Godly Farmer Doctor: Arrogant Husband, Can't Afford To Offend! Chapter 613 – The child that year

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Chapter 613: The child that year

The messenger immediately presented the letter.

Dongfang Mu opened the envelope and looked at it. The more he looked, the more his face became ugly, and the more his eyebrows frowned. He looked up and asked the messenger: “Has the Emperor seen the child that Pei Qinghan brought?”

The messenger shook his head: “His highness hasn’t seen it yet. Changyuan Hou seeks an audience of the emperor. The emperor refused, saying he was busy with state affairs. The emperor said this matter needs to be decided by you.”

Dongfang Mu read the letter again. The letter said that Pei Qinghan brought a girl from the outside, saying that it was the child that year.

It was too coincidental. He and the emperor had just got the clue of the child. This person hadn’t been found yet, but Pei Qinghan took the lead and brought the child back.

“Well, I understand. You go back and tell the emperor, I will take Wan’er to the capital before the New Year, and then discuss this matter again.” Dongfang Mu said.Read more chapters at L istnovel.com

It stands to reason that since Pei Qinghan found the child, he should be happy, but he felt very strange about this matter. He couldn’t believe Pei Qinghan.

When the child died, Pei Qinghan said that he arranged the child’s burial. But now, he was saying the child is not dead and he found it so suddenly? Isn’t he slapping his face? What is he trying to do? Is it because of the child’s marriage to Prince Jin?

Dongfang Mu coldly snorted: “If the child is real, your life will be good, but if the child is fake, don’t blame this old man for being ruthless.”

Dongfang Mu said to the housekeeper: “You arrange things, we will go to the capital 3 days later. We will celebrate New Year in the capital.”


After seeing Dongfang Wan fell asleep, Bai Zhi left her yard and walked around Qi Yunju. She looked at the scenery while pondering about things.

She kept walking until she entered a purple bamboo forest.

There was a bamboo bridge built on the way to the purple bamboo forest. She looked at it intently and walked step by step. The bamboo bridge made some special sounds. It sounds very interesting.

After entering the purple bamboo forest, there was a bamboo house in the middle of the forest. It seemed small, but it looked very elegant and delicate. When the breeze blew, the bamboo leaves rustle, and a faint fragrance of bamboo leaves diffused.Read more chapters at L istnovel.com

“Who are you?” A maidservant holding a broom came over and looked at her from head to toe.

Bai Zhi smiled lightly and said: “I am the doctor who came to see the lady. The lady and Master Dongfang let me stay here. I was curious so I came here.”

The maidservant chuckled and said, “It turns out to be a doctor.”

Bai Zhi asked: “Whose residence is this? Why are you here alone?”

The maidservant replied: “No one lives here right now. I am the maid responsible for cleaning this area. I will go back after cleaning here.”

“Since no one lives, why do you still clean it?” she asked.

The maidservant smiled and said, “This is the master’s order. No one knows when the owner will come back, but Master doesn’t want this house covered with leaves and dust!”

Bai Zhi asked: “Isn’t the master and his daughter only lives here? Why there is another owner?”

The maidservant said: “Yes, only master and his daughter lives here. Master’s apprentice lives in this house. Master’s apprentice went down the mountain 10 years ago and hasn’t come back. When Master misses him, he will come here and sit down. Who knows when master will be back.”

It turned out to be the case, but then Bai Zhi asked: “Why the master’s apprentice didn’t come back? Did he to a far place? But even if he goes to a far place, how can he not go back even once or twice in 10 years?”

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