God Of Soul System Chapter 643 – The sword is out

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Chapter 643: The sword is out

“Bankai! Gin Tsuki Yoake (Silver Moon Dawn)!”

Sensing Roja’s Spiritual power, Togetsu Shigetsugu directly released his Bankai. He didn’t dare get careless at all. Silver light erupted and covered 100 meters in all directions.


Because Roja’s Spiritual pressure was too strong, Kenpachi Azashiro decisively used his ability to merge with the Spiritual power to the maximum he can control.

The earth started shaking beneath them as the Spiritual power in all of Soul society was affected.

The Gotei 13 and central 46 vibrated.

Aizen, who was standing at the entrance of the Muken Dimension, muttered: “Kenpachi Azashiro… I have records about his ability. This fellow should know more about Roja than me.”

Kenpachi Azashiro and Togetsu Shigetsugu released their Spiritual pressure wanting to negate Roja’s, who was between the two of them. At this time, the captains in Soul Society started acting.

Kenpachi Azashiro clearly knew each captain and what they were currently doing, but his expression was calm as if his vision belonged to the Soul king.

“Support won’t arrive to help you, me and Togetsu Shigetsugu will kill you before they come…”

Kenpachi Azashiro didn’t mention Aizen as if he knew that the latter wouldn’t actually bother to come and help Roja, and he didn’t mention Soi Fon as she wasn’t strong in his eyes.


Roja smiled and said: “I also thought that I should deal with this before they arrive.”

Roja knew that Kenpachi Azashiro had many secrets involving him and Aizen or maybe even Wandenreich, which would supposedly break the original plot of the story. Since the other person wanted to kill him, he had no plan on letting him live.

Togetsu Shigetsugu disappeared, his form changing between the silver light unexpectedly before he arrived at Roja’s back.

“Be careful!”

His flash step was too advanced. Soi Fon could only warn Roja and didn’t have time to react at all.

However, Roja seemed to expect this and directly caught Togetsu Shigetsugu’s wrist then flung him to the ground head first.


A big hole was made on the ground, but Togetsu Shigetsugu’s changed in a beam of light and vanished.

“Interesting… This is similar to the Glint-Glint fruit from one piece.”

Roja didn’t pay attention to Togetsu Shigetsugu vanishing, but instead, he used his hands to stop Kenpachi Azashiro’s sword that came down on him.

Azashiro’s sword was covered in Spiritual power that actually cut Roja’s palm.

“So, after using Yūgō, your cutting power increased by several folds?”

Roja looked at the wound in his palm, and his eyes flashed. It’s been too long since he was actually wounded. The power of these two was indeed above many.

But, with this confrontation, Roja actually could tell that Azashiro knew about Wandenreich, but he didn’t know what’s going on there. After all, Wandenreich was another dimension.

Otherwise, he would have attacked it a long time ago with the other captains from his generation.


Togetsu Shigetsugu flashed once again and arrived beside Roja and swung his sword at Roja’s waist.

At the same time, Azashiro lifted his sword and sent a terrifying attack at Roja.

Attacking at the same time prevented Roja from using Kido.

Roja directly flashed away dozens of meters instantly.

Togetsu Shigetsugu and Azashiro Kenpachi didn’t pay attention to Soi Fon or Omaeda. As soon as Roja retreated, the once again attacked together.

Roja kept being on the defensive, retreating as they attacked him constantly. Each time the earth beneath him would split, forcing him to retreat further. Azashiro was the one who controlled the earth.

As soon as Roja jumped in the air, avoiding both attacks from Azashiro and Togetsu Shigetsugu, it seemed like he was in a dangerous situation, but he seemed indifferent.

“Instantaneous movement for a short distance, having an ability close to that of a logia fruit, and the other could control the environment and increase the power of his attacks…”

Roja sneered and said: “This is all you have, and you want to kill me?”

Soon, Roja stretched his hand and grasped the air, as if he was about to release a Kido, but instead, a sword materialized on his hand, and it looked ordinary…

His Zanpakuto, Sen Maboroshi!

Azashiro slash may have seemed to cut an abyss in the ground, but Roja’s sword seemed to have the ability to cut the world.

It was a clear difference.

Togetsu Shigetsugu’s body was directly cut in half from the middle. He directly scattered into light particles. Roja’s sword didn’t stop as if directly clashed with Azashiro’s slash.


Two terrifying Spiritual pressure and two terrifying sword auras collided as the earth disintegrated from the power of the clash.

Soi Fon was resisting the shockwaves generated by the attacks, but Omaeda could only fly back while his face was full of amazement.

After the explosion settled down, Azashiro seemed distressed as he retreated, and his arm holding his sword was trembling, but Roja stood in the same place without moving.

The sword clash had a clear winner.

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