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Chapter 488 Cold Immortal Palace

“What should we name it?”

The look on Zi Yan’s face indicated that she was somewhat indecisive.

She thought, “How about naming it Xanadu?”

Zi Yan was not quite satisfied with this name.

“Then, how about Paradise in the World?”

Mengmeng, Zhang Yumeng, herself, Zhang Han, and Zhang Hanyang…

Zi Yan pursed her lips as she said, “Or… what about Cold Fragrance Palace? As the saying goes, bitter coldness adds a keen fragrance to plum blossoms. This name indicates that before living our happy life now, we went through an extremely difficult period.”

“All right.” Zhang Han chuckled and raised his palm slightly. The three characters of Cold Fragrance Palace were about to linger around the stone archway.

Zi Yan added, “Hold on, hold on. Cold Fragrance sounds somewhat inappropriate. How about using its h.o.m.ophonic phase? Let’s call it Cold Immortal Palace.”

As Zi Yan finished her sentence, Dahei, which had just sat behind her, barked loudly.

“Ooh? Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh!”

Dahei thought, “The hostess is so amazing!”

It held its thumb up, indicating that it was fawning over Zi Yan.

Upon seeing Dahei’s reaction, Zi Yan pursed her lips and chuckled.

Zhang Han restrained the strength of the thunder yang tree and imprinted three characters right above the stone archway: “Cold Immortal Palace.”


A dull sound rang out from underground.

The second transformation of the thunder yang tree came to an end.

“Hold me in your arms and take us down to visit our castle.” Zi Yan stretched out her arms and held Zhang Han’s neck tightly. Staring at Zhang Han’s face, she took the initiative to kiss him affectionately.

“Ooh, ooh, ooh!”

Dahei covered its eyes in a hurry.

“Haha.” Zhang Han chuckled, held Zi Yan in his arms, and jumped down, landing on a stone path.

Dahei and Little Hei followed suit and jumped down, following behind them happily and proudly.

“The area of the mountain has become much larger. In this case, is it true that no issues will arise?” Zi Yan stared at the surroundings and stuck her tongue out.

Zhang Han chuckled as he said, “No issues will arise at all. Could it be that you forget that I am an official general in the government? Besides, I have the Wolf Head Detachment’s support. As long as I don’t do anything extreme, they will turn a blind eye to me. Moreover, I favor this place and don’t need to get approval from others.”

While they were talking, they walked into the castle. The area of the main castle was not too large, which covered an area of about three acres of land. They walked in and found out there was a hall at the front. Some rooms were stretched out on both sides. There were two stairways in the inner part of the hall, which hovered upward. Whether it was the ground, the stairs, or the guardrail, they all looked quite vertical.

Moreover, many night-luminescent pearls were dispersed around the hall, the height of which was five to six meters.

Zhang Han looked at the empty hall as he said, “As for the furniture, let’s use the modern style instead. I didn’t craft any furniture since it is a complicated and time-consuming process. It’s 10 past six now. Let’s look around and go back in case Mengmeng wakes up, who definitely will cry if she does not see us.”

“Well, in that case, let’s take a look more quickly.”

Zi Yan nodded, looked at the surroundings, and pointed as she said, “We can place several ornamental cupboards here and put a large-sized couch there. Moreover, we should place some flowers.

“There are many rooms on the second floor, including the makeup room, the dressing room, and the rooms for sports and watching movies. There are too many rooms for us to use.

“Our bedroom is so large. Since we need a large round bed, it’ll take some time to customize the bed quilt and bed curtain.

“The windows are large and beautiful…”

They looked around the castle. Zi Yan was so happy, who laughed happily along the way as if she were a child who had gotten a new toy.

Dahei and Little Hei, who were behind them, also looked around curiously.

Dahei stared at Zhang Han admiringly. He thought, “Master is so amazing that he could craft so many things during the period when I was sleeping.”

By the time they finished looking around, it was almost seven o’clock.

Consequently, they went downhill. This time, they did not need to traverse the forest. There was a straight, vast, and smooth stone path in the middle of the forest. On the gigantic stone archway, there were three extraordinary characters, which read: “Cold Immortal Palace.”

Zi Yan pursed her lips, chuckled, and said, “This is our homeland.”

“Yes. After we finish breakfast a while later, let’s bring Mengmeng here and show her around. She will probably be pretty confused.” Zhang Han visualized Mengmeng’s adorable look and simmered with laughter.

The look on Zi Yan’s face was frozen. She said, “Don’t bring her here yet since she just played here yesterday. It is unbelievable that the mountain is drastically changed today. Let’s bring Mengmeng here next weekend. Then we can take our time to buy some furniture and other stuff to furnish this place well.”

Zhang Han shook his head, smiled as he said, “Hmm… What you said makes sense. Then, let’s talk about it next week. By the way, Uncle and his family members will be here this afternoon. We can ask them to help look over the decoration here.”

“Yes. Even though I just can’t get enough of the view here, let’s go back now.” Zi Yan pursed her lips, glimpsed at the appearance of the mountain reluctantly, and went downhill with Zhang Han.

The stone path stretched to the expressway. They got in the car and went back to the restaurant.

It was early morning at this point.

However, the high-level executives of the government held an emergency meeting.

Lei Tiannan and Leading Cadre Liu were specifically invited to attend the meeting.

A senior pointed at the screen as he said, “You should look at these pictures first. This is the previous Mount New Moon, and this is the current one. Do you have any thoughts? Though the progress of the Wolf Head Detachment is obvious to all and its completion of the task is fair, which should be largely credited to General Zhang, he just occupies a hill and acts as a lord, isn’t he somewhat contemptuous of authority? He struck out straightforwardly without even filing an application request. Is it appropriate for him to do so?”

As he finished his speech, the whole audience became wild.

“What is going on?”

“Did he build so many things within a short period of just over half an hour?”

“Did he change the mountain shape? What kind of power is that?”


What they were stunned at was the kind of unprecedented power. They had seen before a scene where the martial artists fought with each other ferociously. However, never had they seen anybody crafting so many things within such a short period of time.

The expression on Lei Tiannan’s face was somewhat rigid.

He wiped the cold sweat from his forehead and smiled drily as he said, “It should be his treasure that did that.”

Since the divine object was quite scarce, it was normal for Zhang Han to possess such a kind of capability. However, Lei Tiannan would not leak the secret related to the divine object.

If all forces knew that there was a divine object on Mount New Moon, they definitely would cast their greedy eyes on it. After all, compared with the legitimate clandestine force, Zhang Hanyang was powerless.

In the worldlet, the divine object was the top-level treasure. Though one had a top-level treasure, one should also possess the strength to hold it. The way Lei Tiannan saw it, though Zhang Han was powerful, in the worldlet, one who achieved Grand Master Peak was just an inner-door disciple in various clans.

Since the trend had not been set, one still needed to hide his or her capability and abide by the time. As a result, back when Zhang Han had possessed the divine object, Lei Tiannan had issued a gag order.

Well… Though it was only Protector Leng who had received the gag order, it was still a gag order, after all.

As a result, a startling debate took place in the conference room.

The claim was against Zhang Han, who had occupied the hill and acted like a lord. The counterclaim group was made up of just five to six people, whose leaders were Leading Cadre Liu and Director Lei.

The discussion lasted as long as an hour. It was not until both Leading Cadre Liu and Director Lei made some promises that they called the meeting to an end while sweating heavily.


After Lei Tiannan sat in the car, he dialed Zhang Han’s number in a hurry.

“Zhang Han, you made such a big scene. You should have discussed it with me in advance so that I could inform them and give them some idea about it. Now, you have touched some people’s sensitive nerves.

“Could it be that you have been occupying other mountains?

“It’s good if you are not occupying other mountains. If you do so, you will be somewhat troubled.”

Lei Tiannan held a conversation with Zhang Han over the phone. It was not until they had been talking for five minutes that he hung up.

Zhang Han, who had just finished lunch in the restaurant, smiled.

Everything was within his expectations. Until now, the energy of the official government was pretty powerful.

Without the two layers of ident.i.ties, the Wolf Head Detachment, as well as those missions Zhang Han had conducted, the official government would not have put up with what he had done.

However, the current situation was not the same as what it had been before.

Moreover, after the third transformation of the thunder yang tree was completed, Zhang Han could do whatever he wanted.

That was because, at that time, Mount New Moon would become an authentic treasure land.

A… a piece of moveable treasure land!

All morning, Zi Yan had been quite occupied.

She gathered together with Zhou Fei and held a lively and noisy discussion.

“What do you think of this wardrobe?”

“It looks pretty good. Elder Sister Yan, are you going to buy furniture again? There is no other available place.”

“Hum, hum, if I speak honestly, you definitely will be greatly astonished. You will know more details after I show you that place at noon. The wardrobe is very beautiful. I will make a call and require customizing a larger-sized one.”

Consequently, Zi Yan dialed the number and said, “h.e.l.lo, I want to customize a wardrobe whose serial number is 1202301. I want a larger-sized one. Do you need to measure it? No problem with that. Let’s set it for 1:30 in the afternoon…”

All morning long, Zi Yan had been picking out the wardrobe, bed quilt, and various kinds of appliances. Though she felt dazzled while picking out the appliances, she felt that she needed to buy more things.

Meanwhile, Mengmeng, who had been playing with Zhang Han, asked curiously after seeing Zi Yan and Zhou Fei, “MaMa, what are you looking at?”

“I am looking for some furniture. We are going to move into a new house, which is pretty vast. Your PaPa built it in Xanadu.”

“Wow, is it true?” Mengmeng jumped gaily beside Zi Yan as she said, “Then, I want to visit it, I want to see it! MaMa, I want to!”

“It takes time to build the house. How about we take you there next Sat.u.r.day?”

“So many days to go…”

It was not until Zi Yan and Mengmeng had been talking for quite some while that the little girl agreed to visit her new house next Sat.u.r.day.

At noon, after they finished lunch…

Zi Yan and Zhou Fei went to the company. After they met all the members of the w.a.n.g family, they went to Mount New Moon together.

Everybody felt astonished as well as doubtful when they saw what Mount New Moon looked like. More than 30 members of the w.a.n.g family went to the houses on the left side, which was almost the same as the courtyard of the w.a.n.g family in Xihang. However, its scale was much larger.

Rong Jiaxin and w.a.n.g Ming, along with w.a.n.g Ya, stared at the landscape of the mountain in wonderment.

They climbed to the castle to the front of the thunder yang tree, looked around, and sighed with mixed emotions.

Soon, the man who was in charge of measuring the size of the wardrobe went uphill.

“What the h.e.l.l, it is a rich family!”

Following Zhao Feng, the man walked into the castle and felt somewhat at a loss at this moment.

It was the first time he had seen this kind of architectural complex in Hong Kong. He found it horrifying.

“h.e.l.lo, I am from the Landa Wardrobe Company. May I ask where I should measure the size of the wardrobe?” the man asked in a low voice.

Staring at several persons in front of him, he felt somewhat dazzled.

It seemed that the beauty… turned out to be Zi Yan.

“Oh my goodness! How extraordinarily rich they are!”

“This castle has to be priceless since the area is so large. What the h.e.l.l, they are super-rich!”

Zi Yan led him to walk upstairs as she said, “h.e.l.lo, measure the size of the wardrobe in the bedroom upstairs first. After that, you should measure the size of the wardrobe in the fitting room, Mengmeng’s bedroom, as well as several guest rooms.”

“All right. All right.”

The man nodded in a hurry, looked around continuously, and mumbled in secret.

“What is the floor made of? Oh, is it the latest generation of marble? It looks so neat and beautiful.

“It seems that I am walking into an imperial palace. Why do the handrails of the stairs feel so warm? Aren’t they made from stone? Holy sh*t! They feel like the warm jade. How much are they?

“The second floor is also vast.

“F**k! This bedroom is several times larger than my own. Holy G.o.d!”

The look on the man’s face was extremely rigid.

He wiped the sweat from his forehead and asked somewhat confusedly, “May I know how I should measure the size?”

He wondered how he should measure the size of the wardrobe. Since the area was so vast, how large should the wardrobe be?

“Hold on!”


The man gasped all of a sudden.

At this moment, Zi Yan pointed at the wall surface on the left side of the bed as she said, “That is the creamy-white wardrobe I am talking about. I want the shape of the wardrobe to be like that and the wardrobe should cover the entire wall surface.”

“All right. As for your requirements, the length of the wardrobe should be 15 meters. Piecing is needed…”

After the man finished the measurements, he uttered some information quickly. After Zi Yan confirmed all the information, he swallowed and stared at Zi Yan attentively.

His heart was beating violently as he said, “Well, can I ask… ask you a question?”

Zi Yan replied surprisedly, “Of course, feel free to ask me any questions.”

Zi Yan thought, “Could it be that he wants to ask for a raise?”

It turned out that wasn’t it.

The man replied quite nervously, “In my opinion, since the construction here is just completed, a lot of wardrobes are needed. So far, our company is well known internationally. The quality of our products is guaranteed. The clients definitely will be satisfied. There is even an after-sale contract, which lasts as long as three years. Well… I want to ask, did you find other partners to customize the wardrobes here? If not, then I want to fight for it ourselves. As for the price, I definitely will give you a satisfactory discount.”

“Oh, oh.” Zi Yan’s big eyes rolled quickly several times. It seemed that she was pondering it. It was not until five seconds later that she spoke. “What kinds of discounts will I enjoy?”

“I need to ask our general manager. Kindly wait a moment.”

The man ran to the other side excitedly and dialed the general manager’s number.

“Manager, manager!

“Clients are coming!

“A big order!

“An overwhelmingly big order!”

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