Genius Doctor: Black Belly Miss Chapter 2040: Past And Present Life (3)

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Jun Wu Yao did not say a word, but just hugged Jun Wu Xie tightly in his arms, like he had just found back the most precious treasure he had lost. He did not know what was wrong with him, the abject emptiness and utter despair feeling like his heart had been dug bare, causing him to be unable to control his own emotions.

His arms slowly tightened bit by bit, like her would never ever let go.

Jun Wu Yao’s strength was terrifyingly great, causing Jun Wu Xie to feel an intense pain. Her brows knitted tightly together, but she was a little reluctant to push him away.

“Don’t leave me again.” A low raspy voice came out from Jun Wu Yao’s mouth.

Jun Wu Xie was taken aback.

“I am not going to leave you.”

Jun Wu Xie’s clear voice reached Jun Wu Yao’s ears, that struck like sudden thunder, shocking him awake from his daze. He suddenly raised up his head, his eyes tinged with surprise as he saw Jun Wu Xie’s tightly creased brows. He immediately realized that he had lost control of himself and he quickly released his grip.

“What happened to you?” Jun Wu Xie did not care about the pain she was feeling, but was instead looking worriedly at Jun Wu Yao, thinking Jun Wu Yao was acting rather abnormally.

“I’m fine.” Jun Wu Yao shook his head, the feeling of panic in his heart unfamiliar to him, which was something he was unaccustomed to.

Hearing Jun Wu Xie and Jun Wu Yao speak, Qiao Chu and the companions then turned their heads, to suddenly see Jun Wu Xie’s new looks. All of their faces then looked like they had just discovered a new continent.

“Isn’t Big Brother Wu Yao’s thoughts too obvious here? Even though he has changed Little Xie’s looks completely, he has still changed it to a standard of such flawless beauty, that’s just…..” Qiao Chu said as he rubbed at his chin. Needless to say, the looks that Jun Wu Yao had conjured up, was really great looking, not inferior to Jun Wu Xie’s original looks in the slightest, each with their own strengths, neither one conceding to each other.

“That’s called great taste. With Big Brother Wu Yao’s great taste, how could he possibly do anything that would diminish Little Xie’s beauty?” Fei Yan said, highly earnestly like it was a matter of great seriousness.

It was clear that Jun Wu Xie’s little companions great admired Jun Wu Xie’s new looks, and every single one of them were not stingy with their compliments.

Jun Wu Xie was helpless against Qiao Chu and the entire bunch of them. If she could, she really wanted to tell them that this set of looks was really originally her but she just couldn’t fathom how Jun Wu Yao had changed her to look exactly the same like this. Was it all just a coincidence or what?

Jun Wu Yao silently looked at Jun Wu Xie who was talking with Qiao Chu and the rest of the companions, and his good looking brows creased up without a sound.

He had rea.s.sured Jun Wu Xie he was fine, but only he himself knew very clearly that for that very instant earlier, he had completely lost control of his emotions and actions.

[Don’t leave me again.]

That had not been said by him at all.

Jun Wu Yao’s eyes narrowed slightly as he lowered his head to look down at his chest, his hand rising up to clutch at the front of his clothes over his heart.

No matter what that was, he disliked that feeling extremely.

Jun Wu Xie who was talking with Qiao Chu and the rest of the gang then seemed to notice Jun Wu Yao’s gaze. She turned her head around to find Jun Wu Yao’s brows deeply furrowed, his eyes seemingly tinged with a trace of agony. Jun Wu Xie then turned herself around and went walking towards Jun Wu Yao.

Jun Wu Yao saw Jun Wu Xie approaching and he immediately pushed down the strange feeling in his heart.

“I like it very much.” Jun Wu Xie said as she looked at Jun Wu Yao.

These looks were something she had not seen for a long time. Although she was shocked to see it again, but it made her recall everything about her past life, things she had not paid any notice to, which had remained buried deep in her heart, not forgotten.

Jun Wu Yao knew what Jun Wu Xie was referring to. He smiled slightly, and was just about to open his mouth to speak.

But Jun Wu Xie had suddenly pushed herself up on tiptoes, her arms curled around Jun Wu Yao’s neck as she pulled his head down. Her little mouth that was faintly tinged with a smile then just covered over Jun Wu Yao’s lips without any warning.

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