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These were truly ancient words. Even someone like Xiang Shaoyun who had read tens of thousands of books was unable to recognize all of these ancient words. From that, it was clear how old the skin was. Dong Zi also stretched her head over to peek at the words. Confusion covered her face as she mumbled, “What the h.e.l.l are these words?”

“No idea, but this is mine,” Xiang Shaoyun said before keeping the skin away with no hesitation. Just because he couldn’t read the words did not mean n.o.body could. Perhaps a major secret was hidden behind them.

Dong Zi knew this could very well be the biggest harvest from the excursion, but she did not fight over it with Xiang Shaoyun. Without Xiang Shaoyun, she wouldn’t have been able to reach so far. In any case, she had already gotten a life essence seed for herself, which was an incredibly precious treasure in and of itself. Getting it had already made her trip worth it.

They did not leave immediately. Rather, they searched the cave one last time to see if they had missed anything. After confirming that they had missed nothing, they prepared to leave.

Suddenly, Dong Zi blushed. The tunnel leading outside was still filled with blackcorpse poison. She had no way of leaving without Xiang Shaoyun’s a.s.sistance. More importantly, her real gender had been exposed. She was too embarra.s.sed to stick so close to Xiang Shaoyun anymore.

“Come on, time to go,” Xiang Shaoyun called out at her.

“I-I…” Dong Zi hesitated, not knowing that to say.

Seemingly capable of reading her mind, a smile surfaced on Xiang Shaoyun’s face as he said, “Come on, Brother Crossdresser. I won’t take advantage of you. Don’t worry.”

“You are the crossdresser. Your entire family are crossdressers!” Dong Zi fumed.

Xiang Shaoyun abruptly approached her, grabbed her arm, and pulled her toward the tunnel. A layer of lightning energy shrouded both Xiang Shaoyun and Dong Zi as they rushed through the cave towards its exit. Unlike when they had entered, they were not troubled by the numerous blackfur corpses when leaving. They only needed to deal with the poison.

The fuming Dong Zi was planning to give Xiang Shaoyun a beating, but when she saw how Xiang Shaoyun was protecting her, a sense of warmth covered her heart and her face turned red. They were able to leave the depths of the cave smoothly. Slowly, the poison in the air thinned and became less threatening. Xiang Shaoyun continued running quickly with Dong Zi in tow. Not long after, they finally left the cave. Unfortunately, waiting for them outside were the Blackhill Sect members.

When the Blackhill Sect members arrived, they could not decide if they should enter the cave or not. But they eventually discovered that there were signs of burning around and inside the cave. A lot of dead blackfur corpses could be found around the area as well. Thus, they were able to conclude that someone had entered the cave.

Because of that, they had decided to guard the entrance and rob the person who had entered. Sure enough, they had not waited for nothing. When Xiang Shaoyun and Dong Zi saw the almost 100 people waiting outside, the two blanked out. It was obvious enough that these were Blackhill Sect members.

Xiang Shaoyun cursed inwardly, d.a.m.n it, why are they so fast?

“h.e.l.lo, there. What are you guys doing here so late at night? It’s quite cold out here. I suggest you guys go back, take a shower, and go to bed,” Xiang Shaoyun greeted warmly and noiselessly dragged Dong Zi toward the direction with fewer people.

“Hmph. The two of you have intruded upon the Blackhill Sect’s mine, and you dare speak such sarcastic words to us? You are courting death!” one of them berated.

“Wait, what do you mean by intruding upon your mine? This is obviously a ma.s.s burial site. Those monsters had captured us into the cave. If we hadn’t been lucky, we would have died. There are a lot of zombies in there!” Xiang Shaoyun exaggerated.

He then let go of Dong Zi and whispered, “Escape the moment you have the chance.”

“No! I am not running!” Dong Zi yelled.

Xiang Shaoyun’s face turned unsightly. He had been whispering so the Blackhill Sect members wouldn’t hear what he told her, but this stupid girl actually yelled it out.

“Heh, escape? Look around you. Can you even escape?” someone from the Blackhill Sect sneered.

At this time, the vice sect master of the Blackhill Sect stepped out and said, “I don’t care who you are, but you will have to come with us. We will decide your fate at a later time. Men, tie them up. If they dare resist, kill them.”

Murderous intent was leaking out of this vice sect master as he gave the command. Clearly, he did not intend to let Xiang Shaoyun and Dong Zi leave. Two people approached Xiang Shaoyun and Dong Zi.

“You dare…,” Dong Zi stepped forth and shouted.

But before she could finish her sentence, Xiang Shaoyun abruptly dashed toward a certain direction, dragging her along with him.

“Those who stand in my way shall die!” Xiang Shaoyun howled as the apparitions of a dragon and a tiger appeared behind him. A trace of a tiger’s roar was mixed within his outward rumbling shout, causing everyone’s ears to hum in pain.

The tiger’s roar was an innate demonic ability Xiang Shaoyun had inherited from the white tiger soul. Although his roar wasn’t as fearsome as the roar of a true tiger, the true essence of a white tiger’s roar was most certainly contained within his roar. Thus, if he was able to catch his opponents by surprise, his roar would be remarkably effective.

The Blackhill Sect members around Xiang Shaoyun were momentarily stunned, allowing Xiang Shaoyun to charge out of the encirclement. With the exquisite Overlord’s Nine Nether Steps, he moved at a speed not even late-stage Transformation Realm cultivators could match.

Furthermore, Xiang Shaoyun had also selected to break out from the spot with the lowest number of Blackhill Sect members. Because of that, he was able to tear a way out and directly dash into the woods. He was using all his power, channeling energy out of all nine of his stars as he fled.

Unfortunately, there were too many Blackhill Sect members. Even their vice sect master was here, and they were all elites. Xiang Shaoyun and Dong Zi wouldn’t be able to escape so easily.

The vice sect master streaked through the air like a phantom as he chased Xiang Shaoyun. A few people were also following closely behind the vice sect master. These were all powerful peak Transformation Realm cultivators.

“Don’t even dream of escaping,” the vice sect master sneered before sending a palm attack with each of his hands—one aimed at Xiang Shaoyun while the other aimed at Dong Zi.

The overbearing attack swept forth like a tsunami. Right as the attack was about to hit Xiang Shaoyun and Dong Zi, a figure appeared out of nowhere and slammed the incoming attack back toward the vice sect master. The vice sect master was caught completely by surprise and was sent flying by the counterattack.


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