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Chapter 340 – Struck

Lin Jingyi gnashed her teeth together with great anger. She almost couldn’t stop herself from crumpling the doc.u.ments she held in her hands. She was on the verge of bursting. Who was this leech? Who does she think she is to interrupt us like this?! Even Madam Chen didn’t dare to interrupt the boss when he was working! Didn’t she know that the boss hated being interrupted the most? Is this idiot trying to dig her own grave?!

As soon as Sei turned towards Davi, Lin Jingyi secretly smirked evilly. It was because she knew how ruthless Sei was in punis.h.i.+ng people who interrupted him.

‘Ha! Just wait and see how boss deals with leeches like you!’

However, to Lin Jingyi’s surprise, her boss agreed with the woman’s request of ma.s.saging him and he didn’t even hesitate! His answer was like a lethal blow to her and she couldn’t believe what was happening right now. Was this really the cold and ruthless boss she knew? Did this woman drug him or something? If she hadn’t seen this with her own eyes, she would have thought that what just happened was something impossible!

Extremely stupefied by Sei’s reaction, Lin Jingyi’s eyes began to blaze. Her scornful gaze finally broke through her seemingly perfect façade. Moreover, the moment Davi looked at her in the eyes and gave her a faint smile, Lin Jingyi couldn’t hide her emotions anymore. She was like a volcano ready to erupt!

She hated the way Davi looked at her. It was because she felt like Davi was looking at her like she was someone unnecessary, like she was some weakling who wasn’t worthy as her rival.

And by the time Davi told her to continue, Lin Jingyi’s gaze turned into something that held a hint of malice and danger. She couldn’t even suppress herself anymore. She, who was always favored and respected by everyone was suddenly being treated like this by a certain leech who just popped out of nowhere. This was something completely unacceptable to her! She was the daughter of a well respected family and as such, she had never been treated like this in her whole life! This was the first time someone actually managed to make her angry and make her lose her composure in doing so.

Moreover, when Lin Jingyi looked at her boss, who was suddenly smiling, her eyes turned wide as she felt completely flabbergasted. This was the very first time she had seen him smile. Even when they were teenagers, she never once saw him smile and yet this ice king was now smiling just because someone offered to give him a ma.s.sage?

“Lin Jingyi, don’t just stand there! Continue.”

Sei’s voice was back to its usual ice cold tone when he addressed Lin Jingyi, causing her to snap out of her thoughts. As was usually the case, he didn’t look at her as he spoke. He just turned his gaze onto the laptop on his table while Davi continued ma.s.saging his shoulders lightly.

“Y-yes. Ahem…” Lin Jingyi was forced to reign in the raging emotions inside her as hard as she could.

However, what happened next was like fuel being added to an angry blazing fire within her.

“Tell me if this feels good or if it doesn’t, okay?.” Davi softly said as her fingers were gently pressing on Sei’s muscles.

“Mm. It feels very good.” Sei replied in a blissful voice, obviously enjoying the current rare service from his dearest wife.

“You can tell me if I need to press down a little harder.” She uttered again and Sei turned towards her, lifted his face and looked at her gently with a smile on his face.

“It’s alright. I’m afraid your fingers might get sore if you use too much strength.” He said as he lovingly touched Davi’s hands on his shoulders.

“Don’t worry about my fingers. I’m not that fragile anymore.” Davi replied and Sei chuckled.

“Now that you mention it…” He said as he returned his gaze to his laptop.

At that moment, Lin Jingyi’s composure was again being destroyed. She slowly turned into a broken tape recorder, pausing a lot and having to restart her sentences from the beginning as though she forgot all the things she had prepared to say.

Of course, Sei already noticed that there seemed to be something wrong about this usually compet.i.tive and straight to the point secretary, since Davi entered the room. Even if his attention was divided, he wasn’t so oblivious that he didn’t notice the change in her. But because Davi was here and Sei was in such a good mood, he ignored Lin Jingyi’s too wordy reports.

However, her constant pausing, as though she was currently lost, was something that Sei just could not ignore anymore.

Sei finally raised his head and glared at her coldly, causing Lin Jingyi to feel that familiar s.h.i.+ver down her spine they always received from their boss. If the boss wasn’t satisfied about something, you would soon know about it.

“What’s wrong with you? Are you here to practice reciting your reports in front of me?” Sei asked and Lin Jingyi felt like a hand struck her face at full force.

“You’ve been here for over an hour; go get the others to take over.” Sei then continued upon noticing her unusual expression. Well, for some reason, Sei’s temper wasn’t even triggered. Considering the fact that Sei was a perfectionist when it comes to his company’s matters and his people’s skills, this was a bit out of character. He used to never tolerate something like this and truth be told, if he was his usual ruthless self, he wouldn’t have even hesitated in firing Lin Jingyi for her sloppy reporting skills. However, Sei was strangely being considerate this time.

“I… I’m sorry. Please excuse me f—”

Just as Lin Jingyi was about to take her leave, Davi suddenly cut through her words.

“Darling, why don’t you let her finish the report? It’s almost done anyway.”

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