Ghostly Masked Prince Xiao: Pampering and Spoiling the Little Adorable Consort Chapter 315 – Headache for being detained without any cause

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Chapter 315: Headache for being detained without any cause

Before Chu Qingyan could clearly see what was written on it, the officer took the token away.

“Come with me, all of you!” The officer in blue robe said to them.

They were taken aback by the sudden change. Earth Spirit stepped forward as a steward and asked politely, “Excuse me, officer, we have just come from Xixuan State. We are doing business under our duty, and we have never done anything harmful. Please give us an explanation if you want to arrested.”

The officer in blue robe looked angry, “If you want to get an explanation, you’ll know when you get there.”

“Officer, without evidence and statement, don’t you think this is too aggressive? It’s just bullying us the common people!” said Fire Spirit, looking displeased and frank.

“My master said if you’re not afraid to cause more trouble, go ahead.” The officer in blue robe looked like he didn’t worry if they wouldn’t follow him.

Chu Qingyan was stunned to hear the words. They had a long journey, and they didn’t dare to reveal their ident.i.ty, because they were afraid to attract the killers from Xixuan State, but the officer seemed to know something that he could speak so boldly.

“Big Ice Cube…” Chu Qingyan turned her head and wanted to ask Xiao Xu’s opinion.

At this time, Xiao Xu raised his hand to recall Earth Spirit and Fire Spirit, and said to the officer in blue robe, “We will go with you.”

“You know what to do, as the master expected that you would be obedient without using the chain. The officer in blue robe smiled coldly and waved his hand to ask his subordinates to take them away.

Chu Qingyan was very unpleasant to look the carriage was detained, the rest people were caught up in the carriage and driven away by officers, but it wasn’t helpful now because these people clearly came for them.

In Junlan State, what was waiting for them was unknown.

Chu Qingyan felt that the anxiety in her heart was getting stronger.

Fire Spirit looked at the officer and whispered to Earth Spirit, “Who do you think these people are sent from?”

“When he held up the token, I saw it looked like from Princess Zimei’s Mansion.” Earth Spirit’s face was anxious, and it was even worse for him to see this at the knot.

“I agree with you, otherwise no one would detain us so brazenly.” Fire Spirit disdained to say, “I didn’t expect that after two years, she still didn’t give up our master.”

“Don’t gossip about others.” Earth Spirit told him what his master said before.

Fire Spirit squeezed his eyes and snorted, he didn’t believe that Earth Spirit didn’t think so.

Chu Qingyan sitting in the carriage looked at the surrounding soldiers through the window. She frowned, lowered the curtain, and turned her head to ask, “Big Ice Cube, have you ever offended people in Junlan State?”

“It’s not offending.” Xiao Xu’s expression was flat, and his emotions didn’t fluctuate because of her words.

Just refused a girl’s love, but he had completely forgotten this matter.

Chu Qingyan held her chin with both hands very helplessly, “Big Ice Cube, I think you are easy to be hated, from Xixuan to Junlan, there are always people who want to trouble you.”

Xiao Xu nodded, “Indeed, it’s been a rough life.”

Chu Qingyan was amused by his solemn appearance, “Big Ice Cube, your skill about telling cold jokes is getting higher.”

“It’s all the same way.” She still laughed very happily.

The officer in blue robe was a little surprised for hearing the laughter coming from the carriage. Having been in this situation, they could still talk and laugh. He had to say these people that master asked to capture were really a bit brave

However, the master had told him not to fight, scold, or punish them. He didn’t know why these people could win the favor of his master.

The carriage quickly left the downtown and headed for a quiet avenue.

Along the way, there were all high gate and large courtyards. The officer in blue robe took them to across two streets, then walked towards a more luxurious street.


The carriage stopped.

“Please get off the carriage.” The officer n blue robe seemed to be very kind. After all, these people were invited by his master, and they can’t be neglected.

After Chu Qingyan got out of the carriage, she found that they were standing right next to the side door behind a high wall.

The dark red side door had been opened, waiting for them to enter.

Now as they had arrived, there was no plan to be stage frightened.

Chu Qingyan and others stepped into the courtyard, and the side door was closed a moment after they entered.

At this moment, two housekeepers and a nanny stood in front of the crowd.

“You all came from afar, unfortunately, our master hasn’t returned from the palace, but the master said we couldn’t neglect you all, so please follow nanny Yi to see the room where you will stay first.” Although the housekeeper was very old, but with a shrewd aspect, she couldn’t be underestimated.

”My honored guests, please follow me.” nanny Yi said.

Nanny Yi looked like 40 or 50 years old, but her skin was well-maintained. With a pampered appearance and a rigid look on her face, her every move seemed to be trained. Chu Qingyan thought that this person might be a teaching nanny from the royal family of Junlan State.

These people didn’t mention the ident.i.ty of the master in this house, but these buildings are too luxurious to be lived by ordinary people, and they even have the right to raise soldiers. It seemed that they should be royal people.

Chu Qingyan and others didn’t say much and followed the nanny.

Chu Qingyan looked around and whispered, “Big Ice Cube, have you been here before?”

“Never.” Xiao Xu looked at her careful face with a smile under his eyes, “You don’t have to worry. I know the master of this house.”

“Do you know? Who is that?” Chu Qingyan was surprised.

“I’m not sure yet, but when I saw the specifications of this house, I almost knew.”

Junlan State admired rituals, so the sacrifices and burials, the diet, and the daily life all had their social rules and codes of conduct. The building of this court had exceeded the scope that the Minister could live in, so it wasn’t difficult to guess.

Xiao Xu said lightly, “The protagonist with the most gossip along the way.”

Chu Qingyan felt that her cheeks were a little hot, because Big Ice Cube knew she had always been pa.s.sionate about this lace news. But she quickly responded, “Princess Zimei?” The sister of the new king of Junlan? The most n.o.ble woman in Junlan State in addition to the Empress.

Xiao Xu nodded.

Chu Qingyan was shocked, and it seemed that a rumored star suddenly entered in her life.

But even she was startled, her mind began to live up, what exactly did the princess Zimei want to do to bring them to the house for no reason?

Thinking of the news she heard in the tea house before, Chu Qingyan looked up at the person beside him, and suddenly she had a bad guess.

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