I Am Supreme Chapter 917 – A Pike In The Air

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Chapter 917: A Pike In The Air

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Suddenly, screams of agony echoed through the forest in Swallow’s Hill from every direction, rising and falling incessantly; it sounded as if it was h.e.l.l had arrived on Earth!

Martial men — men with broken legs, arms, and hips — fought to get themselves out of there in a haphazard manner. The men who scampered out of the area were completely bare — no one was spared.

From top to toe, they totally unclad.

Much to the surprise of Yun Yang and his men, they managed to collect thirty to forty spatial rings this time around. These were rings that they did not manage to get their hands on last time as they were hidden in secret nooks, previously undiscovered. This time, they really went out of their way, scavenging through every single fiber, without missing even a single speck of dust!

“Giving out spatial rings to disciples in our sect who achieve any form of merit seems like a good reward that could last awhile.” Yun Yang wiped off every trace of deific consciousness a.s.sociated with the rings while he was gathering them, rendering them ownerless.

“As for our sect’s reserves, I believe that we won’t be lacking anything for a while.”

Shi Wuchen sn.i.g.g.e.red gleefully.

“Move faster. Finish all the fights within a quarter of an hour, and then a.s.semble at where I am when you’re done.” Yun Yang gave out strict orders. “Be by my side at the final moment of that quarter, and make preparations to face our opponents; be very prepared in all aspects.”

At this very moment, Yun Yang’s deific consciousness had already detected a few powerful deific consciousnesses coming towards them from afar, eyeing them hungrily.

The first one of them all had a particularly powerful aura, streaking over quickly, like a meteor, putting quite a distance between the few who trailed behind him.

Suddenly, Yun Yang’s mind was struck by another idea…


The three men agreed simultaneously.

Qiu Mengcheng, like a hawk, drew open the curtain of fog shrouding the skies with a powerful wave and swooped towards the peak of Swallow’s Hill.

His heart was burning with anxiety!

Capturing the Raiders of All But G.o.d could be considered as the most admirable and respectable act in the martial world. Furthermore, a huge reward would come along with it — this was an opportunity that he would not allow anyone else to seize. Since this area was already cleared, they would belong to whoever reached here first!

He was a pract.i.tioner that belonged to the Qing Yun Sect. In terms of cultivation base, his was neither too high nor too low in the Qing Yun Sect. He rarely explored the martial world, and ever since he was stuck at the position of Saint Level Three for more than fifty years, he was now known to be a Saint Level sparring partner for the Qing Yun Sect.

This time, be it a coincidence or otherwise, the goods he manned had encountered some mishaps.

Qiu Mengcheng, upon hearing this news, was beyond rage. He rejected every offer to pursue them and went after them himself.

However, getting back the goods was not the main point. He was more interested in throwing some punches, killing some people and getting rich in the process.

Being a sparring partner was somewhat an achievement after all — his Saint Level Three pinnacle cultivation base was the real deal.

This man was still miles away from Yun Yang. However, the terrifying aura he exuded flattened the trees of the forest in a single direction, as if a hurricane had suddenly arrived!

A flash of electrifying lightning trailed behind him.

This phenomenon of bringing along lightning was a sign of mystical Qi being called upon in stupendous quant.i.ties!

At a glance, the incoming man had his arms wide open with his large sleeves lapping around his wrists as if he had a pair of large wings attached to his torso. He glided along with the wind, his sleeves so big and vast to the point that they hung low, enough to rid the skies and heavens of their aura!

On one hand, he was pressing forward, on the other hand, he obscured the vision of similar-leveled experts trailing behind him. He even triggered an anti-directional draft to slow them down.

They’re mine! n.o.body else shall take them away from me!

On the peak, four silhouettes stood next to each other, their faces masked.

Their gazes were filled with a dancing light as they stood tall and fearless on the peak, glancing at the incoming Qiu Mengcheng as their sleeves bellowed wildly in the ferocious winds.

Their gazes did not waver at all. The entire reserve of mystical Qi was already full to the brim! The powerful Qi blazed across the skies, coming together and dissipating in an endless cycle.

The ground where the four stood had slowly turned into a whirlpool of spiritual Qi!


Qiu Mengcheng descended from the skies. Before he could reach the ground, his arms were already wide open, his eyes filled with ominous killing intent.

However, just as he landed and finished acc.u.mulating strength within himself…

“Finish him!”

With a loud roar, the four men leaped up into the air simultaneously like rays of a rainbow, perfectly in line!

Two sabers and two swords were unsheathed.

A combined attack of sabers and swords, an incoming attack of conjoined forces!

His opponents were approaching in a formidable manner, but Qiu Mengcheng did not think too much about the attack. He had the pinnacle strength of Saint Level Three after all, and the strongest among his incoming opponents were merely a Saint Level One pract.i.tioner. Their strength and damage should not be underestimated, but it was still something he could definitely withstand; naturally. there was no need to be too worried about it!

This entire farce only made Qiu Mengcheng feel like laughing.

Could these four fellows actually think that they could defeat me with their feeble cultivation bases? They’re quite ready to die, aren’t they?

However, just as they were about to clash with each other head-on, Qiu Mengcheng suddenly felt that something was out of place.

He was suddenly plagued by a sudden, creeping chill in his bones.

There was another attack, concealed from sight, which had been executed long before this double-saber double-sword move!

A pike with no form or shadow! He had not noticed it at all earlier!

This pike possessed no visible silhouette. There was not even a trace of its presence that could be felt; it was as if it only existed within the air.

However, this pike was horribly long, spanning almost a hundred-and-eighty feet!

How can there be a pike that long in this world?

Over a hundred feet long… This was no prank indeed… What sort of person could use a pike like this?

I’ve never heard of such a thing in my life!

Since Qiu Mengcheng descended from the skies in such a hasty and imposing manner, that pike had already been lodged there securely, awaiting his arrival.

It was clearly positioned for Qiu Mengcheng to launch himself against the pointy end!

Qiu Mengcheng had only noticed the swords and sabers wielded by the four men in front of him and had let down his guard too early. He had not antic.i.p.ated a pike like this hidden on the other end!

However, this was clearly something that made no sense at all!

It was believed that any pract.i.tioner in the Bound of Universe wouldn’t have a similar encounter — and they would never believe such a bizarre thing could happen to them!

However, this was truly something that was happening right in front of him!

He only discovered the presence of the pike when he felt the sinister chill of the pike’s sharp tip after the mystical Qi layer protecting his body came into contact with the pointy end of the pike.

However, it was too late.

Only G.o.d knew what force was behind this pike, for it had completely pierced through Qiu Mengcheng’s mystical Qi protective barrier as if it did not exist, as if it was tearing bamboo into shreds!

Qiu Mengcheng dived downwards like a shooting star, plunging himself against the head of the pike!

If it was not for the fact that he had chosen to disperse the mystical Qi throughout his entire body after predicting the cultivation strength of Yun Yang and his men, and if he had chosen to acc.u.mulate the Qi at a single point instead, he might have stood a chance to block the deadly edge of the pike. However, it was a shame that he did not.

Hence, an ultimate tragedy ensued.

When the pike encountered Qiu Mengcheng’s mystical Qi barrier that shielded his body, it still struck forward with an unstoppable force. Due to the obstruction from the mystical Qi, the transparent body of the pike inevitably flexed, resembling a large bow — but its pointy end still rammed itself straight into Qiu Mengcheng’s chest!

It pierced through his flesh and blood spurted everywhere!

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