Gourmet of Another World Chapter 1574 – The Calamity of the Soul Demon

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Chapter 1574: The Calamity of the Soul Demon

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The System’s serious voice rang out in Bu Fang’s head, causing his eyes to narrow and his breathing to become faster.

‘Congratulations to the Host for completing the required turnover task and gaining the qualification for promotion. Does the Host choose to level up now?’ the System asked.

At this moment, Bu Fang felt that the System’s voice was very sweet.

He finally completed the turnover task. The corners of his mouth curled upward slightly. He thought that it was quite dramatic, for he actually completed the task because of the one source stone paid by the Divine Emperor for the bowl of Egg-Fried Rice.

Did he look like someone short of one source stone? As it turned out, he was indeed one source stone short.

Twisting his wrist, he replied in his head, ‘Yes.’

The next moment, the System’s voice rang out in his head again, ‘Congratulations to the Host for qualifying for level up. The upgrade will begin now.’

Bu Fang sat quietly in the chair with a clam face and exhaled deeply.

Lord Dog, lying under the Path-Understanding Tree, squinted at Bu Fang, then lowered his head and went back to sleep.

Nethery was sitting quietly on the side, blinking her big eyes at Bu Fang. She could feel that some kind of transformation was taking place within the latter, which put her on guard.

She stood up and silently closed the restaurant door.

Beneath the skysc.r.a.per, the soldiers’ battle cries shook the entire sky. The Xiayi Divine Emperor was clad in a suit of golden armor, his eyes s.h.i.+ning dazzlingly and his body exuding a monstrous aura. Behind him was the dynasty’s army, and each of the soldiers was bursting with a powerful aura.

Following the Divine Emperor, the men representing the Xiayi Divine Dynasty raised their heads without fear and faced the Soul Demon army in the sky.

A great storm was brewing in the sky. All of a sudden, a silver ray of light tore through the void, emitting a blinding light like the blazing sun, which stung the eyes of those who looked at it. With its appearance, horrible explosions filled the sky like fireworks.

The experts of the divine dynasty all sucked in their breaths. The terrible aura brought by the Soul Demon army made everyone a little breathless.

The Soul Demon’s calamity was the most terrible disaster that had ever happened to this Chaotic Universe. There might have been worse calamities in ancient times, but this one had left millions with a sense of despair.

The Divine Emperor knew that these Soul Demons were not creatures of this Chaotic Universe. They were intruders. He was not willing to let these invaders take over his world, so he stood up against them, even though his Xiayi Divine Dynasty was the only one of the three divine dynasties left.

It might seem to many that the t.i.tan Divine Dynasty and the Immortal Spirit Divine Dynasty fell so quickly because of their incompetence, but in fact, the Xiayi Divine Emperor knew that the people and experts of every divine dynasty had fought hard!

Soul Thirteen’s whole body had turned silvery-white, and he was s.h.i.+ning brightly like a star. Hovering in midair, the void around him was constantly distorting, making him look as if he had detached from the Chaotic Universe.

‘I can’t believe he has become an existence of the HeavenG.o.d realm!’

The Xiayi Divine Emperor finally sensed the unfathomable aura emanating from Soul Thirteen. His face darkened, and he felt nothing but despair. Yes, he was despairing because the Soul Demon had really broken through and become a being of the HeavenG.o.d realm. For a moment, he even felt a little jealous.

‘Why is it so easy for these intruders to break through, while it is so hard for us, the humans living in this Chaotic Universe, to break through and become HeavenG.o.ds?’

The Divine Emperor felt it was very unfair. They, the humans who originally lived here, were about to be exterminated by the Soul Demons. To top it off, those high and mighty HeavenG.o.ds still stood by and did nothing. Did they want to see this Chaotic Universe occupied by the Soul Demons?!

He was really unwilling to accept all this. That was why he was fighting back. Even though his body was old, even though he was dying, he still wanted to fight. He, and everyone else in this Chaotic Universe, would not yield to fate!


The Xiayi Divine Emperor’s armor burst into a brilliant golden light, trying to fight against Soul Thirteen’s aura!


Hovering in midair, Soul Thirteen scanned everything in front of him with his scarlet eyes.

After stepping into the Soul Overlord realm, he felt that he had won the war. He now possessed explosive power in him, and every drop of his divine power was strong enough to collapse the void. He was really too strong now!

Although he had become stronger, he was also very hungry.

The Seven Sins were the root of the Soul Demons. In the Soul Demon Universe, the Gluttony Soul Overlord was a very terrifying existence. And now, he, Soul Thirteen, had also become the legendary Gluttony Soul Overlord! He wanted to eat up this Chaotic Universe. He wanted to enslave all the humans!

Soul Thirteen opened his mouth wide. A scarlet tongue fell out of it with a splat. It was long, narrow, and was covered with creepy barbs. His eyes were filled with an icy glow, while a third eye was rolling on his forehead.

Suddenly, his eyes locked on the humans down below, and he laughed grimly.

“Foolish humans, I am the equivalent of your HeavenG.o.ds! Give up your resistance, for you are no match for me!” he said loudly. Eyes flas.h.i.+ng with a strange gleam, he looked at the Xiayi Divine Emperor. “If you will yield to me obediently, I can spare your lives and keep you clothed and fed from now on!”

His voice was as loud as a bell, echoing in everyone’s ears.

He was winning at the moment, but he did not want to exterminate the human race, even though he was very hungry. What he was going to do was to keep these people in captivity. He did not want to repeat the Soul Demon Universe’s mistake. Once the humans died out, the Soul Demons would lose their delicious food. This was torture for the Gluttony Soul Overlord.

Although he was gluttonous, he must learn to restrain himself.

“Yield?” The Divine Emperor sneered. “Humans will never yield to any Soul Demon!”


He focused his eyes and clenched his fists, then took a step and shot up into the sky. As he rose higher and higher, the divine power in him began to boil, while his aura became stronger and stronger.

Many of the Soul Demons narrowed their eyes and felt a little wary and afraid.

At that moment, the Xiayi Divine Emperor looked like a true supreme expert. Flames seemed to burn around him as his old face began to grow younger and his white hair turned glossy black.

“The Eight Barren Emperor Punch!” the Divine Emperor bellowed. Accompanied by a towering aura, he threw a punch at Soul Thirteen in the sky!

Down below, the entire capital erupted in an uproar. This was their Divine Emperor, their spiritual support!

The Xiayi crown prince clenched his fists, his eyes shot with blood. He could feel the blood inside him boiling. The t.i.tan crown prince, on the other hand, looked up at Soul Thirteen and let out a low growl. The body that this Soul Demon had occupied was none other than his father, the t.i.tan Divine Emperor! This was a blood feud!

The humans roared, and the whole Xiayi Divine Dynasty seemed to boil. The experts of the various aristocratic families and the courtiers all pinned their hopes on the Divine Emperor.

Summer stood at the top of the Luo Family’s skysc.r.a.per and looked straight at the Xiayi Divine Emperor as he rose step by step into the sky. Her gaze was somewhat complex, but she could only pray in her heart now that the Divine Emperor would not be defeated. Once he fell, the hope of mankind would really be wiped out.

She looked over her shoulder at the restaurant. Bu Fang could have carried the hope of humanity, but with his failure to comprehend the fifth supreme Law of the Universe, it was impossible for him to become a HeavenG.o.d at this moment. Therefore, the possibility of him defeating a HeavenG.o.d-level Soul Demon was slim to none.

Soul Thirteen’s eyes narrowed slightly. “How dare these foolish humans resist?!” His eyes brightened as he inhaled deeply.

The surrounding Soul Demons began to make all kinds of noises, and some were even sneering and laughing disdainfully. Their laughter made the human soldiers more and more furious!


The Xiayi Divine Emperor had turned into a teenager. With indifferent eyes and divine power surrounding his body, he stepped up into the sky, faced Soul Thirteen, and then threw out a punch.

As his fist swung out, a supreme figure emerged behind him. That was the spiritual projection of the Eight Barren Emperor Punch. The figure threw out a punch as well, and immediately, the void exploded and turbulence spewed out of it. The terrible pressure emanating from the Divine Emperor caused many of the Soul Demons to suck in their breaths.

The Xiayi Divine Emperor was worthy of being the oldest of the three Divine Emperors. His strength was indeed fearsome! His punch should be powerful enough to instantly kill a Numbered Soul Demon!

“Heaven and earth are unjust. Otherwise, how could the Chaotic Universe allow you disgusting Soul Demons to act so wantonly here?!” the Divine Emperor bellowed.

The Soul Demons erupted in an uproar.

Soul Thirteen did not rush to make a move. He hovered in midair with his arms folded over his chest and his long tongue hanging down from his mouth, making him look like an evil ghost. The next moment, two Numbered Soul Demons, covered in silvery black insect scales and shrouded in black smoke, rushed out from behind him.

They were the top Numbered Soul Demons, and they chose to face the young Divine Emperor. A fierce battle broke out in an instant. Instead of evading the punch, they actually went straight at it, intending to fight the Divine Emperor with their physical strength! Soul Demons had absolute confidence in their physical strength because their bodies were like the strongest weapons in the world.


A stunning collision exploded in the sky. The next moment, the two Soul Demons flew backward with great speed and crashed through a tall building.

The Divine Emperor stood in midair, his long black hair waving in the wind. He kept throwing out his fists at a steady pace, suppressing many Soul Demons with just his own strength!

“So you’ve reached the level of a half-step HeavenG.o.d… Unfortunately, there are too many restrictions in this Chaotic Universe that you will never have a chance to become a true HeavenG.o.d.”

Soul Thirteen could see the Divine Emperor’s bottleneck.

The Xiayi Divine Emperor was indeed a genius, but unfortunately, he was born at the wrong time. In the current age, the HeavenG.o.ds did not show themselves at all, yet they occupied the seats of HeavenG.o.ds. This was a terrible restriction for all geniuses.

The Divine Emperor’s expression remained unchanged. The figure behind him grew more solid, and his energy and blood were boiling as wisps of blood-colored smoke were spreading from his body. His every move was made with all his strength and vitality.

Bam! Bam!

The two Numbered Soul Demons flew back and were once again knocked to the ground by him. They flew back up again and then were knocked flying away again. In the end, their insect scales all cracked, and they both looked extremely miserable.

At this moment, the Divine Emperor was strong enough to destroy the sky!

Soul Thirteen was still not in a hurry to strike. He just looked at the Divine Emperor indifferently. Although the latter was now suppressing the two Numbered Soul Demons, he did not care. With his current strength, these Soul Demons were no different from ants—he could easily crush them with his hands.

So, he did not care at all. In fact, he was even glad to see that that happened. What he wanted to do was to kill the Divine Emperor when the human morale climbed to its peak. In doing so, he would be able to crush the confidence of mankind with one fell swoop!


The two Numbered Soul Demons’ insect scales were cracked, and they were thrown back out again. At that very moment, Soul Thirteen moved. He slowly raised his hand in the distance and pointed a finger at the Divine Emperor. Then, narrowing his eyes, he violently clenched his fist.

The young Xiayi Divine Emperor’s eyes erupted with radiant light. He felt a wave of terrifying pressure, which crashed down on him and made him roar in spite of himself. At this moment, it was as if the potential within him was awakened, and he actually managed to break free of the restraint Soul Thirteen had imposed on him!

“This human is a bit… stubborn.” Soul Thirteen’s gaze was icy cold. He did not want to pull his punches anymore. The Xiayi Divine Emperor was just an Emperor-level expert.

Soul Thirteen moved again. He took a step, and in the blink of an eye, he was in front of the Divine Emperor as if he had just teleported. Then, he threw out a palm and a punch that contained mighty power. With only two moves, his cold silver insect scales broke through the Divine Emperor’s flesh.

The Divine Emperor’s pupils constricted. Blood spurted out of his mouth as he flew backward and smashed to the ground hard. The violent impact caused the ground to instantly split apart.

With only two moves, the Xiayi Divine Emperor was defeated. The hope of mankind had been crushed!

The voices of the courtiers who were cheering loudly came to an abrupt halt, and they all looked on in disbelief. They did not expect it would turn out like this. The silver Soul Demon had beaten their Divine Emperor in seconds!

Who else could stop him now?!

All the humans could not speak as if they were ducks whose necks had been grabbed and squeezed. Even if they could speak, their voices would be hoa.r.s.e.

“Hehehe… As I said, yield to me, and you will live. If you refuse, you will become food and be eaten by me,” Soul Thirteen said coldly.

The Xiayi Divine Emperor was no hindrance to him at all, whether the former was burning his vitality or not. He was the Soul Overlord, a HeavenG.o.d-level being. How could a mere Emperor-level human resist his power?

G.o.d Kings and G.o.d Emperors were collectively called G.o.ds. Since they were only G.o.ds, how were they going to fight against him, an existence in a higher realm?

Soul Thirteen stuck out his long tongue, rolled up the Divine Emperor, and slowly lifted him into the air. His eyes narrowed as he scanned all the humans present. His goal was to keep these humans in captivity so that he would have an inexhaustible supply of food.

“No one can stop me in this Chaotic Universe!” Soul Thirteen laughed out loud excitedly.

The humans were in complete despair. Looking at the Divine Emperor, who was bound up by Soul Thirteen’s tongue and unable to struggle, everyone felt a stab of pain in their heart.

Suddenly, a narrow beam of light shot out from the top of the Luo Family’s skysc.r.a.per and rushed into the clouds, instantly shaking the sky. Then, a huge vortex emerged.

Soul Thirteen’s eyes narrowed, and the vertical eye on his forehead shot with blood instantly.

“It’s that d.a.m.ned human chef! I finally found the aura of that d.a.m.ned chef!”

Soul Thirteen’s cold voice exploded in the sky while the wings behind him snapped open, sharp as a blade.

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