Growing Fond of You, Mr Nian Chapter 57 – It Should be Clear That I am a Woman

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Chapter 57: It Should be Clear That I am a Woman

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After applying the medicine to her bruises, Luosang went upstairs. She knocked on Nian Junting’s door, then walked into the master bedroom. Nian Junting was sitting by the tea table with a macadamia nut in his hand. “It took you quite a while. Is it bad? Should I call a doctor?”

“We spent some time to rub the liniment in. No need to call a doctor, because I feel much better now.” Luosang walked up to him and said, “Would you like some macadamias? Let me sh.e.l.l it for you.”

“No.” Nian Junting threw the macadamia nut back into the plate on the tea table and said, “You’re hurt; I should let you rest.”

“Thank you…” Luosang was flattered by the rarely shown kindness of her boss.

Nian Junting curved his thin lips into a smile, then pointed at the drawer of the tea table and said, “Take out that thing in there.”

Luosang bent over to open the drawer and saw an exquisite gift box lying in it. A series of English words were printed on the box. The one at the bottom was ‘chocolate’.

At a glance, she recognized it as a box of limited edition Belgium chocolate. The small box would have cost nearly a hundred thousand yuan. She once wanted to try it, but then gave up because of its high price. “You like chocolate?” she asked.

‘He’s so picky,’ she thought.

“Nian Junting snorted scornfully and said, “Who would like this girly kind of snack? My aunt brought this back from abroad. I don’t like it. I want you to eat it.”

Luosang was stunned. “This… I can’t take it…It’s too expensive…” she stuttered.

If she ate that chocolate, she would feel like she would have eaten money.

“Expensive?” Nian Junting carelessly raised his brows and asked, “How expensive can a box of chocolates be?”

Luosang rolled her eyes in her heart, then responded seriously with, “If my guess is correct, this box of chocolate would have costed at least ninety thousand yuan.”

“Is ninety thousand yuan expensive?” asked Nian Junting calmly.

Luosang was really speechless. She felt that her poorness had limited her imagination. “It’s not expensive for you, but it’s almost a year’s income for us. I think you should save it for Nian Xi.”

Nian Junting picked up a cup of tea, took a sip, and said, “She doesn’t like sweet things.”

“But… I still can’t have it…”


Nian Junting heavily put the teacup back on the tea table and said, “I said eat it. You should cut the c.r.a.p and do as I say.”

“Earlier, you accused me of having too good of a diet while I was eating tofu, and said that I could only have cabbage. But now, you’re letting me eat such an expensive box of chocolate. Will you take money out of my salary for the chocolate?” asked Luosang calmly.

“Am I that stingy?” Nian Junting responded angrily.

‘Aren’t you?’ Luosang snorted silently and thought.

“Are you even a woman?” Nian Junting frowned and continued, “Aren’t women supposed to be happy when receiving chocolate?”

“I’m a woman, and I think you’ve felt it clearly back in the rehabilitation room,” said Luosang with a low voice. “And I think that normally, a man would give a woman chocolate as a gift only when he wants to tell her that he likes her.”

“Are you testing me?” Nian Junting raised a brow and asked, “Do you think I like you?”

Luosang felt strange under his gaze. “No, no, I’d never dare to think of that,” she said, shaking her head.

“Good,” snorted Nian Junting, “I’m giving you the chocolates because you saved me just now. Also because I’ve had it for so long that I think it’ll expire soon if no one’s gonna eat it.”

“Ah,” Luosang now understood why and was relieved from the pressure. “Then, can I… share it with Sister Lan?”

“No,” he said.

“Why not?” she asked.

Nian Junting opened his mouth, but paused.

He wasn’t clear about that either. He just subconsciously didn’t want Luosang to share the chocolates with Sister Lan. He only wanted her to have it, no one else.

“She’s fat already. Do you want to increase her blood sugar and blood pressure by giving her chocolate? You’re such an evil woman,” he said.

Luosang, once again, felt speechless.

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