I Turned Wild After Being Doted On By The Big Bosses Chapter 305 – First Place [Y.G.]

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Chapter 305: First Place [Y.G.]

When Mrs Lei was complaining to Old Master Qin, Qin Luyan b.u.mped into her.

The moment Mrs Lei saw Qin Luyan, she had planned to hit him. However, she did not expect to be thrown out of the hospital by Qin Luyan’s bodyguards.

He even told the hospital that outsiders were not allowed to visit Old Master Qin.

With this, the Lei family completely hated the Qin family.

Noon had just pa.s.sed.

Pei Yunge woke up and saw the man who was handling emails in the room. “Brother?”

She got up and found herself sleeping in Huo Shidu’s room again.

Since this month, she didn’t need to change rooms with Huo Shidu to fall asleep. However, it just so happened that Meng Ying’s death anniversary was coming.

Every year at this time, she would need to rely on medicine to slightly relieve her mental stress.

She never thought that she would sleep so soundly in Huo Shidu’s place again.

“You’re awake? Did you have a nightmare yesterday?” Huo Shidu’s eyes swept over her bandaged hand.

Pei Yunge hummed.

When Pei Yunge was about to get out of bed, she realized that her hand was already bandaged.

“Brother, my hand…”

The man’s eyes were clear and abstruse as his light and lazy voice was filled with gentleness. He asked frivolously, “Why? You found trouble with Older Brother after falling asleep and you’re planning to find trouble with Older Brother after you wake up?”

Pei Yunge’s heart skipped a beat. Somehow, she felt that this man’s words did not seem to mean what he said on the surface.

“Brother, what did I do when I was sleeping?” Pei Yunge asked calmly.

Why didn’t she remember that she had sleepwalked?

“You didn’t really do anything?”

Hearing this, Pei Yunge had just eased her worries when she heard the man’s voice drag out, sounding both flirtatious and ambiguous. It made her blush and her heart thumped faster. “It’s just that you were quite pa.s.sionate towards Older Brother.”

Pei Yunge’s expression did not change as she changed the subject. “Thank you, Older Brother, for bandaging my wound.”

“You’re so heartless.”

The man smirked imperceptibly, before he said softly.

After that…

Pei Yunge had just gotten out of bed and went to her room to get her phone when she saw a message from Si Chengyan.

[The Lei family has come to look for you. They hope that you can help them plead for leniency. They don’t even know that the Y.G. they want to beg has already been used as a shield by them. They’ve offended you terribly.]

[How should we handle him? Humiliate him, reject him, and trample on him?]

Pei Yunge’s eyelids twitched as she felt Si Chengyan’s excitement.

[Who connected the both of you for you to come and tell me this?]

Soon, Si Chengyan replied.

[You should know Cheng Zihuai. He has been looking for you recently, wanting you to take him in as a student.]

Pei Yunge raised an eyebrow. After replying to Si Chengyan, she stopped looking at her phone.

[I got it. Next time, you don’t have to be his messenger.]

A few days pa.s.sed.

The gaming headquarters directly announced their collaboration with the Qin Corporation and promoted the new world of the game. This made the netizens extremely excited.

It was said that the new world was a high-end challenge. Even rich players would be restricted!

Therefore, everyone clicked on the new world with excitement and beautiful dreams.

Two hours later.

The people who played the game commented under the official announcement of the headquarters of the game.

[High-end challenge?? Are you sure it’s not a h.e.l.lish challenge??]

[I f*cking fought for an hour before I cleared the first level!! What is going on??]

[I want to ask, who is the designer of this thing? Did he pa.s.s it himself? [smile]]

Soon, someone sent a screenshot weakly.

[I think I saw something very scary. (picture)]

Everyone clicked on the picture and saw a screenshot of the rankings. The first and second place held unimaginable records.

First Place [Y.G.]

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