Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 482: Yun Luofeng Was His Master? (1)

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Tian Ya?

Like dying embers flaring up, the desperate heart of Tian Ke revived after she heard Tian Lin’s words. She slightly raised the corners of her mouth and gave a smug smile.


Yun Luofeng moved her hand and threw Tian Ke down, then slowly turned her eyes to the little old man at the door…

The little old man wanted to greet Yun Luofeng first and then settle accounts with the people of the Tian Family. However, as soon as he started to move his feet, a confounded figure rushed out from the hall, knelt before him with a thud, and tightly held onto his leg.

“Uncle Tian Ya, you’ve finally come! This woman is so audacious that she doesn’t even put the Tian Family in her eyes. Please avenge us!”

At this moment, Tian Ke didn’t have time to consider why Tian Ya would appear in the Ning Family. She only knew that this time, no one could shelter this b*tch.

She would die a miserable death!

As if seeing how miserably Yun Luofeng died, Tian Ke smiled cruelly and her face turned ferocious.

The little old man looked down at Tian Ke, who was kneeling before him and said coldly, “I’m a loner. Little girl, don’t call me uncle. I don’t even know you.” He didn’t hide his anger, and the powerful momentum of his anger rolled over the woman in front of him.

Tian Ke raised her head in horror, and said with trembling voice, “Uncle Tian Ya, I am Tian Ke of the Tian Family. We are a family. How can you say you don’t know me?”

“Haha.” At this moment, a voice of derision suddenly came from the side, “Didn’t you hear the G.o.dly Doctor say he didn’t know you? How dare you still pester him! I’ve never seen such a shameless woman like you!

Lin Ruobai stood beside Tian Ke with her arms akimbo, a contemptuous smile on her little face and her cute, bright eyes staring at Tian Ke.

“Brat, shut up!” Ashamed into anger, Tian Ke glared at Lin Ruobai, “You are just a pariah! How dare you humiliate me like this! We, the Tian Family, are much n.o.bler than you. After all, we would never brag that even Tian Ya would have to call Yun Luofeng Master!”

Since the little girl was Yun Luofeng’s disciple, she couldn’t be from a respectable family! And she purposely said these words to Lin Ruobai to remind Tian Ya that someone pretended to be his master!


Lin Ruobai snorted and said the word with disdain.

Trembling all over with anger, Tian Ke turned around and was about to ask Tian Ya to avenge her, but the instant she turned to look at Tian Ya, she was stunned…

For the old man was staring at her with a murderous look in his eyes.

“Uncle Tian Ya, you…”

Before she had finished her words, she was interrupted by the surging momentum released by the old man, and a panic came over her and made her throat dry.

“The girl you called a pariah…,” the little old man paused and said, “is the heiress of the Spirit G.o.d Mountains.”

The Spirit G.o.d Mountains?

Tian Ke was so shocked that her eyes were wide open and her voice was shaking, “Are the Spirit G.o.d Mountains you mentioned… the ones in the Spirit Domain?”

People might not know Sifang City or the top three Families of the Spirit Domain, but everybody would know the Spirit G.o.d Mountains in the Spirit Domain!

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