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Chapter 205 To be confirmed! (2)

Right before this, when Zhou Weiqing had taken the major blow, and because he had run out of Heavenly Energy, his Dual Legendary Hammers had vanished. Now, his hands still had the Yin Yang Giant Spirit Palms on them, and his right palm savagely struck out towards the shoulder of the Upper Level Zun Stage powerhouse who had lost the ability to resist. With the Saint Energy powering the Devour Skill, it was truly just too strong. All his attempts to resist were futile.

With Zhou Weiqing’s terrifying strength, his other arm was also instantly shattered. What followed next was the increase of the shocking suction force from Zhou Weiqing’s right palm as contact was made, not even giving him time to scream in agony.

This was truly the first time since Zhou Weiqing had gained the actual Saint Energy that he could use the Devour Skill without holding back at all, with the aid of his Saint Energy!

The Bai Da powerhouse in his hands was trembling violently, and a strange sight occurred. Everyone could clearly see him actually growing old right in front of them as not just his Heavenly Energy, life force and even soul was drained out of him. The speed of Devouring was just too terrifying when it was powered with the drop of Saint Energy. When the other Bai Da Empire powerhouses recovered from Tian’er’s spirit attack, the Heavenly Jewel Master in Zhou Weiqing’s hand had already become a dessicated corpse, and in the next instant the corpse actually disintegrated into dust, blown away by the wind.

This time, the Devour Skill gave Zhou Weiqing a totally different feeling. He found that when the Heavenly Energy mixed with life force and soul energy entered his body, it instantly entered the Saint Energy whirlpool automatically, and drops of Saint Energy were transformed quickly, directly entering his own personal little Saint Energy whirlpool.

For this six-Jeweled Heavenly Jewel Master, with his Heavenly Energy expended to a certain degree, he had only given Zhou Weiqing a total of seven drops of Saint Energy. It had to be known that this was also having his entire life force and soul drained. Similarly at the six-Jeweled cultivation level, Zhou Weiqing’s own Heavenly Energy alone had been transformed into more than twenty drops of Saint Energy. This was the ma.s.sive difference between those who had the Saint Attributes and those without.

Despite the fact that the Devour Skill in its current state would only bring him Saint Energy, the addition of the seven drops of Saint Energy instantly perked Zhou Weiqing up, giving his entire mind and spirit a huge boost.

At this point, he did not transfer any Saint Energy back to Tian’er. Currently, he needed to fight, and they could balance things out after he had dealt with all these enemies in front of him.

He quickly infused a drop of Heavenly Energy directly into his QiHai Acupuncture Point. With the fusion of the Saint Energy, it was as if a fresh breath of life was blown into the QiHai Acupuncture Point, drawing in more Heavenly Energy from outside, with the absorption rate greatly increased, Zhou Weiqing’s ordinary Heavenly Energy also began to recover at a even more terrifying pace.

“All of you, come meet your maker at I, Your Father’s hands!” Zhou Weiqing shoutedly loudly. However, his actions were contrary to his words, as he abruptly sprang upwards, still holding on to Tian’er tightly. His wings flapped hard, and instantly the pair of them shot up into the skies. Above his head, a purplish red light appeared at once… forming an illusory image… it was the Demonic Dragon Lady!

Previously, during the hours of fighting, Zhou Weiqing had to take into account the entire battlefield, and he had too many enemies surrounding him. As such, he did not have any chance to use the Dragon Silencing Seal. Furthermore, in the first place he had not even prepared the Dragon Silencing Seal in his Six Ultimate G.o.dly Light Formation, as it took too long to prepare this powerful Skill.

Currently, with Tian’er’s a.s.sistance and the additional fresh new seven drops of Saint Energy, coupled with the fact that there were much fewer enemies left, he could finally fully flourish this extremely useful Skill.

Of course, Zhou Weiqing would not infuse his Saint Energy directly into the Dragon Silencing Seal. He did not want the Demonic Dragon Lady to come to live. It wasn’t that he was too afraid of any Heavenly Emperor powerhouse questioning him, though that was also a consideration. However, the main point was that with both his own and Tian’er’s current state, if they tried to bring a Heavenly Skill Image to life like the previous time, it would be their turn to be drained to death.

Even without the infusion of Saint Energy, the Dragon Silencing Seal was undoubtedly an extremely powerful Skill. The remaining six Bai Da Empire powerhouses could only stand there and watch Zhou Weiqing fly away. They did not have their own Consolidated Wings, and before the Heavenly King stage, how could they chase him?

“Not good…!”

Alas, by the time they wanted to react, it was too late. Zhou Weiqing’s eyes were filled with a strong killing intent. The Dragon Silencing Seal unleashed… with his current six-Jeweled stage, he was able to use the it six times daily, and without holding anything back, he used them all at once.

One of the greatest benefit of the Dragon Silencing Seal was that it did not consume any of his Heavenly Energy at all. Six bouts of Dragon Silencing Seals, and the six Ba Da Empire powerhouses were instantly struck with it. Their Consolidated Equipment, Stored Skills, were all Sealed away. At this point, Zhou Weiqing had also recovered some of his Heavenly Energy with the aid of his scary regenerative rate and the Saint Energy whirlpool, and he at least had the strength to fight once more.

His heart was currently bleeding! He had personally built the Peerless Regiment from ground up, all the way from when it was just a mere Ruffian Battalion, and he had deep feelings for these brothers of his. The Peerless Regiment was also his greatest dependence towards his dream of reviving his homeland. Now, looking at things, he did not even know how many of the Peerless Regiment soldiers still survived, how could he not be enraged?

At this moment, Zhou Weiqing had long forgotten any of those useless sayings about killing too much being against the heavens. This was war! War! If he did not destroy his enemies, then his enemies would destroy him.

In Zhou Weiqing’s heart, there was not even the slightest bit of pity or mercy left for these enemies before him.

The effect of the Dragon Silencing Seal gave the six Bai Da Empire powerhouses a huge shock. Facing this ‘fresh’ Zhou Weiqing who had suddenly become so powerful, they no longer felt the need to stubbornly continue fighting. However, their fighting experience was extremely abundant, and they did not panic. Instantly, the six of them flew off in different directions.

Zhou Weiqing’s reactions were just as quick. He immediately chose one of the eight-Jeweled Mid Level Zong Stage Heavenly Jewel Masters as his prey, pouncing upon him instantly. At this point, he was no longer using the Six Ultimate G.o.dly Light Formation, and he just swept his hand and unleashed a Fetters of Wind.

A Blink Skill, Absolute Delay, and Touch of Darkness. Instantly, he appeared next to his restricted foe, and two more powerful Control Skills followed suit. This poor Mid Level Zong Stage powerhouse who had already expended so much energy in the past hours, and no longer had access to his Stored Skills and Consolidated Equipment… how could he possibly withstand for long, especially now that his mind was fully on retreat? Even when he tried to put up a last minute resistance, Tian’er quickly dealt with him using another Spirit Attack.

Zhou Weiqing’s right palm clapped savagely on his throat, and the Devour Skill activated once more. This time, due to the fact that he did not infuse his Saint Energy, the Devouring process was much slower. However, this eight-Jeweled Heavenly Jewel Master was still unable to escape from Zhou Weiqing’s grasp.

Drop after drop of Saint Energy formed in Zhou Weiqing’s body. An eight-Jeweled Heavenly Jewel Master was just different! By the time he crumbled into dust, he had ‘gifted’ Zhou Weiqing with twenty six drops of Saint Energy!

By now, the other five enemies had fled down the city walls and away. Naturally, Zhou Weiqing used the opportunity to share half the Saint Energy with Tian’er.

With the additional dozen or so drops of Saint Energy, both of them could clearly sense the life force in their bodies br.i.m.m.i.n.g and thriving, their original sense of exhaustion weakening greatly.

However, though they had killed most of the enemy powerhouses and sent the rest fleeing, the battle was still not over.

“Little Fatty, help me.” Tian’er abruptly said to Zhou Weiqing before he could decide what to do. Next, he instantly sensed a great suction force from Tian’er, directed at the Saint Energy whirlpool.

Tian’er’s entire body started glowing a brilliant gold, and she was soon covered in a layer of gold light. A thick Heavenly Energy reverberation began to emanate from her along with the rising gold light.

Their minds were so connected that Zhou Weiqing instantly knew what she wanted to do. Besides the ten drops of Saint Energy that was required to maintain his personal little Saint Energy whirlpool, he quickly sent all of his remaining Saint Energy, including the freshly devoured ones, into Tian’er’s body through their connected hands.

Towards any other person, he might need to use his mouth to transfer Saint Energy. However, for Tian’er, it was no longer necessary. With the support of the large Saint Energy whirlpool, it was as if their bodies were like one.

With the over thirty drops of Saint Energy he had just Devoured, along with the remaining usable from both of them, they had more than fifty drops of Saint Energy total. As Tian’er unleashed her Skill, it was diminis.h.i.+ng quickly.

Above Tian’er’s head, a cloud of gold light was slowly forming. Next, a streak of gold light rose into the skies, as if the illumination of dawn. Under this streak of gold light, the cloud of gold also began to expand rapidly.

Seeing such a strange sight, the warriors on both sides couldn’t help but lift their heads, their eyes filled with surprise as they gazed upon it. However, in a stark contrast from the terror that Zhou Weiqing’s h.e.l.l’s Angel brought, this patch of gold light only gave them a peaceful feeling, a holy, divine aura that was calming and peaceful.

Currently, Tian’er had been fully covered with this gold colour, and she looked just like a G.o.ddess descended from the heavens, causing anyone who looked at her to have the urge to kneel down and pay obeisance.

After more than twenty drops of Saint Energy had been expended, the streak of gold light finally disappeared, and the gold cloud in the skies suddenly trembled slightly as it began to rain… golden droplets of rain.

This gold rain did not differentiate between friend or foe, covering the entire south walls. It wasn’t just the Peerless Regiment soldiers, even the enemy soldiers were bathed in the light gold rain.

The rain painted the entire city walls a gold hue, the brilliant light giving everyone a sense of awe and beauty.

When a drop of rain fell upon one of the soldier’s, no matter how thick his armour was, it did not stop the rain.

This small, thin, weak looking rain, yet what it brought to them was an endless pleasant surprise.

No matter any kind of wound, soaked in this gentle gold rain, they just healed as such a rapid pace that could be seen with the naked eye. Not only that, everyone could clearly sense their physical strength and vigor being restored even as their wounds healed, even the Heavenly Energy in their bodies was being regenerated at a greatly boosted pace, their connection with the atmospheric energy increased.

This Skill was called the Holy Light Skill, an area of effect type recovery and restorative Skill. The gold light in the air earlier was actually its Heavenly Skill Image. Within the area of effect of the Skill, it was able to heal any wounds, even clearing some of the negative influences that other skills or attributes might have brought, even undoing some light Seals. At the same time, it would also boost the recovery of vigor and even Heavenly Energy. This was one of the strongest support Skills in the world, in terms of healing and restoration.

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