Growing Fond of You, Mr Nian Chapter 1788 – An Lan Took the Front Seat

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Chapter 1788: An Lan Took the Front Seat

Xing Yuan felt chilled for some reason.

Why did it feel like winter in this crisp autumn day?

Li Shuang had gone home, so An Lan stood with Cao Meng by the roadside and wait for Xu Baohan’s car.

Three minutes later, Xu Baohan drove the car over. It was a black Audi A6, looking sparkling clean.

The four women hesitated for a moment as to who would sit in the front pa.s.senger seat. Liu Qinmin said, “Cla.s.s Rep Cao, you sit in the front. Although I think senior Xu is very handsome, I’m inexplicable awed by him.”

Cao Meng nodded. At that moment, the car window slid down and Xu Baohan looked at them indifferently. “An Lan, sit in the front. I only knew you before today.”

Everyone was stunned. They gave An Lan a strange look and Cao Meng quickly moved to the back seat.

An Lan had no choice and got into the car a little awkwardly. After the women got in, Cao Meng joked, “An Lan, are you sure you’ve only met senior Xu a few times in court and been warned by him a few times?”

An Lan was embarra.s.sed. She didn’t expect Cao Meng to find loopholes in her lies so quickly.

However, she didn’t think that Xu Baohan would expose her. A person like him would want nothing to do with her.

However, to her surprise, Xu Baohan turned his head to look at her. He raised his eyebrows and asked in a doubtful tone, “We’ve only met in court?”

Cao Meng and the others immediately widened their eyes in curiosity. An LAN quickly replied vaguely, “Of course, we saw each other outside the court too. I met you when I went to the court to deliver doc.u.ments. Another time you helped me out when someone made trouble for me.”

“Yes, later on, in order to thank me, you treated me to a meal.” Xu Baohan nodded.

Cao Meng and the others immediately drew in a breath.

An Lan continued dryly, “Yes, that meal only lasted for half an hour before we went home.”

Xu Baohan nodded again. “Then we ran into each other again in the mental hospital not long after.”

An Lan :”…”

He really wanted to expose her, didn’t he?

Xu Baohan didn’t seem to realize that the gazes of the three people behind him were getting more and more meaningful. He said, “Then we saw each other again at our alma mater just after a weekend. Why didn’t you tell me that you also studied at the University of Legal Affairs?”

“Why should I tell you?” An Lan asked, gritting her teeth.

Xu Baohan turned the steering wheel and didn’t look at her. His tone was casual, but the content was explosive. “You should have told me during the blind date.”


An LAN regretted getting into his car, but what was this guy trying to do? Did he want everyone to know that they went on a blind date?

“Looks like we overheard something incredible,” Liu Qinmin said suggestively, “An Lan, you’re bad. You actually didn’t tell us your blind date with senior Xu. You even acted like you weren’t familiar with him just now. How can you do this to us?”

An Lan felt like crying, but now, she could only force out an explanation, “That’s because I know that senior Xu is everyone’s unattainable idol. If I told you that I went on a blind date with him, I’m afraid that everyone would think that I’ve tarnished their idol, and the girls and boys who admire him would die of jealousy. I’m a hard worker but I like to keep a low profile. I try not to offend people as much as I can.”

Xu Baohan: “…”

As expected of a lawyer, she was very good at sophistry. She didn’t even blink when she lied.

“It’s not unreasonable.” Cao Meng nodded. “Then do you want us to keep it a secret?”



The two voices spoke at the same time.

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