History Is Strongest Senior Brother Chapter 565: Buy One Get One Free

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HSSB565: Buy one get one free

Looking at the Eye of the Thunder Emperor fragment flying out from Yan Zhaoge’s right eye that was much bigger in size than his, Geng Hui’s heart sunk abruptly.

For such forces that stemmed from the same source, the stronger side would easily be able to devour and a.s.similate the weaker.

Next, he indeed saw his Sacred Artifact fragment plunge directly into his enemy’s embrace like a child meeting their parent, the connection between them instantly breaking off.

Geng Hui could only feel his heart bleeding.

After having heard about Yan Zhaoge’s battle with Fang Kan, suspecting that he might possess an Eye of the Thunder Emperor fragment as well, Geng Hui had therefore set his eye on it.

Yan Zhaoge had indeed possessed one. In the end, however, it was he who had contributed his fragment to Yan Zhaoge.

Geng Hui felt despondent whilst also resentful.

Unable to flee, there was only going all out in a last ditch attempt to survive!

Having lost the fragment of the Eye of the Thunder Emperor, while Geng Hui felt despondent to the extreme, he could only temporarily set it aside and go all out, punching towards the Northern Ocean Clone with his fists.

Not only did he not split his focus, he instead grew even fiercer somewhat as violent crimson thunder blazed like fire!

Seeing this, Yan Zhaoge laughed lightly.

The Northern Ocean Clone was suddenly enveloped by a black screen which completely devoured the crimson thunderbolts on Geng Hui’s fists, the red light growing dim as it seemed to have vanished amidst eternal night.

The next moment, tragic white thunder light lit up, streaking through the dark night.

At the same time, it also shattered Geng Hui’s crimson thunderbolts into smithereens!

Meanwhile, the Northern Ocean Clone was not affected in the slightest as he viciously punched onto Geng Hui’s vitals at his chest!

Originally having already been heavily injured, Geng Hui’s body was directly pierced straight through by that powerful force!

The Northern Ocean Clone punched once more, shattering Geng Hui’s Nine Heavens Blazing Thunder Avatar, before sending out yet another punch, mightily blasting Geng Hui’s head into smithereens!

An all-encompa.s.sing rain of blood scattered everyone as this strongest Martial Grandmaster of the Vast Ocean World perished within the dragon tomb, buried together with the numerous dragons.

Yan Zhaoge calmly watched this scene as the purple orb formed of the Eye of the Thunder Emperor fragment was retracted within his pupil once more.

Liu Shuo, Gao Tianzhong and the others all felt extremely complicated.

The great battle between the two had caused the equilibrium between the intermingling spiritual qi and death qi in the dragon tomb to be lost as s.p.a.cetime became even more chaotic.

The earth seemed to be caving in unceasingly beneath their feet as a ma.s.sive crater was formed.

An immense suction force emanated from within, wanting to drag everyone down together.

Yan Zhaoge’s expression did not change as he looked at Soul Shocking Island’s Liu Shuo, who would never be able to think of going against him now.

Liu Shuo cupped his hands towards Yan Zhaoge, not resisting the suction force of the deep abyss down below as he protected the members of his sect in rapidly descending, vanishing deep within.

The remnant Elders of the Brilliant Thunder Sect who had accompanied Geng Hui into the dragon gate was so scared that they turned tail and ran.

However, Yan Zhaoge’s Northern Ocean Clone did not spare them, chasing mercilessly after them as he now directly captured a late Essence Talisman Martial Grandmaster alive.

He was brought over to Yan Zhaoge who stared at him for a moment before asking, “That martial art which uses crimson thunder is your Brilliant Thunder Sect’s renowned Crimson Flame Thunder Light Fist?”

The other party kept his eyes closed, not speaking. Yan Zhaoge did not mind as he waved his hands, the Northern Ocean Clone’s palm emitting radiance that resembled the infinite ocean as it stowed away that person in captivity.

“Crimson Flame Thunder Light Fist…” Yan Zhaoge stroked his lower chin, “This is indeed an unexpected gain. I had thought in clashing with that guy outside the Star Shifting Sea last time that this crimson thunder light of his was rather interesting, yet never had I thought that it might actually be related to the Five Elements Creation Thunder.”

The Five Elements Creation Thunder was ranked amongst the Nine Heavenly Divine Thunders along with An Instant’s Thunder and the Thunder of Eternal Night, being ranked as the third of those nine which was even higher than those two.

This thunder was birthed along with the five elements, possessing the true intent of life creation that never ran dry. The thunder light projected all things within the world, possessing the grand power of the creator of all objects as it existed alongside the splitting of the heavens and earth, containing infinite profundities.

Carefully a.n.a.lysing that crimson thunder light, Yan Zhaoge discovered that these mysterious thunderbolts possessed the essence of the ‘fire’ element of the Fire Elements Creation Thunder.

“Was it the Great Calamity that caused the Five Elements Creation Thunder to be split into five?” Yan Zhaoge wondered.

This blazing thunder which seemed even more violent than normal thunderbolts as it resembled blazing fire did not merely possess a terrifying destructive nature. It also contained the concept of the warmth that flames brought to all objects within the world which aided in their growth.

“Heh, buy one get one free. I like this bargain,” Yan Zhaoge was in a great mood.

Not only had he obtained another of its fragments, strengthening his Eye of the Thunder Emperor, he had also gained the Blazing Flame Thunderbolts which stemmed from the Five Elements Creation Thunder.

If the five elements of the Five Elements Creation Thunder could all be brought together once more, what sort of a wonderful scene that would be.

Yan Zhaoge swivelled his head to look at Gao Tianzhong and the others before pointing towards the deep abyss down below, “Let’s go down as well. Observing the spiritual qi flow, it vaguely feels like the head of the dragon.”

Gao Tianzhong snapped out of it and nodded, the group from Changli Mountain following behind him.

Back in the past, they had still been wondering if Yan Zhaoge and Xu Fei’s group might bring them trouble. From the looks of it now, however, they had to really thank their lucky stars that they had treated Xu Fei and Shi Jun so well all these years.

Shi Jun having come into a conflict with the Blood Dragon Sect over at the Star Shifting Sea, Changli Mountain had immediately chosen to back him up.

If they had tried anything in the process, it would probably be a whole different scenery now.

Amidst their thoughts, they all followed Yan Zhaoge in descending into the deep abyss down below.

Yan Zhaoge rode on the yellow dragon, quietly feeling the changes in s.p.a.cetime within the deep abyss.

The timeflow here was slow at times whilst fast at others. When it was slow, half a day having pa.s.sed here, a few months might already have pa.s.sed outside. When it was fast, a few days having pa.s.sed here, not even two hours might have pa.s.sed outside.

The chaotic s.p.a.cetime here was so obvious with its changes so intense that all those situated within felt the hallucinatory sensation that their bodies and minds were being ripped apart.

Those with lower cultivation bases instead couldn’t feel these changes. The higher one’s cultivation base and their grasp of s.p.a.ce and time, the more clearly they were able to feel this.

Yan Zhaoge checked the Lofty Prestige Mirror, “The dimensional pa.s.sageway’s entrance is even deeper within the dragon tomb. Still, the deeper we venture within, the slower it is that time will flow.”

“Also, as we head deeper in, it will also feel colder.”

Yan Zhaoge thought of that piece of information that he had once gained from the Glacial Dragon Martial Saint of the Eight Extremities World.

The numerous stars converge; Dragons enter the sea; The ancient, cold abyss; Reverse scale shocks moon.

“The ancient, cold abyss…” Yan Zhaoge pondered, “Is that the original state of the dragon tomb? Why did so many dragons congregate here, finally being buried within? As though embracing and going to their deaths?”

The more secrets that he grasped about this place, the less Yan Zhaoge dared to take it lightly. Feeling the surrounding temperature dropping lower and lower, he knew that they were getting closer to the coremost part of the dragon tomb.

Suddenly, Yan Zhaoge’s gaze flickered as he halted in mid-air.

Looking over, he saw a dim light flickering within the darkness of the deep abyss.

The glow seemed to be a sort of barrier, within which a person was seated cross-legged.

Garbed completely in black, he had already been reduced to bones, his skeleton having resided alone here for an inestimable number of years.


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