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1st Arc, Chapter 16: Let’s Make a Weapon

Since then, Alec1 became a freeloader, and a week pa.s.sed.

Perhaps because our circ.u.mstances are similar, I don’t recall feeling much aversion to him, and I quickly got used to touching him.

About the condition of his injury; my Master’s healing potion has a weak immediate effect, but it was unusually strong in this case. By the time we arrived at the cottage, his bleeding stopped, and by night time he could stand up just fine. Three days later he had recovered to the point where he could do normal daily activities.

It has been four days since then. In the morning, when I return from drawing water, the clank, clank, of wooden swords meeting reverberates in the air. In the afternoon they wash themselves off, and study magic. Then until nightfall, they continue their battle in the name of training.

And at night time he eats dinner, takes a bath, and sleeps like log…

“Recently, hasn’t my presence here been kinda thin? It’s as I thought; men actually find boys cuter, don’t they?”

This feeling of alienation seems to be giving me an inferiority complex, so let’s start showing off my own appeal tomorrow.

Fortunately, in the new cottage, thanks to my fierce request, we have a bath inside!

Well, though I call it a bath, it’s really just a stone bathing tub that my Master made. We have to get water from the pump to pour into it, and heat up the water with a [heat ball], so it’s a pretty rough set-up, but…

Anyhow, when you think of family skinship, it’s gotta be a family bath. Since I’m a child, there shouldn’t be any legal issues either!

That said, the next day when I intruded on the bathroom, not just my Master, but even Alec got angry at me.

Someday I think I want my dream of a “Family Bath” to be realized.

The days continued on like that, but of course it’s not like I was doing nothing either.

Today I’m heading over to Mareba Village alone to do some research.

Instead of a payment for our bridge construction work, we received a horse and a small carriage. As such, a round trip to the village has become easier.

The theme of my research right now is Alec’s gift: “two-handed sword talent”.

For that research, I need to know more about weapons.

“Oh, well if it isn’t Yuuri? On an errand today?”

Arriving at the village entrance, Mr. Kime, who I know, comes to meet me.

“Good afternoon. I have a little something I want to talk with the blacksmith about.”

“Mr. Kime, wa.s.sup with this suspicious kid?”

Another gatekeeper sends his bluntly distrustful gaze my way.

Well, I’ve got the black outfit from before equipped, so I can’t blame him, but…

“This is the apprentice from Mr. Haster’s place. In spite of her looks, she’s an amazing magician, so don’t be rude.”

“Wha, the rumored meat—”

“Mr. Kime, what is “in spite of her looks” supposed to mean? Also, don’t call me a meat slave!”

To the person calling me by such a rude name, I raise both of my arms and make my protest clear.

What’s with that sunny look you’re sending over here, Mr. Kime?

“If it’s the blacksmith you need, then that would be Mr. Bartin. I’ll guide you to his house. Gordon, that being the case, I’ll leave you in charge here for a bit.”

“S-sure. I don’t mind, but…”

“Yuuri, may I use the carriage? I’ll handle driving.”

“Much obliged.”

Without being used to operating the carriage yet, places with people made me a little scared, so I’ll gladly leave the driving to him.

I transfer from the drivers seat to the luggage area. Let’s enjoy taking in the village’s scenery. Since I’m a little scared of sitting next to him…

“Mr. Bartin is a little eccentric, but will you be alright?”

“Well, I’ve got an objective, so I’ll do my best.”

He’s probably worried about me. When I met Mr. Kime, I vomited everywhere, so that would make sense.

“If it’s the blacksmith you need, then it must be about a weapon for Alec? Aah, speaking of which, his foster parents haven’t been decided yet. Sorry ’bout that.”

“No, it’s taking care of a person after all, so I don’t think it will be decided that easily.”

“Right now he’s receiving training from Mr. Haster, isn’t he? If he becomes a competent enough swordsman, then I think the possibility of living on his own is also on the table though.”

“Except he’s only 12 years old. On top of that, he just lost his parents. Someone needs to be with him.”

“Though I think there are some problems with sitting in on a newlywed household, you know…”

Hm? What did he just say?

“Newlywed household…? Don’t tell me, some nice person and my Master are?!”

“Ah, no, that’s not… right, there’s n.o.body by Mr. Haster besides you, Yuuri, so don’t worry.”

“Are you telling the truth?”

I glare at Mr. Kime with moistened eyes.

A cold sweat is flowing from him, but he doesn’t seem to be lying?

“But, I guess that’s true. If my Master were to get married, I’d have to leave the cottage as well…”

To be honest, just by imagining that future… I feel a chill and get gooseb.u.mps.

It doesn’t seem like I can separate myself from my Master yet. But I need to at least be prepared for such a situation.

“… Haaa.”

Seeing my face pulled tight in a serious expression, Mr. Kime lets out a sigh for some reason.

What is it? This is a very serious problem for me, OK?

“Aah, over there is Mr. Bartin’s workshop. Can you remember the way?”

“Just fine. My memory is quite good after all.”

“I’ll introduce you so, let’s see, give me a moment to find a place to stop the horse.”

“Roger that.”

After I jumped out of the luggage area, Mr. Kime went to tie up the carriage’s horse.

Mr. Bartin’s workshop gives off a sincere, no nonsense impression.

Since water is indispensable for household ch.o.r.es, there’s a well dug up for use outside, and firewood is piled up next to the house. On the roof there’s a chimney, and black smoke is billowing out of it.

The front of the house turns into a small shop, and from the window you can spy a dimly lit store interior.


I reflexively let out a voice of wonder.

The dimly lit store interior was crowded with weapons and armor. There doesn’t seem to be much effort put in to selling it, but for a modern person like me, it’s an exciting spectacle.

“This village is a pioneering village after all. Wild animals and mythical beasts occasionally come attacking, so instead of a fancy storefront, it’s better that we have an a.s.sortment of items.”

Mr. Kime returned from tying up the horse, and nonchalantly pushed open the door.

With a cling, cling, the door bell attached to the door informs that visitors are here.

“Mr. Bartin, I’ve brought you a customer. She’s probably a really good one—”

“I won’t deny that, but what’s with that introduction?”

“What’s the racket about?”

Busily entering the store, Mr. Bartin replies frankly as he comes to greet us… Whoa!

“Beard! Plump! A dwarf?!”

“What’s with the suspicious character?”

A short in stature and thick boned body, a brambly beard, plump arms.

That is what you call the archetype of a dwarf before my eyes. The language center of my brain spontaneously brought forth an ERROR message.

“Ahaha, this girl is Mr. Haster’s dear apprentice. Though she looks suspicious, she’s actually an amazing magician.”

“What kinda business does a magician have at a weapon shop? Yer not expecting me to repair a pot are ya?”

“You can relax. It seems she does indeed have weapon-based business.”

“Ah, yes, nice to meet you! I’m Yuuri, Haster’s apprent.i.th.”

“Name’s Bartin”

My greeting was rushed, so I messed up a bit. Mr. Bartin ignored it for me, which I appreciate.

“Ahem, umm, right then. Today I came to ask about the difference between a sword and a large sword.”


“Like, see, swords and two-handed swords are both “swords”, but the gifts for them divided, right? So about those differences, like the concrete disparities between them…”

“They’re entirely different.”

“Oh, is that right?”

I cannot help but return a question mark to that impossible response. But I was half-expecting this answer.

“If a sword for one hand is held with two, does it gain more power? If a sword for two hands is swung with one, does its blade grow dull? Nay is the answer. As it is, a sword’s effectiveness doesn’t change. However, to hold it with two hands, the handle has to be extended. That’ll change its balance too. Even the length of the blade changes it. A weapon for two hands is a weapon designed with the premise that it’ll be used two-handed. A one handed one is a sword all the same, but they’re still different.”

“… …”

My mind brings up my swordsmanship training from a while back for a bit.

At the time my Master broke off a wooden sword to the size of a kitchen knife for me, which I held in two hands.

At that time, could the performance of the wooden sword have changed? The length and weight were probably points of change, but…

That wooden sword I held with two hands, and my Master held with one… It was a sword made for two hands, and held with one.

Which means, as far as Alec’s gift goes… there still seems to be some hope.

“Shall I… give it a try? Mr. Bartin, where would the biggest sword in this shop be?”

“Young lady, I don’t think you could lift it?”

“I won’t be the one using it, so that’s fine.”

“… Hm.”

Mr. Bartin goes to the back of the store, and then returns carrying a stupidly huge large sword.

“This is the biggest sword I’ve got. It’s called Sentinel, and is the kind of sword requested.”

“It’s huge?!”

The sword’s blade alone is over two meters, and the width looks to be about the same as my shoulder width. And the blade has about as much thickness as a fist?!

“I designed it so it could also be used as a shield, but it got too heavy, and there were very few who could handle such a quirky thing.”

I tried to lift it to try it out, but I couldn’t even get it to budge.

“Mr. Bartin, can you handle this thing?”

“All I can do is carry it. Moreover, I’m not a swordsman.”

“Then, what about Mr. Kime?

“As if a beansprout like him could carry it?”

“That’s just rude, though, certainly, I can’t carry it.”

I tried using 1% of [body reinforcement], but I could only raise the handle up, and I was still far from lifting it.

Though it’s 1%, it should be close to the strength of two ordinary people…

Spending 2% on it, I managed to lift it. I’ll try lightly swinging it around.



Since I forgot to put anything in vitality, I badly sprained my wrist.

The sword slipped out of my hand and magnificently destroyed the door at the entrance… is something this heavy supposed to be handled by people?!

“Ah, So-sorry!”

“I don’t mind the door… and in fact, I’m surprised that you could lift it, but… are you alright, young lady?”

“Yuuri, could you not attempt the impossible!?”

Giving it a little while, “Golden Ratio” takes effect to heal the sprain, and I give it another try.

—Outside this time.

With a swoosh, swoosh I swing it around four or five times, checking the balance and such.

Just by having it designed to be swung with two hands, compared to the physical strength demanded, it’s easy to swing.

There’s nothing I can’t lift with one hand if I use [body reinforcement]… but this pa.s.ses the limit of what people can handle.

“Hmm… I see now.”

I carry it back into the store, and return Sentinel to the counter.

“Mr. Kime, Mr. Bartin. What are those pale, worn out looks for?”

“… Young lady… are you a monster?”

“Pr-pretty amazing, Yuuri.”

“All I did was supplement my strength with a spell? Normally I couldn’t even budge the thing.”

“That’s a relief… I, my dignity, and lots of other things, as a man were just about blown away.”

Next I measure Sentinel’s length, width, weight, and such.

Two times the length, four times the width, and five times the thickness… what an unbelievable weapon this is.

There’s about a small child’s worth of ma.s.s to it.

“Hum… no problems with the size, huh?… The rest depends on Alec’s gift, I suppose?”

“Alec you say. Is he the one you’re giving it to? How strong of a person is his?”

“Ahaha, he’s still a child! He’s twelve.”

“Yuuri, I think this is impossible you know?”

“Well I think so too. “What a magician can’t do, they should make up for with spells” is what my Master says.”

At my words, Mr. Bartin’s eyebrows fell.

“The swords I make are like my children. If you’re gonna use it as an experiment for your spells, then…”

“Ah, I guess that makes sense. But if it’s not this size, then… no, at that point, wouldn’t it be fine if I used it? I guarantee it will be used as a sword!”

Right, we would hardly want it to become a sacrifice for an experiment and break. And putting it to sleep in the warehouse would just be sad…

“I’ve decided. I want this sword, please.”

“Well, I suppose it’s better than letting it gather dust, but… It’s expensive you know?”

“For a while now I’ve been helping my Master with [enchanting], so I’m comparatively rich.”

“It’s 140 gold coins though?”

“O-one hundred and fourty~?!”

Mr. Kime is the one who gave that surprised shout.

For a sword like this, isn’t that a pretty reasonable amount?

By the way, for the most recent ring delivery, out of 500 gold coins, 200 coins entered my purse.

“And then, with the cost of the door repair, it comes to 150 gold coins.”

“Business is good… certainly.”

“Thank you very much as well, Mr. Kime. I got some good shopping done.”

“I-I appreciate you saying as such, but… haaaa.”

Mr. Kime appears to be unable to speak anymore. I guess he still has the monetary sensibility of a common man.

Now then, on to the experiments!

For those interested; Yuuri was calling him “Alec-kun” before this. She sees him as a little brother now, so she has dropped the honorific and simply refers to him as “Alec”. ↩

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