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Chapter 556: A Strong Stance

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An early exit?

Everyone was shocked; they still hadn’t recovered from Jiang Chen’s speech and his authoritative exit.

It wasn’t an internal meeting of a corporation but a business forum that was connected to the economic cooperation of two countries! The Hua-Xin forum wasn’t only comprised of individuals from the tech field, but everyone knew the tech field was the focus of this business forum.

While Li Yanhong’s aggressive comment seemed to be at fault first, was Jiang Chen’s reaction too excessive? This “immature” action in this kind of setting didn’t suit his position as the President of a multi-national company. His temper belonged to a reckless man, not a shrewd businessman seeking a partners.h.i.+p opportunity…

Was Jiang Chen being immature?

Yesterday, he and Liu Xiangguo discussed this question during their conversation.

“During tomorrow’s business forum, keep an eye on Li Yanhong.”

“Li Yanhong? If I remember correctly, he’s the boss of Baidu. Is there a problem with him?”

“No problem. Baidu is always a politically correct company with firm support.” Liu Xiangguo sipped on his tea and narrowed his eyes sluggishly. “But because of this, he won’t be friendly to you.”

“Could you elaborate on this?”

“With your deviousness, you know exactly what I mean.” Liu Xiangguo put down his teacup.

“Deviousness? If possible, I hope you can use a different descriptive word,” Jiang Chen said wryly.

“Young man, there aren’t a lot of people who could be called devious by me.” The elder paused, and opened his wrinkled eyelids slightly. “To put it simply, the people at the top have divergent opinions about you.”

“Please explain,” Jiang Chen humbly said.

Perhaps it was because they already formed an alliance, but Liu Xiangguo didn’t keep anything hidden from him. “Some people think Future Group’s technology should be owned by the country since artificial intelligence, virtual reality, nutrient supply, and deep water mining are all beneficial to both the country and its people.”

Jiang Chen didn’t feel too shocked when he heard Liu Xiangguo’s words. Although Hua didn’t express any official opinion on this matter, he doubted they knew nothing about Future Group.

“If you’re interested in nutrient supply, we can work together but deep water mining is a bit difficult. We already signed a technology non-proliferation agreement with BHP. It would be risky for us to engage in direct conflict with an international mining giant.”

Deepwater mining would probably be the most attractive to Hua and its appeal should be even greater compared to virtual reality technology since this technology could strengthen sovereignty over the ocean while virtual reality’s military applications were far less appealing compared to commercial usage.

But Liu Xiangguo didn’t seem to be too hooked on this point. He glared at Jiang Chen before continuing.

“Another group of people thinks this is like killing the chicken for the egg and being over-possessive. If Linhua Group didn’t use unlawful methods or use the power of SASAC to cut Future Technology’s options, perhaps you wouldn’t be forced away.”

“I don’t disagree.” Jiang Chen nodded.

Just as he said, if it wasn’t for the w.a.n.g family’s hideous intentions, he wouldn’t have left. But on the other hand, Future Group started its expansion after it stepped out of restrictive boundaries to grow to its size today.

“The w.a.n.ghai w.a.n.g family you are familiar with belongs in the first group, and the supporter behind Li Yanhong also happens to be in that group. During the business forum, he will use the opportunity to make trouble for you.”

“What will he do?” Jiang Chen asked.

“He won’t do anything out of the line – he’ll ask you questions that put you on the spot and test your bottom line at most. What you need to be is authoritative,” Liu Xiangguo said without much emotion in his voice.

“Authoritative? I understand.”

While the Liu family was the leader of families, the politics of the republic wasn’t controlled by the red n.o.bles. Although the Liu family was willing to act as the protective umbrella of Future Group, Liu Xiangguo couldn’t neglect the opinions of his colleagues whose positions were no lower than his.

He needed an opportunity, and this opportunity had to be provided by Jiang Chen by acting with force during the business forum.

The premise was that the people who viewed Future Group as an outsider weren’t repulsed by Future Group’s technology. Future Technology was different from Google. Baidu copied Google’s technology, so the departure of the disobedient Google had no influence on Hua, but Future Technology was different – its technology was irreplaceable.

Because of this, as long as it was within an appropriate range, the more authoritative Jiang Chen acted, the easier it would be for the Liu family to negotiate with their colleagues.

Even without considering virtual reality technology, with the tension in the area continuing to escalate, Hua wouldn’t want to push too hard on a dictator worth cooperating with. Just on this point alone, the people at the top reached a consensus.

Seeing Jiang Chen reached this “understanding,” Liu Xiangguo nodded with satisfaction and joking said:

“I have a stronger confidence in you now. Why don’t I introduce my niece to you?”

“Umm… I’ll pa.s.s. I already have too much to handle.” Jiang Chen touched his nose with a troubled smile.

Seeing Jiang Chen’s rejection, although Liu Xiangguo didn’t look too pleased, he didn’t say anymore and just mocked him with a cold face.

“Young man, you should take care of your body so you don’t regret it when you’re older.”

Jiang Chen only shrugged at the elder’s mocking words.

“I’ll be careful.”

As if Liu Haotian had guessed Jiang Chen would leave early, he was already waiting by the stairs when Jiang Chen stepped out.

“Done already?”

“Conversation didn’t take off. Let’s go. Before we go back to the hotel, I need you to take me somewhere.” Jiang Chen left him hanging and walked directly to the parking lot.

“Clubs? I know a couple of fun places, but it isn’t dark yet. Is that okay?”

“Get out!” Jiang Chen jokingly cursed.

Jiang Chen didn’t expect any specific agreements to be made during the business forum. He already delivered the message he needed to get across, so leaving early made no difference. The trouble was, his actions might be criticized. But the reason he did it could be attributed to the ill-intentions of Baidu.

Just for the sake of billions of USD per year, the Liu family would wipe his b.u.t.t clean for him, so there was no need for him to worry about this.

“I guess when you left, Li Yanhong’s expression must’ve been hilarious.” Liu Haotian joked with Jiang Chen after he sat in the car.

“Pan Feng’s expression was even more hilarious, but is it bad if I left a bad impression on him?”

“Don’t worry. Although he’s at a ministry level, he doesn’t have any real control. In terms of political stance, he belongs in the middle that doesn’t cause any trouble. You should be more worried about Baidu – perhaps he’ll take you down from his search engine,” Liu Haotian joked.

“Only if he’s willing to see all phones installed with Future 1.0, unable to use Baidu to search.” Jiang Chen sank in his seat, unafraid.

The car didn’t drive for even two kilometers before Jiang Chen received a phone call from Ali that expressed their intentions to cooperate in a virtual reality online retailer.

Just as he expected, even if the business forum didn’t end on a good note, Future Technology’s apeal was enough for him to not worry about the lack of interest. Not only Ali, but Penguin and the proud Baidu from the business forum subsequently called him.

For his potential partners or compet.i.tors, Jiang Chen didn’t immediately promise anything. Instead, he suggested that only once Future Technology’s newly appointed CEO came into office would he discuss cooperation.

Jiang Chen’s words stunned the representatives who called.

There’s going to be a new CEO for Future Technology?

This was an incredible piece of news.

Just when everyone was speculating who the new CEO would be, inside a coffee shop, Jiang Chen met with the next CEO of Future Technology recommended by Xia s.h.i.+yu.

He had already met this person a couple times.

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