Heartwarming Aristocratic Marriage: Influential Master's Wife-Chasing Strategy Chapter 427 – Third Master, Public Display of Affection

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Chapter 427: Third Master, Public Display of Affection

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Yu Manxi turned on the navigation system and drove to Beijing University to pick Song Fengwan up. Along the way, she was still thinking about Fu Yuxiu and her.

She had entered society very early and had seen all kinds of people. Among all the people she had come into contact with, Song Fengwan was very outstanding at her age in terms of appearance and ability.

She didn’t understand what was so special about that girl that made Fu Yuxiu want to be with her even though his family had reprimanded him for breaking off the engagement.

Fu Sinian had briefly told her that the girl and Song Fengwan were half-sisters. This kind of relations.h.i.+p was even more awkward and embarra.s.sing.

It was said that her appearance could only be regarded as delicate and pretty, and the elders of the Fu family didn’t like her either. But Fu Yuxiu was infatuated with her as though he was possessed, and he didn’t regret it. In the end, his mother forced him to go overseas, and only then did he break off contact with her.

She waited in front of the dormitory building for two minutes before seeing Song Fengwan run down quickly with a paper bag. Yu Manxi lowered the car window and called her, and she quickly got into the front pa.s.senger seat.

“It’s a specialty of Nanjiang, coconut cake. I brought some for you to try.” After all, it was Yu Manxi’s treat tonight, so Song Fengwan was embarra.s.sed to go empty-handed.

“Thank you.” Yu Manxi increasingly felt that Fu Yuxiu might have been blind back then.

Fortunately, the water didn’t flow into an outsider’s field. She would probably still be the Fu family’s daughter-in-law in the future. But when their relations.h.i.+p was exposed in the future, how awkward would it be…

“By the way, who else is coming tonight?” Song Fengwan lowered her head and fastened her seatbelt.

“Just a few people. Young Master Duan, Sixth Master, and Sinian’s cousins.” Yu Manxi didn’t say Fu Yuxiu’s name directly.

“Okay.” Song Fengwan didn’t have any feelings for Fu Yuxiu. Knowing that he was coming, she didn’t take it to heart.

To her, he was just an unimportant person.

“By the way, is there anyone in this group who doesn’t know about your relations.h.i.+p with Third Master?”

“Just Fu Yuxiu,” Song Fengwan said.

Yu Manxi vomited blood.

She had interacted with Fu Yuxiu a few times. He had yet to enter society. Perhaps he was too well protected by his family, so he didn’t seem to be scheming. Compared to a sly old fox like Third Master Fu, he could simply be described as a naive fool.

Tonight would be terrifying. Everyone knew about Fu Chen and Song Fengwan, yet they were treating him as a fool and deceiving him?


When Song Fengwan and Yu Manxi arrived at the private room, everyone was already here. Fu Sinian, Duan Linbai, Shen Jinye, and Fu Yuxiu were playing mahjong around a table.

Meanwhile, Jing Hanchuan was sitting on the sofa at the side, listening to music and chatting with Fu Chen.

“Yo, Little…” Duan Linbai was more familiar with Song Fengwan. He almost called her Little Sister-in-Law, but he swallowed it back down.

When Fu Yuxiu saw Song Fengwan, he inevitably felt a little uncomfortable.

The last conflict between the two of them was when he had abandoned her and Huai Sheng in the cold wind in order to find Jiang Fengya.

“There’s still about half an hour before dinner. Do you want to play?” Fu Sinian pointed at his seat and looked at Yu Manxi.

“No need. I don’t know how to play this. Let Wanwan play.” Yu Manxi casually placed the four boxes of coconut cakes Song Fengwan gave on the table at the side.

When Jing Hanchuan saw the cake packaging, his eyes lit up. “This is…”

“Sixth Master, if you want to eat some, go ahead. Wanwan brought them for us,” Yu Manxi said politely.

“In that case, I won’t be polite.” Jing Hanchuan raised his eyebrows.

“You’re welcome.” After speaking, Yu Manxi didn’t care about the cakes and instead called Song Fengwan over to play a few rounds.

“I’m not sure how to play this.” After all, Fu Yuxiu was here, so Song Fengwan couldn’t be too intimate with Fu Chen. They kept looking at each other.

“We’re just playing for fun. I’ll teach you.” Duan Linbai smiled.

Fu Sinian vacated his seat. On the left was Duan Linbai, and on the right was Fu Yuxiu.

Song Fengwan could only bite the bullet and sit down.

“Here’s the money.” Fu Sinian pointed at a secret compartment under her hand. Even though they said they were playing for fun, only with a bit of gambling capital would there be fun. It was about a hundred yuan a round, not big stakes.

“I might lose all your money.” Song Fengwan bit her lip.

“It’s fine.” Fu Sinian chuckled and glanced at Fu Chen not far away. Anyway, if you lose, I’ll ask Third Uncle for it later.

Song Fengwan only knew a little about mahjong, so she played very slowly. Duan Bai and Shen Jinye naturally didn’t dare to rush her. Fu Chen was just by the side, so he might take revenge on them later.

Fu Yuxiu was too embarra.s.sed to talk to her, and the atmosphere at the table was a little strange.

Just as Song Fengwan was struggling with which tile to play, a familiar and clear voice came from above her head. “This…”

Fu Chen slid his fingers across the back of her hand and helped her play a tile. He pulled over a chair and sat between her and Fu Yuxiu…

… separating the two of them.

Duan Linbai was speechless. Oh my, how jealous.

Fu Yuxiu was already very afraid of him. Now that he was sitting beside him, his entire body was tense and nervous.

The mahjong table was only so big. With Fu Chen sitting here, he had to be very close to Song Fengwan.

“No, I’ll teach you.” Fu Chen used this excuse to naturally get close to Song Fengwan. His arm rubbed against hers gently. His body temperature was very hot, and even his breathing was close. The sandalwood fragrance mixed with the dryness of the autumn sun rushed into her nose.

“This tile should be placed like this.” Fu Chen held her hand and helped her check the tiles.

He was blatantly taking advantage of her.

Fu Yuxiu kept looking at Fu Chen from the corner of his eye. Previously, he had only thought that his third uncle treated Song Fengwan very special because his third uncle, who always ‘watched people die’, had helped Song Fengwan many times for the first time.

He’s even speaking so gently.

What the f*ck.

Fu Chen sensed his gaze and looked up. When their eyes met, Fu Yuxiu stiffened. “Why are you looking at me? It’s your turn to play.”

“Oh… okay!” Fu Yuxiu coughed twice and looked down at his tiles.

He had already been ‘threatened’ by Fu Sinian in the car just now. Now that he was glared at by Fu Chen, he felt extremely nervous.

“Don’t worry. You’ll win.” Fu Chen deliberately lowered his voice. Seeing Song Fengwan’s nervous expression, he even let out a low laugh.

Song Fengwan tilted her head and glared at him. This person is too bold. Fu Yuxiu is still here. If he finds out anything, what will happen if he informs the elders?

She was so nervous that her heart was about to jump out of her chest. It’s so nervewrecking, yet he can still laugh.

Just as Song Fengwan was feeling nervous and uncomfortable, Fu Chen turned his body to the side. His legs brushed lightly against hers, making her almost cry out in shock. With a clatter, she dropped the tile in her hand in fright.

If it was just a light rub, it would have been fine. But Fu Chen’s entire body was almost sticking to her. Song Fengwan could even feel a certain someone’s breath as he spoke. She could clearly feel his warm breath landing beside her ear.

Moreover, his fingers would often slide across the back of her hand. He was taking advantage of her so openly.

“Play this one.” Fu Chen’s expression was calm as if nothing had happened.

Sitting at the side, Fu Sinian and Yu Manxi saw their actions under the table clearly.

These two are born actors.

He’s flirting with her so openly. Fu Yuxiu is so close, yet he doesn’t notice anything amiss?

It wasn’t that Fu Yuxiu couldn’t see it but that he couldn’t imagine it at all.

Fu Chen’s mahjong skills were good. Under his guidance, Song Fengwan won consecutively and won a lot of money. She was overjoyed.

Duan Linbai was speechless. His mahjong skills were indeed average, so even though he lost, he didn’t lose much.

Shen Jinye didn’t dare to win at all. Fu Chen had been staring at him intently. He had to consider when he played his tiles, and he was practically feeding Song Fengwan his tiles. Since he played his tiles so messily, how could he win?

Fu Yuxiu was stupefied by Fu Chen. The person he was most afraid of was sitting beside him. He wasn’t in the mood to play mahjong at all, and his brain almost stopped working. It was normal for him to lose.

“It’s about time to eat,” Yu Manxi reminded.

“Alright, stop playing. Let’s eat.” Fu Chen pinched the soft flesh on her waist.

Song Fengwan was so angry that she almost hit him. This old hooligan has been taking advantage of me for so long. We’re about to eat, yet he’s still like this…

With Fu Yuxiu around, she didn’t dare to be too rash. He’s simply outwardly cold but inwardly pa.s.sionate in his bones.

“Hanchuan…” Fu Sinian turned his head and was about to call Jing Hanchuan to eat when he saw him playing with his phone in one hand while holding a piece of white cake with the other.

He had already eaten more than half of one of the coconut cakes Song Fengwan gave Yu Manxi.

“Okay.” Jing Hanchuan grabbed a tissue and wiped his hands elegantly.

The corners of Yu Manxi’s lips twitched. Wanwan gave them to me. I was just being polite. Why did he…

The main reason was that she thought that there were so many cakes, so she might get sick of them. Ordinary people would only eat two pieces, but he actually ate half a box. If he wasn’t eating dinner soon, eating a box probably wouldn’t be a problem.

Jing Hanchuan coughed twice. In this world, only good food can’t let people down.. These four people were playing mahjong, and the two of them were showing off their affection. It’s not too much for me to eat a cake, right?


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