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Chapter 8: Wanwan, You Are Not To Be Trifled With

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The Dong Fang Atelier was the most famous art studio in Yuncheng. Song Fengwan would routinely visit the atelier every week. In the past, Fu Yuxiu would pick her up occasionally, but he rarely came. She hadn’t expected him to be at the studio today.

Ghosts are haunting me.

Song Fengwan pushed the door open and entered. Her hair was half-wet, and the oversized black windbreaker made her slender frame look even thinner and smaller.

Fu Yuxiu was the only one looking for her previously, but he brought Jiang Fengya along today. Is he deliberately trying to get on my nerves?

Fu Yuxiu narrowed his eyes as he sized up the windbreaker Song Fengwan was wearing.

The wide sleeves and broad shoulders made it obvious that it belonged to a man. Why is she wearing a man’s jacket? And this style…

Why does it look so familiar?

“If it’s still for that matter, please leave,” Song Fengwan said bluntly, interrupting his thoughts.

“Fengwan.” Fu Yuxiu was a proud man. He had lived a smooth-sailing life ever since he was born, and he had never pestered anyone like this before, so he couldn’t help but feel a bit embarra.s.sed.

An hour ago, he found out that Fu Chen was leaving tomorrow. He wanted to resolve his issues with Song Fengwan before his third uncle returned to the capital in hopes that he would put in a good word for him in front of his grandfather. So he ran to the atelier to find her.

“This matter can’t remain like this. We have to resolve it eventually.

“I know a large part of the blame falls on me.” Jiang Fengya bit her lip and stepped forward. “I know you don’t like me…

“You are hurt because of me. I apologize.

“You never liked Senior in the first place, and it’s not good for the relations.h.i.+p between the two families to be so tense. We’re here today to make peace with you.”

Jiang Fengya’s appearance in the atelier had already attracted the attention of many people. Even though everyone was inside the cla.s.sroom, their ears were perked up as they strained to listen to the conversation occurring outside, afraid that they would miss a single word.

Song Fengwan lowered her head and closed the umbrella. When she saw that Jiang Fengya had finished her speech, she looked up at her and asked, “Are you done?”

“Give us some time. Let’s have a proper chat.” The two of them had said so much, but seeing Song Fengwan’s nonchalant expression, Fu Yuxiu felt a p.r.i.c.k of annoyance. “Can you take this seriously?”

“I know you’re here to apologize. I have received your sentiments.” Song Fengwan raised her eyebrows.

“Then we…” Hearing this, Fu Yuxiu thought that there would be a chance for reconciliation today.

But Song Fengwan’s tone changed, and her following words felt like a slap to his face. “But I do not accept it.”

“Song Fengwan, I’ve been chasing after you for a week. What exactly do you want?” Fu Yuxiu really couldn’t wait any longer.

“I should be the one asking you this question. The one who proposed the engagement was your Fu family, and the one who broke the engagement was also you. Of all people, why did it have to be her? Do you think I’m not embarra.s.sed enough in Yuncheng?” Song Fengwan held the umbrella, her eyes cold.

“I didn’t want to talk about this in public. I’ve been avoiding you because I wanted to save you some face, but you chased me from school to the atelier.

“Are you really forcing me to fight with you here?”

Fu Yuxiu stared at the girl in front of him. She was like a stranger.

He looked a little dazed. Song Fengwan was gracious and poised, elegant and proper in front of everyone. She didn’t get close to anyone, but she was never so mean.

Jiang Fengya was secretly feeling smug. She’s indeed nothing more than a little girl who can’t stand being provoked.

Fu Yuxiu had been camping outside Yuncheng First High School recently, which made her very worried.

This relations.h.i.+p never belonged to her. The Fu family was so against it, and Song Fengwan was so beautiful that she was afraid that their relations.h.i.+p would suddenly rekindle.

She couldn’t wait for the two of them to fall out and sever ties.

“We’re not here to force you or back you into a corner. We really want to apologize to you. If you think this place is unsuitable, we can go somewhere else…” Jiang Fengya seemed pitiful and considerate compared to Song Fengwan’s domineering att.i.tude.

Song Fengwan stroked the umbrella handle.

“Miss Jiang, you said so yourself that I really don’t want to see you, yet you still insist on showing your face in front of me. Aren’t you deliberately trying to annoy me and make me feel disgusted?

“Or are all mistresses so ostentatious nowadays?

“Don’t say that you’ve only been waiting for me for a week. I won’t forgive you even if you two kneel in front of me and beg.”

At the mention of the word mistress, Fu Yuxiu exploded. “Song Fengwan, that’s enough!”

During this period of time, Fu Chen lived in his house, so he was feeling uneasy every day. He had bit back his words and suppressed a stomach full of anger, but he could no longer stand Song Fengwan’s repeated provocations.

Song Fengwan smiled nonchalantly. “We’re not married. If you have someone else you like, I won’t keep you from pursuing her. But at the very least, you should cancel our engagement first.

“When you were together with her, did you ever consider my feelings or respect me? Now that you’re coming to me for my forgiveness, don’t I have the right to reject you?

“Am I going overboard, or are you pus.h.i.+ng me too far?”

Fu Yuxiu had never known that this girl who had always been gentle and sweet in front of him had such a sharp tongue.

The whole thing was Jiang Fengya and his fault to begin with, so he couldn’t refute Song Fengwan’s accusation.

But Fu Chen was going back to the capital, and he couldn’t wait any longer.

He might as well go all out. “Song Fengwan, I have been tolerating you because of the long-standing friends.h.i.+p between our families. Do you really think that the Fu family is easy to bully? You shouldn’t cross the line.

“If the two families get into conflict, you won’t be able to clean up this mess then.”

Fu Yuxiu gritted his teeth. Since the soft approach didn’t work, he had to be firm.

Song Fengwan merely smiled and narrowed her eyes like a little fox. “That day in front of your third uncle, you didn’t even dare to speak a word. What right do you have to represent the Fu family to boss me around and show off?”

Fu Yuxiu turned pale when he heard her mention Fu Chen.


They didn’t know that Fu Chen, who was supposed to leave, had returned.

Just when he was prepared to leave, he spotted Fu Yuxiu’s car parked a short distance away. Fu Chen guessed that he was here looking for Song Fengwan.

Originally, he had come to see how Fu Yuxiu was going to apologize to Song Fengwan, but he didn’t expect to hear such a ruckus before even entering the studio.

The men following Fu Chen exchanged glances. Young Master Yuxiu is doomed.

They could clearly see Fu Chen’s thoughts. They thought that Third Master would have a chance to be the hero who saved the damsel in distress. But unexpectedly, the young lady who had been so cautious in front of them just now was someone not to be trifled with.

Even if they couldn’t see Fu Yuxiu’s and Jiang Fengya’s faces, they knew that Fu Chen was furious.

Fu Chen’s eyes darkened. No wonder this girl took a detour to the atelier instead of the main road. She was avoiding him.

Good lad. I wanted you to go and apologize to her, not hara.s.s her.


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