I Transmigrated Into A Stunning Plaything! Chapter 15

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Chapter 15: Please Don’t Do It Inside.

Before Mu QianQian could catch her breath from the recent explosive climax, her body began trembling uncontrollably and a sharp scream escaped her agape lips once again as he moved with a starving desperation.

N…no… It’s happening again! The thought went through her mind in a flash before disappearing into the void as her body trembled violently, “A…ahhh!”

Her walls tightened up around his bulging hardness, crus.h.i.+ng against him with such force that Dong JingMo, who had always been confident in his willpower and determination, could not contain himself any longer.

“Demoness… You’re such an alluring demoness!” He rasped hoa.r.s.ely, his brows furrowing tightly in a knot as he pushed himself deep against her cervix.

Mu QianQian’s eyes flew wide open with shock as she realized what he plan to do, “No! Ah! D…don’t… Not inside!” She begged desperately, not wanting to get knocked up, “I beg you… p…please… A…ah!”

The crazed man narrowed his eyes dangerously at her while ignoring her desperate pleas, furthermore, as a man who held such power and authority, who is this woman to tell him what to do and what not to do? Please don’t do it inside? Heh, of course I will… Does this woman still not understand her position?

Queen Dowager Ning did not hand-pick the four of them to become her husbands, it was only an act to acquire their favor, and she was only a high-quality object for them to play with.

As a plaything, what right does she has to request him of anything?

With a deep growl, he released his entire load within her, filling her to the brim as he stared at her with a cruel satisfaction.

Meanwhile, Mu QianQian who had been gasping for air as she begged while recovering slowly from her second burst of climax, threw her head back in shock as she felt a hot wave entering her, while her walls suckled hungrily around his shaft, as if trying to milk him up until the last drop. Her heart sank in despair as she felt her womb clenching up, her body instinctively trapping his huge load within her wombs, as if not wanting a single drop to go to waste.

Dong JingMo shut his eyes comfortably as he enjoyed the blissful tight suckling of her warm walls, opening his eyes only when the long-lasting sensation faded entirely before eyeing his unsatisfied beast who was still buried within her softness.

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