I Can Create Perfect Accidents. Chapter 103 – The Plan Begins!

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Chapter 103: The Plan Begins!

Night. A few minutes had just pa.s.sed after 9 PM.

Inside the gray six-story building.

At this moment, only the surveillance room was still lit up.

Heavy footsteps sounded in the dim corridor.

Wearing plain clothes, Victor carried a pile of records.

As he yawned, his eyes which were slightly watery from the tears that appeared looked at the door frame that was outlined by the light not far away.

“Captain Victor.

“Anthony.” At this moment, the young agent, Sona’s voice suddenly sounded.

He instantly sobered up.

Frowning, he quickly walked into the room.

He placed the files on the first table beside the door.

He looked up at the projection in front of the surveillance room.

There were only three people in the huge surveillance room, making it seem a little lonely.

The young man called Anthony had dark circles under his eyes.

He looked at the screen.

It was an ordinary busy intersection.

Because it was about 9 PM, it was still the peak of the night of Christmas Eve, and the road seemed congested.

His expression subconsciously relaxed slightly.

At this moment, a familiar series of changes suddenly appeared!

A bicycle that had lost its balance.

The knocked-down shared bicycles.

And then there was a piercing braking sound and a terrible crash!

The unforeseen event ended. Everything happened in a split second.

Victor, who was still standing by the door, suddenly clenched his fists.

The young man who was still sitting in the corner suddenly stood up.

The hairs on his body stood on end.

He stared at the screen with wide eyes.


A sense of familiarity a.s.saulted him!

Was this just an accident?


This definitely wasn’t just an accident!

“Our people have still been paying attention to the movements of the Alexander Corporation’s Alexander.” In front of the computer, Sona’s heavy voice sounded.

She paused and looked up, revealing a solemn face.

In a deep voice, she said, “I have received the news.

“Just now, at 9 PM sharp.

“The first car of Alexander’s motorcade at the intersection was involved in a car accident. Its body was severely deformed.”

As soon as Sona’s words landed, two heavy, hurried gasps sounded in the surveillance room.

The young man with thick dark circles stood up immediately.

He was about to walk out.

When he was about to walk out of the door, he said hoa.r.s.ely, “I’m going out for a while.”

The final deadline the higher-ups gave him was December 24th.

Therefore, the time he set for himself to leave was 11.59 PM and 59 seconds tonight.

Victor reacted. He felt his heart pounding rapidly.

Fresh blood flowed to his limbs and bones along with the pumping of his heart.


“I’ll go with you.” He hurriedly shouted.

He glanced at the empty surveillance room.

His body that was about to leave stopped again.

He ran into the room and grabbed the young man’s coat.

Then he plunged into the dim corridor.

Obviously, having interacted with John a lot, from the accident this time, they saw John’s figure.

Although they didn’t know why, they were extremely excited.

Like a bee that smelled the fragrance of flowers.

They couldn’t help but want to go to the scene personally.

In the center of Owain City was a large three-story Christmas tree that was dotted with decorations.

Around the tree were resplendent lamps, balloons, ribbons, and bells.

They were red socks with gifts hidden in them.

A famous international pianist wearing a pure white suit sat in front of the Christmas tree and played a cheerful tune.

All around the tree were the younger generation of the higher-cla.s.s societies in Owain City.

They were dressed in formal suits and holding a gla.s.s of red wine as they strolled around and chatted.

A woman in a black Baroque dress with an elegant veil covering her face and wine red high heels was taking each step evenly.

“Step distance of 45 centimeters. The time taken to take one step is 0.5 seconds.”

The woman with the elegant veil walked to the second level just like that.

She walked straight through the crowd and appeared at the railing of the straight corridor.

She lowered her head.

It was like her hand could pick up the dazzling decorations on the Christmas tree if she just stretched her hand.

At the same time.

Another young man in a black suit brushed past the woman.

He seemed to be deeply attracted to the woman.

He looked over.


The woman took a sip of the red wine in her hand.

Then, she placed it on the railing. Thick liquid swirled in the gla.s.s.

It was as if she had sensed the gaze on her.

The woman turned her head and looked in the direction of the gaze she felt.

Coincidentally, she met the young man’s gaze.

The corner of her lips curled up and her red lips moved slightly, revealing a smile that made the young man’s heart beat faster.

The smile was mysterious, complicated, and seemed to contain undisguised disdain.

Like a queen, high and mighty.

Or like a G.o.ddess, otherworldly.

Behind the elegant black veil, the woman’s expression instantly became cold.

She left without hesitation.

The man reached out his hand, wanting to stop her.

However, for some reason, he felt fear in that instant.

The young man in the black suit looked in the direction where the woman had disappeared in frustration.

He strode forward and chased after her.

However, he couldn’t find her in the crowd.

The young man seemed to have remembered something.

He walked back to the railing.

He looked closely at the wine gla.s.s that was stained with some lip marks.

His breathing became hurried.

He licked his lips.

The young man walked closer and stuck out his finger.


As soon as he touched the gla.s.s, the gla.s.s leaned back.

The wine gla.s.s rolled in the air.

The thick liquid landed on the back of the Christmas tree.

It seeped into the row of dense lamp accessories.


A bolt of lightning flashed.

The woman in the Baroque-style dress, the veil, and wine-red high heels stood beside a deserted balcony.

The lights were dim.

Behind her, some distance away was the glamorous event center.

She walked into the balcony.

The woman looked up at the dense dark clouds.

She took out her phone and dialed a number.

When she heard another voice from the phone, she leaned against the railing with a gentle expression.


“Everything went well.

“By the way, tonight is Christmas Eve. I wish you all the best!”

On the busy road.

A young man in a hood and a gray coat stood there.

He held the phone in his hand and walked hurriedly.

“There’s a component in the red wine called Danning Acid.

“It has excellent absorption power and can increase conductivity,” John explained lightly.


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