I Might Be A Fake Cultivator Chapter 2309: Ruler of Life

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Chapter 2309: Ruler of Life

“You want to take my life?” An Lin faltered upon hearing the Heavenly Life G.o.ddess’ words.

However, an expression of realization suddenly spread across his face, and he said, “Heh, you want to force me into unleas.h.i.+ng my trump card? Do you have the ability to do so?”

He knew that the Heavenly Life G.o.ddess was aware that he could only use his enhancement technique one more time. However, the price of using it would be his life.

Right now, it was evident that the Heavenly Life G.o.ddess wanted to force him into unleas.h.i.+ng his final trump card.

“Do I have the ability? We’ll find out soon.” The Heavenly Life G.o.ddess retrieved a jade hairpin that was glowing with divine light from her dark green hair.

At this moment, the Dragon of Wood had already summoned a large number of vines and unleashed them toward the Heavenly Life G.o.ddess.

The corners of the Heavenly Life G.o.ddess’ lips curled up into a faint smile as she glanced at the dragon-like vines, and she said, “Do you have the right to use the power of life before me?”

She made a grabbing motion at the void.

Her domain of life that covered a radius of tens of thousands of kilometers suddenly shuddered violently.

The vines then started to wither before they could even near the Heavenly Life G.o.ddess.

The Dragon of Wood in the sky howled in wretched agony as its emerald green body eerily started to transform into a yellowish-black color. In the end, it plummeted to the ground in exhaustion, with its once-lively eyes now filled with an aura of death. It was as if it had been crippled.

The Heavenly Life G.o.ddess glanced at An Lin before slowly extending her slender hand and spreading it open. Her palm was facing An Lin, and she said in a clear voice, “Controlling life and death with a single thought; this is what it means to be the ruler of life.”

After saying this, she suddenly clenched her hand into a fist.

An Lin instantly felt a boundless life force enveloping his body, with the life force within a radius of tens of thousands of kilometers all surging toward him.


An Lin’s heart thumped violently before suddenly starting to die!

His life was creeping toward a conclusion!

His vitality was being forcefully manipulated and collected in the Heavenly Life G.o.ddess’ hands!

The Heavenly Life G.o.ddess’ absorption of An Lin’s vitality instantly shattered the defenses of his divine body and directly started to act upon his life essence!

An Lin instinctively used his Heavenly Darkness Power to engulf the Heavenly Life G.o.ddess’ power.

However, he was shocked to discover that the Heavenly Life G.o.ddess’ power actually contained the characteristics of the most perfect Heavenly Humans. In other words, she could completely negate the effect of his Heavenly Darkness Power!

An Lin was deeply astonished. He hadn’t imagined that the Heavenly Life G.o.ddess’ attacks would be so strange and uncanny. Moreover, she hadn’t given him an opportunity to react or defend at all.

“Vermilion Bird, Qilin, attack!”

The Vermilion Bird of Flames screeched as it swooped down from the sky.

Meanwhile, the Qilin of Earth leaped up from the ground with a golden-purple divine light radiating from its body. Countless gravity fields furiously acted upon the Heavenly Life G.o.ddess, causing her movements to falter.

It was at this moment that the Vermilion Bird of Flames started to charge at her.

Five Elements Crush the Heavens—Chaotic Flames of the Vermilion Bird!

This was a deadly attack that came at the price of the Vermilion Bird of Flames using its body as a weapon. The power of this attack was far superior to the chaotic flames that it had unleashed before, and just the temperature that the Vermilion Bird of Flames exuded was enough to transform the surroundings tens of thousands of kilometers of land into a sea of lava!

The Heavenly Life G.o.ddess frowned slightly upon seeing this. “You’ve destroyed my gra.s.s and flowers again.”

With a casual flick, she sent her colorful jade hairpin soaring through the sky. This jade hairpin then precisely pierced through the Vermilion Bird of Flames’ head.

Although the Vermilion Bird was composed of flames, its body still reared back as if its head had legitimately been obliterated. Even its furious aura of flames faltered for a brief moment.

“Fire is the essence of energy, born from raging eruptions and deceased by extinguis.h.i.+ng.”

The Heavenly Life G.o.ddess smiled as she glanced at the colorful jade hairpin that had returned to her palm. “However, all of these phenomena heed my command.”

The Vermilion Bird of Flames that had swooped down from the sky suddenly started to screech in agony, with the flames surrounding its body extinguis.h.i.+ng at a rate that was visible to the naked eye. In the end, its core exploded in the sky like brilliant fireworks and like a spectacular rain of fire.

Under the flickering radiance of the flames, the Heavenly Life G.o.ddess’ beautiful face became increasingly enchanting as she silently gazed at the rain of fire.

“Alright, stop flexing. Hurry up and pummel An Lin!” a discordant voice suddenly said, shattering the woman’s carefree and leisurely mood.

The Heavenly Life G.o.ddess frowned upon hearing this. She then glanced at the Heavenly Sea G.o.d and said coldly, “This is my True Form of Dao, so it’s my choice to do whatever I want. Now, shut up!”

The woman’s dignified might exuded into the surroundings.

The Heavenly Sea G.o.d instantly felt a cold chill shooting down his spine. It was as if a fearsome monster were staring at him, waiting to take his life at any moment.

He immediately shut up.

Sure enough, the Heavenly Life G.o.ddess’ holy and dignified nature was all an act! In reality, she was a domineering female tiger!

Meanwhile, the Heavenly Life G.o.ddess was irritated by the Qilin of Earth’s obstruction, so she directly smacked it into pieces of broken rubble.

She hadn’t wanted to activate her True Form of Dao.

However, since she had already activated it, she naturally had to enjoy it as much as she could.

An Lin had pummeled her so many times, so how could she feel at ease unless she pummeled him back and vented all of her frustration?

The Heavenly Life G.o.ddess continued to use one hand to suppress the Five Spirits Heaven Vanquis.h.i.+ng Killing Formation and her other hand to absorb An Lin’s vitality. The spell formation shuddered violently, and its essence started to rapidly drain away. In the end, it collapsed with a loud rumble.

Following the destruction of the spell formation, the Tiger of Gold, the Tortoise of Water, the Qilin of Earth, and the Dragon of Wood also started to dissipate. Their bodies disintegrated into mere particles in the air.

The Heavenly Life G.o.ddess looked toward An Lin and said with a smile, “I’ve obliterated your spell formation.”

The terrifying spell formation that had killed the Fifth Emperor was easily obliterated by the Heavenly Life G.o.ddess, and An Lin was truly surprised by this.

The Heavenly Life G.o.ddess was still making a grabbing motion at An Lin, and she squinted her eyes in satisfaction as she felt the vast vitality that was flowing over from him. “Watching your exasperation as you slowly descend toward death is truly a beautiful and mesmerizing experience…”

It was indeed despairingly difficult for An Lin to deal with this Heavenly Life Power that could pierce through his Five Elements Power and completely ignore his Heavenly Darkness Power.

However, it wasn’t impossible for An Lin to overcome this power.

The Heavenly Life G.o.ddess’ claim that she could control life and death with a single thought was nothing more than a bluff. At the very least, she couldn’t control the life and death of someone as powerful as An Lin with a single thought.

Absorbing his vitality was a slow process of erasing his life force.

Right now, An Lin could choose to flee, or he could also choose to ferociously attack the Heavenly Life G.o.ddess and attempt to defeat her.

However, An Lin remained unmoving as if he were waiting for death. It was as if he were a man who had lost his will to fight.

Behind each lazy man was a hardworking woman.

The divine glow of a fairy suddenly enveloped An Lin’s body.

This was a divine light that was intertwining with green and gold. It looked like a mirror, and it completely shrouded An Lin’s entire body. This was a paramount barrier that could block all matter. In fact, it could even block the Heavenly Life G.o.ddess’ domain of life!

The Heavenly Life G.o.ddess suddenly discovered that her connection with An Lin had been broken, rendering her unable to manipulate his vitality any further. It was as if her power had been blocked by some film.

Her expression instantly darkened.

“Tina… you’re ruining my plans again!”

The Heavenly Life G.o.ddess’ jade hairpin flew toward An Lin at an incredible speed.

“An Lin, I’m definitely going to shatter this barrier and defeat you today!”

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