets as well.

It looked like this room was were all the dirt and cleaning supplies were.

These cleaning tools were probably kept here, as this was a middle ground for those who usually mop the deck above or the floors below.

The men quickly searched around the room, as well as looked at the ceiling above too.

When the coast was clear, Ian gave out hand signals to the men…. and they immediately left the janitor room, and quickly made their wat towards the narrow hallway before them.

They spent their time searching each room along the hallway… and while they did that, within the last room on the floor… The Captain was making his own plans as well.

“Captain…. w….. Why don’t we surrender?” Asked a very timid looking man.


“Wake up!

Do you think that they will allow us to live just like that?

Didn’t you see how all your comrades died above deck?

Use your brains for once!!!

Stick to the plan… and I a.s.sure you all that we will make it out of this alive.

Now everybody…. quickly! Go into hiding!!”

With that, the survivors all held their weapons tightly, while hiding in plain sight.

Sweat trickled down their faces, as the wait was slowly killing them.

‘Creak! Creak! Creak! Creak! Creak! Creak!’

Soon, they could hear the sounds of the floors within the hallway outside… creak louder and louder.

They’re here!

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