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“d.a.m.nit!” Kendel screamed as their party was attacked again while trying to make it towards the back gate. Tasar had posted a platoon of soldiers at the rear entrance. Making it impossible for them to escape.

They were stuck, in front of them were the Udava soldiers, and behind them was the war. With Vanya injured, down to five men and Kerala having no experience with the sword. Their party is lambs to be slaughtered.

“Lord Kendel, what should we do now?” His second-in-command asked when they had to duck into an empty house to avoid the Udava soldiers.

“I don’t know! Let me think…” Kendel walked over to Vanya, who was slowly losing consciousness and slapped her awake. His life was on the line, he has no time to babysit the weak.

“We need another escape route now!” Kendel roared into Vanya’s face, making Kerala jump in fright.

“I don’t think there is one…” Vanya was too low on blood to even walk straight let alone think of a plan to get them out of this situation.

“You have lived here for…how many years, and you don’t know another route!?” Kendel held up his hand ready to slap Vanya again when Kerala jumped in the way.

“Lord Kendel! I know, I know another route! Please don’t hit Lady Vanya.” Hearing there was an alternate route, Kendel was all too pleased to abide by Kerala’s wishes.

Kerala looked over at her lady, she wouldn’t have bothered with stopping Lord Kendel’s actions if she didn’t think he would try to kill her next after murdering his sister.

“What are you doing!? Lead the way!”

Exiting the house, Kerala led the party to the only other route to the rear entrance.


“What is taking him so long?” Joanos and Saavi stood in the living room when they realized Kaze has been gone for too long.

“Maybe he’s still scouting…?” Joanos wanted to look on the bright side because the alternative would be too hard to acknowledge.

“He better be…” Saavi was already upset with Kaze because of his previous actions. Now that he left him here like sitting ducks, she was even more than ready to criticize him.

“Maybe I should go look for him…” Joanos suggested when he saw Saavi’s fuming face.

“No! You’re even worse than him. Every time you go somewhere or do something, your precarious a.s.s gets hurts…just stay here. We’ll wait a bit more before deciding what to do.” Saavi felt like she was a mother of three kids.

As Joanos and Saavi were discussing on what to do noise was heard at the front door. Silently they approach, Saavi stood behind the door and Joanos standing in front. On the count of three, they opened the door to see a b.l.o.o.d.y Kaze fall into the room.

“Don’t just stand there drag him into the house…!” Saavi nudged Joanos into action.

With each grabbing an arm, they pulled Kaze’s body inside.

“Kaze!…Kaze!..” Saavi called out, trying to wake him up. They needed to know the situation outside.

Awoken by Saavi’s slap to his face, Kaze opened his eyes and looked Saavi way.

“What happened? How is the war outside?” Saavi needed answers.

Recognizing, where he is Kaze pushed himself to sit up and face Saavi’s and Joanos’ questions.

“Ugh…the war is soon coming to an end, with Lord Tasar being victorious…if nothing else serious happens to effect his soldiers…”

Saavi and Joanos breathed a sigh of relief. With the war soon to be finish, they just needed to sit tight and protect themselves to the end.

“What happened to you?…what took you so long to come back?” Saavi looked over Kaze’s body, which was covered in cuts and gashes.

“…While observing the battle, I got sucked into the fighting…” Kaze was exhausted. From the time Wyn and his men attacked Mika, he hasn’t stopped using his powers. If he didn’t seize the opportunity to run away when a group of Udava soldiers came, he would still be caught up in the war.

However, he had to use a vast amount of energy to successfully get away, leaving him exhausted not to the point where Mika is at but enough to where he needed a good rest.

“Do you need the healing pod?” Joanos asked, looking at Kaze weary face.

“En…but only for a few minutes, the war is not over yet…” Kaze wanted to warn them not the drop their guard just because the Udava will win the war.

“Go…Joanos and I will keep watch until you get back.”

“How is Miss Mikaela?” Kaze didn’t see her around, so he a.s.sumed she was still sleeping.

“Asleep but fine…I ran a quick up her on her body. A few more hours of sleep and she’ll wake up on her own.” Saavi said then walked away to the back door without looking back.

“She doesn’t seem to like you very much…” Joanos said as he helped Kaze off the floor and to the healing pod.

“En…I haven’t been a reliable guard to our miss young so far…It’s understandable.” Kaze looked away from Joanos’ questioning eyes, ashamed to admit this truth.

Reaching the healing pod, Kaze programmed it heal his cuts and to wake him up in 15 minutes. He didn’t feel safe leaving everyone alone for too long.

“Guard the front door…don’t let anyone in.” Once Joanos left the room, Kaze looked over at Mika’s sleeping form.

“It should be over soon, Miss Mikaela.”

Jumping into the pod, Kaze closed the lid and let it do its job.


Stumbling among the familiar walkways of the Udava’s estate a young miss everyone seems to have forgotten about looked up at the house that held her enemy.

Lixiss had long lost her prestige as the young miss of the Udava clan. Her skin was sallow and pasty, her hair was a tangled mess, and her clothes had a foul smell coming from them.

After breaking free from the shed Kerala trapped her in, Lixiss only had one thought in her head, and that was to kill Mikaela.

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