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A week has pa.s.sed after Alex made Crystal Pill.

Alex continued practicing his skill at this time.

Suddenly Firia came in, “Alex”

Alex looked at her solemn face.

“I…I want to learn alchemy like you. I know this request was very absurd since the alchemy was a long lost technique but, Please teach me” She bowed.

Alex immediately went to her and help her up. “If you wanted to learn, just asked. You don’t need to be like this, I will teach you”

“But, I want to ask you this first. Why do you suddenly want to learn this?”

“I…I felt powerless when I saw you making pills a week ago. I thought that I already had it hard and already give my best effort. But when I saw you make those pills, I know, I know that my effort was not nearly enough. With the way I am now, I can’t help you with anything other than burden you down. If I learn about Alchemy, I might be able to help you even if that was only a minuscule”

Alex was dumbfounded with her words. But he also felt moved with her action. Unknowingly from him, the locked door in his heart was unlocked. From now on, Firia will slowly opened the door and went inside his heart.

“Alright, I will help you. But, learning in alchemy is very hard you know. Don’t expect me to go easy on you”

“Don’t worry, I am not that easy to break. I will make you astonished with my effort and result. I might put you on shame with that, ‘Teacher’.”

“Whwhat are you saying. Don’t call me ‘Teacher’, just call me Alex like usual or I won’t teach you” At first he smiled at her determination, but when she called him with ‘Teacher’ He can’t help but retort.

“Hehe…Yes” She giggled.

Alex can only shake his head “Okay, For now, you need to practice flame control first. I will teach you a bit now. You might want to make a note for that”

“Don’t worry, I am prepared for that” She suddenly took out a few blank papers and showed them to him.

Alex shook his head, “You really came prepared huh…”

“Alright. Flame control is…”

Alex stopped his training and teach her about Flame control. He taught her more slowly compared to the dean. After all, Firia experience was nowhere near the dean, so he patiently taught her. Firia absorbed all the knowledge from Alex at a very fast speed. They said that important information from an important person was absorbed and remembered at a very fast speed. Like how you remembered your girlfriend/boyfriend phone number for the very first time. You can somehow remember them at one go.

After teaching Firia about Alchemy, He continues with his own training. After a week, He found that Firia flame control was enough for her to try making some rank 1 pills. So he invited her to see the dean. After all, the one who has the ingredients is him.


“What do you want? Where is the other la.s.s?” The dean was a bit confused. Usually, when the time he came to him, it was either he was alone or the other two accompany him together. But seeing Alex only with Firia this time. He was surprised.

“Well, do you have any rank 1 pills that we used to make?”

“Of course I have, the demand still quite high especially from the military. Unlike rank 2 pills. These rank 1 pills were easy to get and not cost that much.”

“I see”

“Why do you ask about them?”

“Mmm, Firia wanted to learn about alchemy, so I teach her about flame control. Now, a week has pa.s.sed, I think her flame control was enough for her to start making pills”

The dean then looked at Firia.

“I want to learn about alchemy, with the way I am now, I have no power to help him. So I thought, with this alchemy, I can at least help him no matter how little it is. Please help me” She bowed.

The dean was surprised but his surprised immediately become appreciation. When one has a connection, they usually relied on their connection too much. Especially if the connection they had was something like Alex. But this Firia, not only she not relying on Alex so much she also bowing down to him. That means, she also prepared to be rejected by him. Since she was his ‘woman’, if she wished for it, Alex surely gives it to her. But Firia didn’t want to take it as granted, Woman like this will be strong.

He looked toward Firia with appreciation then nodded. he pointed out at his workshop “Sure, you can use them. They are in there, you can ask Alex how to use them. If you want to practice more, just come by. You don’t need to come with him together”

Firia was surprised, she was very happy as she let out a bit of tear in her eyes. She bowed once again “Thank you very much”

The dean looked at her nodded. Then he turned to Alex who was in silence this whole time. His eyes telling him ‘You do your Job now!’

Alex nodded, he let out a gentle smile “Firia, Let’s go. I will explain how to use the ingredients now”

Alex led her to the workshop. Inside the workshop, there is a pile of ingredients there. The ingredients sorted out meticulously. Alex hasn’t been here for a few months. He looked at the nostalgic pill names. ‘Body Tempering Pill’, ‘Muscle Refining Pill’, etc.

“Alright, let me explain to you all of this pill. First is this restoration pill. This is for those who just start learning alchemy, so I want you to make this pill after I finished explaining all of the pills in this room. The process to make this pill…”

He continued explaining the pills for Firia. He took a day for explaining and guiding Firia to make her first pill. Firia also seriously making the Restoration Pill. She managed to make a few peak-quality Restoration Pills today. Her new fire after she took the Quenching Fire Pill help her so much. She makes pills like Alex when he just started to learn about alchemy. But Alex didn’t have any teacher at that time. All in all, her result is very satisfying.

“Alright, Let stop here today. Like Teacher said, you can use these ingredients all you want. If you have any question you can ask Teacher or me. I will be in my usual training place.”

“Thank you very much” She said satisfied, She weeps out the sweat on her forehead with her hand. Alex immediately hands her a towel after he saw this. They finally got out of the workshop.

“How is your progress?” The dean who was sitting in his chair asked them.
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“She was very good. She even makes many peak-quality pills on her first day”

“This is all thanks to Alex’s guidance. If I try to make them alone, I don’t know what will happen” Firia modestly said

“It is very nostalgic remembering that day. We didn’t know the way on how to make the right pill, we continuously research that.” The dean said.

“Yes, it was very satisfying to see the first Pill without impurities on it” Alex said.

“Yes, it was very satisfying. Alright, since you are done. You should go back. Alicia already come here to ask about you two” Alex and Firia were surprised that Alicia searched for them.

“Oh right, where is Sherry?”

“She was still in the field. She usually comes back here in an hour”

Sherry usually stayed in the Dean’s courtyard, after all, it was big. If she stays with Alex and Alicia, she might be spotted by the other students and that will make a big scene for that. So he advised her to sleep in the Dean Courtyard and the dean also approved of it.

 “Then we will go back. Thank you very much, Teacher”

Alex and Firia left. They bid farewell in front of Firia dormitory. Alex then went toward his room. On his way, Alex decided.

“System, can I took out arts/techniques from the system and Let it out for others to read?”

[You can’t Host]

“I really can’t?” Alex bitterly asked.

[Yes, you can’t]

Alex sighed.

[But Host can take out the arts/technique from the system and copy it yourself]

Alex’s eyes brightened when he heard that.

[But, system needs to warn you Host. Although you can copy the technique. You also need to see the compatibility between the Art and the user. And also Art like cultivation manual was no go. It was not like the system banned you like that. As I said previously, the mana in this world was imprinted by the world’s will. If they cultivated it, the energy gathered by cultivation would only be engulfed by the world’s will, and it will be useless.]

He sighed. He decided, “System, I still have unused gacha tickets right?”

[Yes, there are 241 in total, Host]

“Use all of them in Technique Gacha”

[Are you sure Host?]



[Basic Sword Art x2]

[Fencing x3]

[Archery Manual]

Alex looked at the technique he got. Now the variation was very big. He saw many new techniques, such as ‘Split Step’, ‘Shadow Strike’, ‘Wind Sword’, etc.

But there is one thing that caught his eyes the most.

[Frozen Manual]

He immediately took it out. “System, this frozen manual…”

[It was Rare rank item host]

Alex’s eyes flashed. He went silent for a minute and sincerely said “Thank you System”

He didn’t know why, but he always gots something that he wanted at the right time if he excluded the numerous junk item. That’s why he sincerely thanked the system.

[Your Welcome Host]

After he got the manual, he stopped his track and copied immediately before going back to his room. He copied the Frozen manual. He also copied the ‘Sky Movement’. Though the ‘Immovable Step’ or ‘Heavy Step’ not very useful to Alicia or Firia. But the ‘Flash Step’ or ‘Fleeting Step’ was very useful for them. they can use them as they bombard the enemy with magic.

He wanted to make ‘Sanguin Sword Art’ or ‘Spear Throwing Art’ a copy but refrain it for a while. Even he makes a copy for them, there are no one around him who can use them. He swiftly copied the two arts.

When he finished copying the two manuals, it was almost midnight. He hurriedly going back to his room.


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