Gourmet Food Supplier Chapter 84: Rewards from the Regional Cuisine

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Chapter 84: Rewards from the Regional Cuisine

Translator: Xiong Guoqi Editor: DesTheSloth

After watching them carefully for quite a while, Yuan Zhou decided to try his luck. The way how he got the system proved that he had fairly decent luck. Thinking that way, Yuan Zhou directly pushed the ball, letting it start to roll.

The ball first rolled straight towards the Shandong Cuisine grids and then out of that area without any hurry. Slowly, it further crashed into another grid at the edge of the rectangle and then changed direction, heading towards the area of Anhui Cuisine. Meanwhile, Yuan Zhou merely frowned and watched at the side.

As a matter of fact, Yuan Zhou couldn’t say that he was good at any regional cuisines before. However, cooking some common household dishes was not a problem for him. Faced with such types of formal cuisines, Yuan Zhou indicated that only the head chef at the hotel where he had worked previously could cook good Shandong Cuisines . More specifically, he made really tasty Jiaodong Regional Cuisine.

He watched attentively the ball pa.s.s by the area of Taiwan Cuisines slowly and change direction again after cras.h.i.+ng into a grid, and then rolling straight towards the large area of Su Cuisine.

Su Cuisine was short for Jiangsu Cuisine, one of the eight famous regional cuisines. It consisted of Huaiyang Regional Cuisine, Jin’ling Regional Cuisine, Subang Regional Cuisine, Xuhai Regional Cuisine and Wuxi Regional Cuisine, all of which took up a large area on the rectangle.

The ball rolled from right to left across this large area and went straight to the area of Jin’ling Regional Cuisine. Then it slowed down directly and eventually stopped at a grid that was just big enough to accommodate the ball.

The system displayed, “Congratulations, host. You have succeeded in drawing the lottery, dishes from the Jin’ling Cuisine. It’s available to be received.”

“Receive.” Yuan Zhou immediately received the reward with excitement.

Instantly, all the grids vanished from his mind, leaving behind only the grid occupied by the ball. Suddenly, the ball flew up and became bigger and bigger in his mind, and then exploded like fireworks in the end, causing the beautiful radiance to scatter to the back of his mind.


As usual, it was the skills and experiences of cooking that turned up in his mind this time. But with a slight difference, the skills and experiences were for three dishes at one time.

Yuan Zhou felt a little disappointed in this heart. A subcategory under any regional cuisine included many dishes. Although he obtained three dishes at one time, they were not considered to be a lot. But soon Yuan Zhou had no mood to think about that anymore, instead, he started to savor the culinary skills and sensation when cooking each dish.

He would soon become a person who could cook G.o.d-tier stir-fried dishes.

The first dish, more specifically, the first vegetable dish, Jin’ling Gra.s.s, outcla.s.sed any other meat dish that Yuan Zhou had ever known in cooking procedures. However, the finished dish was extremely simple.

The second dish, one of the representatives of Jin’ling Cuisine, the Phoenix-Tail Prawns, got its name from the spotless white prawn meat and the red tail like a phoenix after being cooked.

The third one, on the contrary, was a common household dish, which was cla.s.sified as one that everybody loved to eat and was capable of making. Even so, with the reinforcement of the system, the dish of Melt-In-The-Mouth Chicken Feet could not be said to be ordinary.

“Gu Gu”, after digesting the recipes of the three dishes, Yuan Zhou’s stomach began to growl all of a sudden.

“Almost forget to eat something.” while touching his belly, Yuan Zhou stood up, preparing to go to the kitchen and take a look to check if ingredients of the new dishes are ready.

The kitchen of Yuan Zhou’s restaurant was always clean, tidy, and as bright as daytime. That enabled Yuan Zhou to observe the subtle changes of the food in the wok at any time.

Yuan Zhou’s gaze scrutinized every part of the kitchen; however, he didn’t find anything new. Only after checking carefully did he find a touch of green above his head. It was gratifyingly green.

Above his head, there emerged a gla.s.s cabinet, in which a water channel about 15cm deep and 12cm wide was seated and made a horizontal compartment. Upon seeing it, Yuan Zhou only felt it was comfortable on the eyes, instead of finding it narrow and small.

Yuan Zhou looked above his head quietly and then compared it with his height quietly.

“System, do you think it is within my reach?” Yuan Zhou felt rather awkward, thus he asked.

The system, nevertheless, gave a unique answer by sending down a board from below the cabinet. It seemed to be used as a stepping stone. Yuan Zhou stepped onto the board silently, finding he could truly reach the water channel now.

His line of sight just managed to reach the very top of the gla.s.s cabinet. The height was just enough for him to pick the gra.s.s.

However, Yuan Zhou still felt like he had taken ten thousand points of damage by the system. It was as if his height had been mocked, thus he was mad but had no way to release that anger.

He came down from the board and decided to check the raw material of the Jin’ling Gra.s.s after a little while.

This time, Yuan Zhou pulled opened the door of the cabinet on which Chicken Feet were written.

The ingredients for making the Chicken Feet dish required fresh and dried chicken feet. It was suitable to be placed in the cabinet.

Once the door was opened, the sun-dried chicken feet with a faint pink color appeared from within the cabinet along with a blast of cold air. He felt like he was opening the door of an ice locker. Yuan Zhou reached out to touch the spot beside the chicken feet but, nevertheless, found that it was not icy cold at all.

“As expected, it is the advanced technology again,” Yuan Zhou couldn’t help grumbling.

“Peng”, Yuan Zhou closed the door of the cabinet in one go and then looked at the flavoring box. As expected, there were several more flavorings inside that were required for the dish. There was even a bottle of soy sauce sitting at the side silently.

Having walked around in the kitchen, Yuan Zhou didn’t find the prawns. While touching his forehead, he thought, “Where exactly are the prawns?”

Suddenly, Yuan Zhou noticed the water tank that had been there since the restaurant was upgraded. The main ingredient of the Phoenix-Tail Prawns were the river prawns, which were surely required to be fresh. Hence, the prawns provided by the system must be alive.

He quickly stepped forward. It turned out to be true. In that incomparably clear water, there were top-grade river prawns with similar sizes and appearances bubbling and waving their claws leisurely in the water.

The prawns looked fairly fleshy. While moving about in the water, the prawns showed the strengths of the tails. If they noticed a stranger approaching, they would jump up. With the slap of the tail against the bottom of the tank, a prawn splattered some drops of water straight onto Yuan Zhou’s face.

“How fresh they are,” Yuan Zhou heaved a sigh with emotion and said after wiping the water on his face expressionlessly.

The locations of the main ingredients for the three dishes and the supplementary raw materials were well known to Yuan Zhou now. After slightly getting used to this new environment, Yuan Zhou discovered something weird.

“System, the dishes are all here. But where is the food?” Yuan Zhou was well acquainted with the system, thus he didn’t think the system would make such a small mistake.

The system displayed, “All the ingredients are provided according to the reward and mission according to the lottery the host draws.”

It was really a concise and simple explanation.

“So there’s no rice, right?” Yuan Zhou asked for confirmation.

The system, nevertheless, had no response at all.

However, witty and smart as Yuan Zhou was, he instantly recalled the ingredients of the Egg Fried Rice, the specially-supplied Xiangshui rice, which in his opinion was rather decent to be used as plain rice.

“Xiangshui rice can be boiled. Then there wouldn’t be any problems like that.” Yuan Zhou blissfully prepared to boil a pot of the rice to taste.

The system displayed, “A kind reminder. Xiangshui rice is not best suited as the plain cooked rice.”

“Ho Ho,” Yuan Zhou stopped and became speechless instantly. So there were only stir-fried dishes but no rice?

“What kind of warm reminder it is? It’s actually a con,” Yuan Zhou supported his forehead and said helplessly.

Having frequently made others helpless, now it was Yuan Zhou’s turn to become helpless from anger due to the system.

After busy cooking all day long, Yuan Zhou felt quite hungry and had no more energy to experiment with the new dishes. Hence he only prepared a bowl of Clear Broth Noodle Soup. After finis.h.i.+ng his food quickly, he carried the broth to the Maltese with mixed fur colors as usual. Currently, the relations.h.i.+p between the man and the dog was just like an employment situation.

Yuan Zhou provided some broth which helped the dog to recover from its wounds while the dog came over every night to guard the safety of the restaurant.

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