Handsome CEO's Darling Wife Chapter 859: MY SONS' BEAUTY

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It was breezy today. It felt good. Mu Lan closed her eyes to take a short nap. She could hear her babies “Wah! Wah! Dada!” words. They liked it when their father washed them. Mu Lan couldn’t help but smile.

Afterward, Mu Liang wrapped them with the colorful towels and pa.s.sed the eldest one to her. Mu Lan took the rice ball number one in her arms with a big smile. “Oh, look at you. Looking so handsome!” Rice ball number one gave her a faint smile making her heart melt. She told her husband, “Liang Liang, I’m worried about the future generation. I hope they won’t call for a world war the third because of my sons’ beauty.”

Mu Liang chuckled. “They are not as beautiful as you are. Don’t worry about it.”

“You have such a sweet mouth. Let me give you a reward.” She leaned forward and kissed his mouth.

He saw his wife breastfeeding his son. He would never get tired of looking at that scene. He asked, “Do you have enough milk to feed them all? Why don’t you give them canned milk? It has already been ten months. They have grown up a lot, their appet.i.te is growing as well.”

She replied, “Pedro is giving me a medicine that can help me produce more milk.”

“It won’t harm you or the children if you take more medicine, will it?” Though he was talking, he had a hard time keeping the three children to himself because they were trying to crawl.”

“Relax, it’s herbal medicine. If it was bad for us, Pedro wouldn’t let me take it. And also, rice b.a.l.l.s are eating orange and grain cereals. You tried to make them drink canned milk. it didn’t work. Moreover, they don’t drink that much milk.” Mu Lan looked down at her son. “Now, now, you have drunk enough. It’s time for your brothers to drink.”

“Mam…ma…” Little rice ball number one raised his hands to touch her face.

Mu Lan couldn’t help hugging him and said, “Yes, mama loves you too.” In her heart, she thought, ‘He is such an angel.’




After hearing the eldest one calling out for mother, others started calling out for Mu Liang and Mu Lan too. They cheerfully went close to Mu Lan and tugged her clothes.

“Alright rice b.a.l.l.s, I will give you what you want.” Mu Lan said with a smile. Then she looked at her husband and said, “Sometimes, I think that I will die from their cuteness.”

Mu Liang chuckled. His heart was filled with happiness and warmth.

From the nearby window, Pedro and Carlo were watching the harmonious family. Carlo smiled and said, “Who would have thought that she would adapt to this new environment so easily. I was used to thinking that she would always be unrestrained. So, it’s really her Mr. Right who made her change her mind. This guy certainly has some tricks in his sleeves if he can capture her easily.”

Pedro nonchalantly said, “Didn’t she already said what impressed her the most? It was his face and she always said that he was super-rich.”

Carlo scratched his head. “Then I should have told that ‘I am rich’ to all the women I met.”

“Yeah, and you would be robbed.” Pedro moved away from the window.


One month later, Mu Lan went out with Ru Xin to Shanghai, the closest city from the island, to buy some stuff for her kids. The next month, they would turn one year old. She wanted to hold a party and give her angelic sons wonderful presents. So, she went to the nearby city to buy some toys. Ru Xin happily took her to many different stores and before they knew it, they bought lots of gifts.

Afterward, they went to a seafood restaurant for lunch. It was famous and one of the most expensive seafood restaurants were only upper-cla.s.s people would come to eat. As a result, there were very few customers when they arrived. They ordered their meal and started gossiping. Mu Lan asked, “Have you heard anything about Li Sheng?”

Ru Xin replied, “Li Sheng? This dude is long gone. I heard that he was sent overseas.”

Mu Lan curiously asked, “Overseas? Where?”

Ru Xin smiled and asked, “Do you want to know that much?” He put his hands under his chin and continued, “Let’s trade. What will you give me in return? How about cooking something for me?”

She deeply thought about it. “Hmmm… how about boiled eggs? Or maybe instant noodles?”

Ru Xin sighed. “… Alright, let’s forget that. I heard that he went to Singapore. Since this country isn’t safe for him, Singapore would be a good place for him since his friend in there is a mafia leader. There, he is just trying to stay alive. You see, he cannot recover.”

Mu Lan nodded. Of course, she knew that. But if she told him that, he would ask from whom she heard such confidential information. He was already skeptical about Carlo and Pedro. He couldn’t ask for more. At least, Pedro bought a fis.h.i.+ng boat and others brought a submarine and used underground of Ru Xin’s castle to avoid suspicion. Mu Liang also used a fis.h.i.+ng boat.

‘Wait a second, if the Li Family isn’t controlling the Chinese Underworld, then who is?’ The moment Mu Lan thought that she questioned him, “Then who had taken Li Sheng position in the underworld?”

Ru Xin paused and then frowned. He asked her back, “Don’t you think you know too much despite being a small child?”

Mu Lan protested, “What are you talking about? Who is a small child? I’m the mother of four small children if that’s what you meant.”

Ru Xin held his hands high to surrender. “Alright, my mistake. I apologize. But little Lan, is it okay for you to know all these. I know that the Mu Family is very prestigious and they will keep an eye on the underworld. You don’t need to know all that. You can just take care of your family. What if you get to know something that it will harm you and your family?” He was concerned for her safety.

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